• Show Date: 25/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gloucester & District Canine Society

Gloucester & DCS – Open Show 25th February 2023

Utility Group – judge: Penny Roberts

German Spitz (Mittel)

Special Yearling (1)

1. Hutchings-Brooks & Brooks, Jansanleis The Magic Piper with Jenerelena NAF/TAF. Pretty 6 mo cream bitch puppy. Head is developing and she has well set ears and correct eye shape; head needs to broaden, but plenty of time. I liked her overall square outline and her lovely front, neat bone and good feet. Dense puppy coat was well presented. Moved nicely. BPIB.

Open (3,2)

1. Thomas’ Int Ch Clarmers Talking Mischief with Kelmorespitz (Lux, Jr Ch BJWLU17). 6 yo black bitch of lovely type. Super head and expression, sufficient neck, lovely overall construction and correct square outline. In lovely jacket, well presented. Moved out so well with correct foot placement. BOB.

Boston Terrier

Special Yearling (3)

1. Connor’s Ringablok Diamond Star. Liked this young male – 7mo and developing well. Pleasing head with lovely dark, round eye, ears set correctly and proportions good. Sufficient neck, moderate angulation front and rear; body compact with short loin. Nice and easy on the move. BPIB/BOB

2. Bundy’s Murrayclan Edinburgh Lass. Attractive 1 yo bitch with very pretty head and, smaller all through than 1, was well proportioned. Sound on the move.

3. Connor’s Murrayclan Starlight of Ringablok.

Open (4)

1. Guy’s Wynele Trooping The Colour. 6 yo male. I liked his overall balance of outline – with good topline. Good in body with sufficient depth of chest. Moved out well.

2. Sabri’s Hilltops Skepta Boy Knows (imp USA). Smaller male, but retained balance of outline and good topline. Correct in head. Moved well, but not as positive as 1.

3. Snell’s Sonduriya Dewi Sant

4. Bundy’s Murrayclan Kenzie Murray

French Bulldog (Absent)

Tibetan Spaniel

Junior (5,1). Tight decision between 1 & 2 – both lovely pups.

1. Smith’s Tibbiestars Tutti Frutti. Just fell for this 8 mo puppy bitch. Lovely, feminine head with correct ears and good eye shape, good proportions of skull to muzzle and firm chin, the most attractive expression. Correct angulation front and rear and overall so well balanced. Good bone and lovely feet. In very good puppy jacket that was well presented. On the move she had purpose and was true on the down and back and good side gait. In the challenge she just had that extra sparkle. BPIB/BOB

2. Rice’s Ricox I love My Mini Me. Another very pretty bitch, with everything as it ought to be. Correct in head, but I just preferred the expression of 1. Lovely bone and feet. Again was very sound on the move.

3. Emery’s Ricox Dance With My Father

4. Emery’s Oldcharm Save My Love

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Rice’s Parloueve Back to Black of Ricox JW. Pretty, feminine 20 mo black/tan bitch. Attractive head with correct ear set, good chin. Well constructed with lovely bone and feet. Correct coat, well presented. Moved out well.

Open (3,2)

1. Ricox All About Love JW. 3 yo bitch. Pretty and feminine, this young lady had the most lovely front and was shown in very fit condition. Good balanced outline and moved out well, with purpose. RBOB.

Tibetan Terrier

Junior (7,4)

1. Johnson’s Tyngeli Give Us A Twirl. 16 month black/white parti-colour. Very pretty girl with nice head and expression. Good overall square outline and in lovely coat. Good bone and lovely large feet! Moved out smartly.

2. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Dark N’Smokin. Good head and super construction on this black. Good bone. Moved soundly but not the fluidity of 1 today.

3. Jones Moonsky Along Came Jones to Dobriach. Very promising pup of nice overall balance. Gave his handler a hard time, but once settled moved well. BPIB.

Post Graduate: (6,3)

1. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Smokin Storm. Very nice black/tan youngster, developing well. Good coat, well-constructed, good square outline with lovely bone and feet.

2. Plank’s Araki All About Koori Bear. Black/white parti-colour with very nice outline. Super head. Not quite the front of one. Moved out well.

3. Johnson’s Tyngeli Give Us A Twirl

Open (6,3)

1. Meakin’s Layoli Firecracker at Miksang. 5 yo black male. Good head and expression; lovely square outline. So well constructed with super front. In great coat, well presented. Very sound on the move. BOB.

2. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Dazzled Storm JW. Black/white parti-colour. Nice square outline with good bone and feet and pleasing overall balance. Not in full coat at the moment. Sound on the move.

3. Plank’s Araki All About Koori Bear

Lhasa Apso

Special Yearling (4,1)

1. Owen’s Zanamop White Flame. Handsome male with correct head, well feathered ears and very nice overall outline. Good shoulders, correct bone and feet. Moved out freely.

2. Barnett & Carter’s Alamiks Perfect Illusion. Pretty, very feminine bitch presenting a very nice picture standing and on the move. Just preferred the angulation of 1.

3. Carter’s Belazieth Queen’s Jubilee. Very nice parti-colour pup who was full of mischief. In lovely puppy coat, and with pleasing outline. Moved very well. BPIB.

Open (4). Stunning class of super dogs.

1. Owen’s Belazieth’s Code Red at Gatchinyo. Striking male at top end of standard. Glorious dark red/gold coat of hard texture. His carriage and attitude were so ‘Tibetan’ and haughty! Head of good proportions, strong neck, good angulation front and rear and in fit, hard condition – which showed on the move, with the freedom to drive around the ring. BOB and Group 4.

2. Barnett & Carter’s Ch Belazieth Sundance Kid with Alamiks JW ShCEx OSW. This was a very tough call to make as I have had the pleasure of going over this beauty before. He has glamour in spades and is presented to perfection. Very sound on the move. For me 1 just had the edge in attitude today.

3. Connett & Clutterbuck’s Kutani Daredevil

4. Carter’s Avonbourne Cilla Black at Vowchurch

Shih Tzu

Special Yearling (5,2)

1. Spicer & Mitchell’s Mykabel Mistletoe And Wine. Lovely 14 mo bitch with the prettiest of heads and lovely expression, good bite. Sufficient neck, correct overall proportions. Sturdy girl, standing over her ground so nicely. In good coat, well presented. Moved out with purpose.

2. Smith’s Densown Moana. Lovely pup with cheeky expression. Good puppy jacket covering a very promising frame. I did so love her ears, which were long and already well coated! Moved really nicely. BPIB.

3. Maule’s Daltricia Jack Higgins

Open (3,1) Lovely pair of boys.

1. Bradshaw & Symonds’ Cremfern Trigger A Storm at Symaraju JW. The most lovely expression on this young man – haughty with just a hint of mischief! Correct for balance and proportions and a solid body which was in super coat. Made a great picture standing and didn’t disappoint on the move which was smooth and powerful. BOB.

2. Maule’s Ch Daltricia Jamie Lee JW ShCEx OSW. Black/white parti-colour of nice overall make and shape with super coat which was presented so well. Moved very soundly. Just preferred the eye and expression of 1.

AVNSC Utility

Junior (12, 6)

1. Moss’ Winflash Mirage (Dalmatian). 17mo. Very feminine and elegant with lovely spotting. Loved her head and overall clean lines. Good angulation, strong bone, lovely body with ribs carried well back. Very sound on the move.

2. Brown’s Am Ch Piedmont Jaspalie Revolution (Poodle, Std). White standard, very elegant and pleased with himself. Lovely clean head, good bone and feet. Balanced angulation correct length, strong rear. Moved freely.

3. Downs’ Liefkees Assisi (Keeshond). Puppy, developing nicely, liked him for type and soundness. Shows promise. BAVNSCP

4. Rossa’s Kagatomisou Nannase Go (Japanese Akita Inu)

5. McLoughlin’s Villanders Lemona Woman of Zanteswitch (Poodle, Std)

Post Graduate (8,4)

1. McLoughlin’s Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann Zanteswytch (imp Esp) (Poodle, Std). Full of the joys of spring and giving his handler a hard time. However, this red boy had the presence and outline and a super head and expression. Great for presentation. Our ring was not massive, but he demonstrated real scope on the move. In the challenge just piped the young Dalmatian for BAVNSC.

2. Roloff’s Callistra’s Blaze (imp DNK) (Eurasier). Very pretty wolf-sable of good breed type. Really liked her make and shape. A little awed but settled well and moved out very nicely.

3. Elmer’s Semprepei Dream of Paradise (Shar Pei)

4. Goodall’s Bekeyta Miss B’Havin with Enyeto (Akita)

Open (7,4)

1. Moss’ Winflash Mirage (Dalmatian). See notes above for Special Yearling.

2. Brown’s Jaspalie Indecent Proposal (Poodle, Std). White standard of good type. Presented well. Lovely clean, elegant head, good neck and impressive body condition. Moved out well.

3. Rossa’s Kagatomisou Nannase Go (Japanese Akita Inu)., Very pretty bitch. Lovely head with neat, thick ears and nice eye set and shape. Overall balanced outline. Coarse stand off coat of good colour. Moved soundly.

AV Imported Register – Utility

Open (1)

1. Cunningham’s Ir Ch Champ of Noryeong Sanmaek for Yulyeong (Korean Jindo) (imp KOR). Handsome male, reflecting the standard requirements for medium size and balance. Good clean head, of correct skull to foreface ratio. Furrow. Good for balance and outline with correct front and rear angulation. Red coat of correct texture and good for undercoat. On the move he showed his solid topline and moved with vigour. BAVIR

AV Utility

Puppy (8,4)

1. Purser’s Twybrook Charming Prince (Kooikerhondje). 10 months and developing nicely as he grows into himself. Loved the earrings and super plume. Moved well.

2. Owen’s Zanamop Jubilee Lord (Lhasa Apso). 9 months of mischief. Lovely outline and in great puppy coat. Liked his lovely front. Very sound on the move.

3. Rossa’s Kagatomisou Nannase Go (Japanese Akita Inu)

4. Divall’s Viadua Morgana’s Desire (Poodle, Std)

Veteran (10) A real quality class of competitive veterans. A pleasure and privilege to judge.

1. Jones’ Ch Llwyni Simba Stop N’Stare JW. ShCM. Striking Japanese Spitz of lovely type. So balanced and fit and sound. Super head and expression; coat in tip-top condition, moved out so well. Very pleased to award him BV and see that he went on to RBVIS. He was also Group 1.

2. Suiter’s Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Van Qira-T at Genetika. Kooikerhondje coming up to 11 years old and carrying her age so very well. Lovely for size and overall type and so sound on the move.

3. Rice’s Ch Souska Devotion VW.

4. Goodall’s Akita, Enyeto’s Simply Divine.

5. Guy’s Cirtaps Prinses Bynton Ida Rose MK (imp SWE) Kooikerhondje.

Utility Group:

1. Jones’ Ch Llwyni Simba Stop N’Stare JW ShCM (Japanese Spitz) – see AV Veteran notes.

2. Smith’s Tibbiestars Tutti Frutti (Tibetan Spaniel)

3. Cunningham’s Ir Ch Champ of Noryeong Sanmaek for Yulyeong (Korean Jindo) (imp KOR)

4. Owen’s Belazieth’s Code Red at Gatchinyo (Lhasa Apso)

Utility Puppy Group:

1. Smith’s Tibbiestars Tutti Frutti (Tibetan Spaniel)

2. Smith’s Snowshoes Iris (Japanese Spitz)

3. Downs’ Liefkees Assisi (Keeshond)

4. Connor’s Ringablok Diamond Star (Boston Terrier)

Judge: Penny Roberts