• Show Date: 11/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2023

Norfolk & Norwich Canine Society

Norfolk & Norwich CS Open Show 11th April 2023

Judge: Penny Roberts, Archaeus


Alaskan Malamute:

Puppy (2,2)

Yearling (1,1)

Limit (0)

Open (2,2)

Canadian Eskimo Dog:

Puppy (0)

Sp Yearling (0)

Limit (1)

1. Graham’s Akna Voorhees** Feminine, 3yo bitch of good overall proportions and breed type. Attractive head with correct ears and good eye shape and set. Super pigment. Well put together with correct front, good bone, good feet. Moved out well, maintaining topline.

Open (2)

1. Atkins Akna Peechee for Qimugta* VW Lovely 8yo cream bitch of correct overall proportions and shown in good coat and condition. Love her correct head and expression, good bone and body, strong but feminine. She moved out so soundly and was showed so well. BOB

2. Baliley’s Akna Tumnus** Excellent 5yo masculine dog with correct overall balance and proportions, good bone and lovely feet! Moved out soundly. Today he was a little unsettled and had to give way to 1. RBOB

Greenland Dog:

Puppy (0)

Sp Yearling (0)

Limit (1,1)

Open (3)

1. Blaney’s Esp/Sui Ch Suna-Sanik’s Electric Noah of Fenrirkin (Imp Nor). This black and white male is so impressive – both on the stand and the move. His broad head with neat, well-paced ears, correct eye shape and correct muzzle lends such expression. Overall he is big and muscular with great bone and good feet. He moved out well and was a deserving BOB.

2. Blaney’s Esp Ch Fenrirkin Can’t Be Late (SUI JCH). Lovely red bitch – so feminine and a fitting counter to the masculinity of 1. Of lovely proportions with body and bone appropriate to her size. Lovely on the move. Today I felt that the male just had that bit ‘extra’, but a very worth RBOB.

3. Blaney’s Sui/Ir Ch Suna-Sanik’s Freidige Alice Av Fenrirkin (Imp Nor)

Siberian Husky:

A super entry and thank you to all exhibitors. I had a tough time, which is as it should be.

Puppy (7,2)

1. Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. Lovely feminine 8mo bitch. Loved her head and lovely ears. Her overall balance and proportions provide a very attractive picture and she has sufficient leg and good bone. Moved out soundly with lightness of stride. BPIB

2. Simms’ Arcticskies The Chosen One. Handsome 11 mo red male, masculine and of a slightly sturdier cast – but without coarseness. Super head and again, provided a balanced outline and was sound on the move. Two lovely pups and it was very close decision, the bitch just edging it on the day.

3. Cameron’s Sutarka’s For One Night Only

4. Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax

5. Leich’s Forstal’s Pingo

Sp Yearling (5,1)

1. Ferritti’s Arcticskies Super Trouperfor Lyrvid. 16mo bitch. Prettiest of heads with good eye and ears. I liked her clean front, sufficient bone and good feet. Good length of leg. Correct proportions and a lovely balanced outline. Very sound on the move. RBOB.

2. Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. See notes for Puppy Class.

3. Simmons’ Forstal’s Jetska at Aurorasdream

4. Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax

Limit (6,1)

1. Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. See notes for Puppy Class.

2. Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax. 4th in strong Puppy class – but much more settled here. Very attractive 9mo pup with lovely head and good front, developing nicely. Shown in good coat and moved out neatly.

3. Samuels’ Shimani Love For Life

4. Leich’s Forstal’s Drifter

5. Simmons’ Forstal’s Snow at Aurorasdream

Open (6,2)

1. Snelson’s Salazka’s Mr Abernathy at Ashtrax. Excellent 7 yo male showed super breed type with correct proportions and overall balance. Very sound on the move and presented a lovely picture of the mature dog. BOB

2. Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. See notes for Puppy Class

3. Ferretti’s Arcticskies Whisky Sour for Lyrvid

4. Samuels’ Lyfearon Have I Gone Mad

Utility Group:

Dalmatian: Quality entry across the classes.

Puppy (2,1)

1. Alexander’s Offordale Santtini. Nicely sotted 9mo bitch puppy – although only a baby, is already showing all the attributes of her breed. Lovely overall balance, correct in head, correct neck leading to lovely front. Good bone and feet. Very elegant young lady who moved out soundly and with style. BOB/BPIB. Adult and Puppy Group 2.

Special Yearling (2,1)

1. Stocks’ Nospar’s Gin And Tonic. Attractive 14mo liver spotted bitch. Feminine in head with well set ears, very good front, correct overall proportions, topline and tailset. Sound on the move.

Limit (5,2)

1. Collier’s Kallierbelle Bluebelle. 2yo bitch. Very feminine and nicely spotted. Correct in head and good earset. Liked her elegant outline and good bone. Moved out well.

2. Wallington’s Dallyador Secret Passion for Rovinjdal JW. Good 4yo bitch of good make and shape. Really liked her kind head and expression. Feet could be tighter, but she may not have liked the floor.

3. Arnold’s Dalfellin Amore

Open (6,3)

1. Collier’s Kallierbelle Pink Sapphire. Mature 4 yo bitch with very pretty head, kind eye, good earset. Very good front and overall proportions. Nicely spotted. In lovely condition with good muscle tone. Elegant on the move. RBOB.

2. Stocks’ Pandamax Lady Martini to Nospar JW. 5 yo of nice type and with good proportions. Preferred the head and earset of 1. Good bone. Not moving as freely as 1.

3. Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare To Dream ShCM

French Bulldog:

Puppy (0)

Special Yearling (2,1)

1. Jennings’ Vanitystone Born To Love. Brindle male, 14 mo. Correct proportions – sturdy and solid. Liked his skull – showing the square appearance and flat skull and well placed ears. Stood strong and confident and moved soundly.

Limit (2,1)

1. Timms & Henderson’s Olijah Banana Split. Confident brindle with lovely head and expression and correct ears, well set. Well built and showing required sturdiness of outline. Correct topline and tapering rear. Very sound on the move. RBOB.

2. Hill-Lonergan & Duff’s Cossy’s Bisto at Barnlou. 2yo fawn male. Good head and flat skull. Preferred overall proportions of one. Moved out ok, but lacked the presence needed to show to best advantage.

Open (2)

1. Timms & Henderson’s Olijah Cut To The Chase. Two yo brindle with real style! Strong and sturdy, lovely head and expression, lovely ears. Stood four square and determined. Good broad front and muscular body; correct in rear. Very sound on the move. Really liked him. BOB. Utility Group 1.

2. Kelly’s Casemates Soprano. Very pretty 3 yo fawn bitch. Good head shape, eyes a little prominent, compact outline, nice bone, in good body and moved out well.

German Spitz (Mittel)

Puppy (1)

1. Saich’s Lindcoly Sugar Babe.6mo bitch puppy of nice type. Liked her head, neat ears and good eye shape. Good overall compact outline and nicely made. Generous puppy coat. Moved out briskly. BPIB

Special Yearling (1)

1. Saich’s Lindcoly Simba. 22 no male of really nice make and shape. Very nice in head, sufficient neck and good compact construction. He was sound on the move and a quality exhibit. A little distracted which but did enough to take RBOB.

Limit (1,1)

Open (4)

1. Andrew’s Ch Claran Blue Galaxy. Lovely 2yo female that I have admired from ringside, so nice to get my hands on her. Presents a striking picture. Such a good head and expression and lovely outline and presented to advantage. Well constructed and neat bone and good feet. Moved out very soundly. Pleased to award her BOB.

2. Thomas’ Int Ch Clarmers Talking Mischief with Kelmorespitz Lus Jr Ch BJWLU17. Another quality bitch of good type. Attractive head and overall outline, good bone and sound on the move. On the day, not the sparkle of 1.

3. Saich’s Lindcoly Wishing On A Dream

4. Saich’s Ir Ch Lindcoly Mischief Maker

Lhasa Apso:

Nice entry with some quality dogs.

Puppy (5)

1. Hill-Lonergan & Duff’s Jodak’s Party All Night with Barnlou. Lovely puppy bitch, head developing well, good overall size and proportions. In good puppy coat and moving soundly. 1 &2 was close decision, this pup’s spark just tipped the balance. BPIB

2. Adam-Slomkowski’s Skylax Dare To Believe. Smart male pup. Very handsome in head and overall presented lovely picture. Liked his length and good topline. Again, very sound on the move.

3. Forsyth’s Nadarley Majestic Murphy

4. House, Hinchcliffe & Jennings’ Jodak’s Summer Party with Cossy

5. Cleaver’s Risondock I Loved Her First

Special Yearling (1,1)

Limit (3)

1. Adam-Slomkowski’s KentwoneDerek Jewel by Skylax. Impressive 2yo male. Loved his head and cheeky expression, in super coat and body condition. Lovely proportions and moved out soundly and with confidence and attitude. BOB

2. Forsyth’s Nadarley Quartz Hugo. 4yo male, again of good type and presented well. Correct head and expression, good proportions and stylish on the move.

3. Cleaver’s Zentarr Maverick

Open (3,1)

1. Scales’ Zentarr Osbourne. 5yo gold in lovely coat and condition. Neatly built of good proportions. Liked his head and well furred pendant ears. Very sound on the move and nice attitude. RBOB

2. Sutcliffe’s Newcliffe Kia-Ora JW. Handsome and masculine boy who I thought would take this class, but he had other things on his mind and that affected his performance. Pleasing and typical outline, super coat and condition. Moved ok.

Miniature Schnauzer

Was pleased to see that fronts are much improved since the last time I judged this breed.

Puppy (2)

1. Parker & McDonald’s Violis Wait Stormy Skies. Lovely, happy pup with a good square outline complemented by presentation. In super condition, good bone, correct for angulation, good length of neck. Moved out soundly. My star today – BPIB and BOB.

2. Goddard’s Eveshar You’ve Had Enough. Another quality pup of good make and shape. Full of enthusiasm, which was nice to see. Moved soundly when settled.

Special Yearling (2)

1. Whitcombe’s Arkangath Zola Bud. Lovely head with good ears, neck and overall lovely outline. Well balanced with very good front and bone. Moved out well.

2. Parker & McDonald’s Violis Storm Tracker. 11mo very nice pup with good outline and sound. Excellent presentation. Not quite as together as 1.

Limit (1)

1. Parker & McDonald’s Violis Struts Her Stuff. JW. 2yo bitch of very nice type. Good and square and sturdy. Again, presented to advantage. Really liked her attitude which was full of joy. Sound on the move. In the challenge just lost out to the puppy, but a really nice girl and RBOB.

Open (1)

1. Parker & McDonald’s Violis Wait N’See,. Mature male in lovely body and coat put down well. Good front, length of neck and topline. Liked his head and expression. Moved well.

Poodle (Miniature)

Puppy (2)

1. Fleetcroft’s Karocolin Lady In Waiting. Pretty pup of lovely elegant outline. Very attractive, clean head and good neck. Super front and very sound on the move. A little overawed but gained in confidence. BPIB.

2. Pegrum & Cook’s Lowashton Craster Shore. Male, full of bounce. Handsome in head with good overall outline and correct for bone and feet. Needs to settle, but a lovely pup.

Special Yearling (2)

1. Collier’s Michandy Love Of The Game. Lovely girl, full of elegance and presence. Lovely clean head, good front, and short in body. Well presented and moved out soundly. RBOB.

2. Leicester-Evans’ Holsyi’s Witching Magic. Another nice bitch showing a balanced outline. Needs to gain in confidence, but when settled she moved well.

Limit (1)

1. Fleetcroft’s Karocolin Scarlet Duchess. Neat bitch of good proportions. Clean in head, nice and short in back and sound on the move.

Open (2)

1. Lee-Morris’ Michandy Back In Time at Pupstar. Impressive male shown in pristine condition. Lovely clean head, super front, correct proportions. Moved so soundly. Exuded elegance and shouted ‘poodle’! Lovely. BOB.

2. Warnes’ Ch Myhaven Chocolate Fancy. 9 yo brown not showing his age. Super jacket, well presented, over lovely body of correct proportions. Moved out well. Just felt that 1 had the edge today.

Poodle (Standard)

Puppy (2,1)

1. Wasowska’s Viadua Tamatoa’s Treasure. 10 mo black. Lovely clean head with good expression; super front with good bone and feet; short in back with lovely driving rear. Moved out well. BPIB.

Special Yearling (3,1)

1. Brook’s Sculbrook The Beat Lives On. Handsome male with elegant head and overall presented to advantage. In lovely body. Good front, short back and moved ok.

2. Fleetcourt’s All Over Again. My notes say ‘ slightly bonkers’ black with very nice head and good front. A little longer cast, but moved out soundly.

Limit (2,1)

1. Brook’s Sculbrook The Beat Lives On – As previous class.

Open (4,1)

1. Dawson’s Achara Girl On Fire JW. Lovely white – not of great size, but a lovely package. So well balanced with lovely square outline. Presented to advantage and with a real elegance about her. Moved with lightness and freedom and I was delighted to give her BOB.

2. Brook’s Sculbrook Raising The Odds. Handsome young male with substance and good proportions. Moved out well.

3. Brook’s Sculbrook The Beat Lives On

AVNSC Utility

Puppy (6) The most super class.

1. Page’s Whatif’s Eclipse (Akita). Fell in love with this very smart bitch. So well constructed and shown in super double coat. Loved her good bone and correct feet and her strong movement. BAVNSC Puppy.

2. James’ Aprika Fifth Avenue (Boston Terrier). Smart, elegant, and so cool! Loved her head and expression, and those correct, well placed ears and her super compact outline. On the move she was easy and great to watch. Two super pups.

3. Webb’s Chifido The Chosen One (Chow Chow)

4. Andrew’s Claran Court Your Breath TAF (German Spitz Klein)

5. Fitches’ Sofia Loren Della Ginevrina (Keeshond)

Special Yearling (1)

1. Webb’s Grozio Akcentas Doja Chifido (Imp Nor) (Chow Chow). Very attractive bitch, compact in outline and with the required leonine appearance. In good body and coat, sufficient angulation and bone. Moved out briskly. RBAVNSC Utility

Limit (2,2)

Open (5,1)

1. Fitches’ NL Ch Samoykees Harbour Lights (Keeshond). Male of very good breed type. Loved his balanced outline, correct angulation, good bone. In good coat which was well presented and of correct quality and texture. Lovely and sound on the move. BAVNSC Utility.

2. Pittock’s Cheechako Aurelius JW (Japanese Spitz). Lovely JS, not shown in full coat, but super quality and presentation. Lovely head with correct eye and ear set and placemenrt and good pigment.

3. Johnson’s Sensation Vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise (Imp Deu) (Kooikerhondje)

4. Manners’ Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti (Schipperke)

AV Imported Breed Register Utility

Special Yearling (3,1)

1. Guyton’s Shadiki Hariposa with Ansanda (Xoloitzcuintle). Miniature with smooth soft skin. Difficult to assess as so very active on the table, but of overall correct proportions. Moved out with an element of grace and elegance. RBAVIBR Utiltity

2. Wallace’s Chinasky Goddess of Insamity (Xoloitzcuintle) Similar comments apply – again, restless on the table. Carried more wrinkle Moved out well.

Open (4,2)

1. Cunningham’s Ir Ch Champ of Noryeong Sanmaek for Yulyeong (imp Kor). Jindo male of good type and lovely make and shape. Shown in lovely fit condition. Handsome head – blunt triangle, lovely expression. Very sound on the move. BAVIBR Utility.

2. Wallace’s Chinasky Blazeing Flames (Xoloitzcuintle). 2yo male. Liked his head and overall make and shape. Very active.

AV Utility

Puppy (15,6)

1. Aprika Fifth Avenue (Boston Terrier)

2. Skylax Dare To Believe (Lhasa Apso)

3. Chifido The Chosen One (Chow Chow)

Special Yearling (7.1)

1. Ford’s Avaness Stars Shine Darkly over Setrique (Tibetan Terrier). Good breed type, in lovely black and white jacket. Good square proportions. Moved out well.

2. Grozio Akcentas Doja Chifido (Imp Nor) (Chow Chow

3. Sculbrook The Beat Lives On (Standard Poodle)

Limit (5,3)

1. Dallyador Secret Passion for Rovinjdal JW (Dalmatian)

2. Karocolin Scarlet Duchess (Miniature Poodle)

Open (2,2)

Veteran (14,2)

1. Sensation Vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrisie (imp Deu) Kooikerhondje. Super veteran as expected from this breed. Of good type and overall balance; in good coat, and so very sound!

2. Ch Myhaven Chocolate Fancy (Miniature Poodle). Lovely poodle with attitude in spades. Lovely overall make and shape and still moving up a storm!

3. Hocombewood Hot Toddy for Lindcoly. (German Spitz, Mittel)

Any Variety

I had a wonderful time going over the AV veteran and vintage classes – many really lovely dogs.

Veteran Dog (10,5)

1. Wildman’s Harbethol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo ScCM (Spaniel, Cocker). Super fit and joyful Cocker. Shown in very good order. Lovely to go over and a joy to watch on the move.

2. Thornley-Taylor’s Ch Alfie Beau at Saxstead (Tibetan Spaniel). A favourite of mine and always gives his best. Lovely to watch on the move as he is so very sound.

3. Beaumont’s Rocket Rocky Road

4. Roper’s Catnnels Inside Story for Brensham SGWC (Retriever, Golden)

5. Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare to Dream ShCM (Dalmatian)

Veteran Bitch (9,6)

1. Sh Ch Oakmarsh Chestnut (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) Super fit veteran – in lovely coat and condition and keen to show me how good she was! Strongly built and of good proportions and moved out like a youngster. Lovely!

2. Pepperbox Summer Time ShCM. (Cocker Spaniel) Lovely roan cocker of super type. Powered round the ring like she could work all day

3. Benoleo Scene Stealer (Chow Chow)

AV Vintage (10+ years) (13,8)

1. Harbethol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo ShCM. (Cocker Spaniel) It may have been listed as ‘Vintage’ class, but this boy was having none it! Typey, happy, and sound. Lovely boy enjoying his time in the ring (as did I)

2. Rudland’s How’ It Looking (Miniature Schnauzer) – For this young man it was looking good as he gave the lie to being nearly 12 years old. Super make and shape and smart - fit and looking a picture he was a very sound showman.

3. Ch Alfie Beau at Saxstead (Tibetan Spaniel). Still as fresh as paint at the end of a long day. A real delight.

4. Rocket Rocky Road

5. Oakmarsh Acorn VW SGWC

Utility Group:

1. Olijah Cut to The Chase – French Bulldog

2. Offordale Santtini - Dalmatian

3. NL Ch Samoykees Harbour Lights – Keeshond

Utility Group – Puppy

1. Whatif’s Eclipse – Akita

2. Offordale Santtini - Dalmatian

3. Viadua Tamotoa’s Treasure – Standard Poodle

4. Saxtead Moonlight Shadow – Tibetan Spaniel