• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Eastbourne & District Canine Society


25 JUN 23


V 4(2)

1. Spencer’s Ashronsha Wildest Dreams. Boxer, nice example and preferred the head of this exhibit to 2nd, moved well in profile, good bone and nice make and shape on the stand.

2. Pearn’s Knightcott Ruption Bepop by Bonmac VW. Very well muscled, square and with good bone, preferred head and movement of 1, in excellent condition for a veteran.


PG 1(0)

1. Alderson’s Cyronelle Dixie Princess at Branbar. St Bernard, clean head, good bone and held top-line well on the move, out of coat at 22 months but with nice feet and good reach in profile, RBAVNSC.

O 1(0)

1. Garrood’s Ukusa Dobrynya. Russian Black Terrier, good bone, flat skull and level on the move, nice overall balance and in good muscled condition, BAVNSC.


P 1(0)

1. Cook’s Lobeaubox Lena Marelli. Almost one year old, nice overall balance and moved ok in profile with good muscle, muzzle a touch shorter than I would like but head is still not fully developed in this young dog, would like to see how it progresses, BP.

Y 3(1)

This class could have gone either way.

1. Spencer’s Ashronsha Love To Dream. Smaller but overall balanced at this time, good forechest and head, a little bit coarser than I would like in head but liked the overall look of this dog better, needs to be a bit more steady on the move, BOB.

2. Hawkins’ Mellhawk Tiger Lily. Really liked this dog but not her profile movement today, loved her head, just over-reaching a bit and a bit longer in loin, RBOB.

PG 3(2)

1. Pearn’s Bonmac Little Bo Peep. Workmanlike on the move, tidy feet and good overall balance with good muscle.

O 5(3)

1. Spencer’s Uftonponds Maid By The Loch at Ashronsha. Good bone, nice feet, would have preferred a better expression but head proportions are there at 2 years old.

2. Wheeler’s Olibetay Bella Rose at Hipkins JW. Well muscled and good bone, just standing over a bit too much ground for me at the moment but is masculine.


J 6(2)
1. Wall’s Perardua Amaris. 6 months, very pretty in head, good muzzle and overall balance, good bone and had an easy stride in profile, BOB & BP.

2. Ingram/Tousent/Lack’s Jojavik Spangled Mob. Another lovely puppy, just preferred the out and back of 1, still maturing, I think both of these exhibits were by far of really, really good quality, RBOB.

3. Brown’s Jojavik Shaken Not Stirred.


PG 2(1)
1. Coldwell’s Zentaur Let’s Get Fizzical. A touch longer than I would like but moved brilliant in profile, well muscled and well turned out, good bone and pleasing head, RBOB.

O 1(0)

1. Coldwell’s Ch. Zentaur This Is Jam Hot (AI). JW ShCM OSW. Again lovely mover in profile, good bone, well muscled, good croup and nice overall shape, BOB.


PG 2(0)

1. Mardle/Barton’s Audhelm Charmed One. Not handled to advantage but covered ground well, good muscle, nice dark eye, preferred head and bend of stifle in this example at 14 months.

2. Kirk’s Belleville Crazy In Love. Another nice example of the breed, good feet, just didn’t move as fluidly as 1, BP.

O 1(0)

1. Mardle/Barton’s Auldhelm Candy Floss. Very aware of surroundings today but nice drive from rear and pretty head, will watch progress, good croup and overall balance.


J 3(1)

1. Allen’s Jodipas Valen Time (AI) JW. What a smart example of the breed, good overall balance, feminine head, good bone, feet and croup, covered ground beautifully.

2. Cocks’ Jaqary Blaze Of Glory. Just a touch longer in back than I would prefer, masculine head and would prefer more croup but shown in hard, muscled condition. 


G1 Allen’s Jodipas Valen Time (AI) JW. Rottweiler.

G2 Osborne’s Nexgen All Eyez On Me. Leonberger. Out of coat but really nice example of the breed and moved beautifully.

G3 Blaney’s ESP Ch Fenrirkin Can’t be Late SUI JCH Covered ground beautifully and workmanlike, good balance throughout with excellent quarters.

G4 Mardle/Barton’s Audhelm Charmed One. PWD.


PG1 Wall’s Perardua Amaris. Dobermann.

PG2 Forsey’s Muzoku Charmed One. Alaskan Malamute. Still very much a baby, good bone and steady in profile with pleasing head and expression.

PG3 Simpson’s Simberger Perfect Blend. Leonberger. Again another quality baby, nice overall balance, good croup, beautiful head and expression.

PG4 Kirk’s Belleville Crazy In Love. PWD.


PG 2(1)

1. Webb’s Hoscar Isabella. Went well on the move, good balance and nicely muscled, good feet and lovely disposition.

O 3(1)

1. Felstead’s Foveaux Queens Gambit. Just love this youngster, beautifully balanced throughout, good muscle and attitude to boot, BOB & BP.

2. Webb’s Hoscar Isabella. Repeat. RBOB.


1. Sladden’s Valcor The Confessor at Canemamans JW. Bracco Italiano. Good bone, nicely put together and good overall balance, covered ground beautifully and presented in super hard muscular condition, good feet and stood away from the rest of the class. 

2. Charleton’s House Of Softy Indus (imp SWE). Again, another quality dog, excellent outline, just lost out on the movement of 1.

3. Upton-Lovett/Lovett’s Sh Ch. Gunalt Lustrous with Roydack.