• Show Date: 06/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society


06 MAY 23


P 3(2)

1. Holder’s Zendushkas Rolling Stone at Farakushk. Very much a baby, very playful, good bone and feet, pleasing head and just needs to body up, very capable in profile, good croup, good ring tail, glimpses of correct movement, will watch with interest, BP.

PG 3(1)

1. Hills/Thornton’s Absolute Afghans Djibouti at Karnak JW (imp NOR). Better reach than 2nd, excellent head and jaw with primitive head, covered ground well, nicely balanced overall.

2. Parsons’ Ayoubkhan Honeysuckle to Shukriya JW. Smaller and just not the shoulder of 1, very nice springy movement and overall outline, just didn’t cover the ground so effectively.

O 3(0)

1. Seamarks/Nemoto’s Sayadena Northern Lights (imp BEL) VW. Covered ground beautifully, overall balance and in good muscled condition, moved well in profile and also on the out and back, BOB.

2. Gosling’s Ch. Ayoubkhan Silk Road JW. Sadly not settled today, moved really well and in good muscled condition, a little bit head shy but pleasing head and expression, good bone and feet, different day and different surroundings, I really think this is a nice dog, RBOB.

3. Parsons’ Joneca Fire Cracker by Shukriya JW.


PG 5(2)

1. Kimber’s Coachbarn Cresta. Beautiful head and expression, still quite immature but covered ground with ease and on good feet, BOB.

2. Roberts/Spearing’s Linkenlees Laurina ShCEx. Liked the overall balance but not in the condition of 1, moved ok.

3. Miller’s Alkira Rooibos Valentine. A worthy mention and moved enthusiastically.

O 2(0)

1. Roberts/Spearing’s Linkenlees Lyric ShCM ShCEx. Workmanlike but good bone and feet, pleasing expression, RBOB.

2. Miller’s Arpege Alkira. Really lovely Veteran, nice overall balance, keen expression, a bit stiff behind but I really loved this little dog.


PG 1(0)

1. Duffell’s Ricaduffal Rock Star. 6 year old and handled by a novice junior handler, moved ok in profile, nicely muscled and good croup, RBOB.

O 3(2)

1. Duffell’s Ricaduffal Draco Star. Again, well muscled, just a little bit more enthusiastic on the move for the challenge, BOB.


P 3(1)

1. Cheal’s Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra. Pretty head, moved with purpose and good croup, nice balance overall, BP.

2. Weller’s Evad Halloween Spice. 6 months old and mesmerised by the sand from the handler’s shoes! Nice make and shape, tidy feet and good bone, looks promising, moved ok when settled.

PG 6(2)

Williams’ Tachnamadra Au Revoir to Milesend. Very masculine but nice overall balance, moved well in profile, heavily coated but good angulation underneath.

Weller’s Evad Golden Gem. This bitch covered ground well in profile and was nicely muscled, just preferred the overall picture of 1.

Barnett’s Dippersmoor Daquiri at Sunspirit.

O 5(1)

1. Cheal’s Carolelen Call My Bluff at Faemadra. Left the coat at home today but lovely front angulation and covered ground well, BOB.

2. Ferris’ Willowtarn Time To Party at Ferrimere. Must commend the owner for having a 10 year old in such amazing condition, covered ground beautifully and only marginally lost out on this class, RBOB.

3. Williams’ Tachnamadra Au Revoir to Milesend.


P 1(0)

1. Felstead’s Foveaux Queens Gambit. Lancashire Heeler. Sturdy, didn’t initially like the floor, good croup and substance, good overall balance, make and shape, very, very happy disposition, RBAVNSC & BAVNSC (P). 

J 3(1)
1. Felstead’s Lankeela You Go Boss at Foveaux. Lancashire Heeler. Really balanced, masculine head, good croup and well muscled.

2. Crocker’s Leggatts Jive Talkin. Norwegian Buhund. Nice overall balance, still very immature in movement at 15 months but looks promising.

O 5(0) 

1. Dumbrell’s Brodaty Limited Edition at Bethlyntee. Bearded Collie. Moved lovely in profile, well balanced, in good coat and covered the ground well, BAVNSC.

2. Eardley’s Aqualita Miss Moneypenny. Collie (Rough). Again, another well muscled dog, with good angulation, pleasing head, just didn’t have the fluidity of 1.

3. Anderson’s Brodaty Sent With Love to Bobsacres.


O 3(2)

1. Milham’s Ariel Of The Lowlands Whites in Shadowshack (imp NED). White Swiss Shepherd Dog. Female, covered ground well in profile, well muscled and good croup, nice overall balance, BAV Imp.


V 3(0)

1. Nolcini’s Ch. Broadmaynes Eclipse to Nolmacdon JW ShCM ShCEx VW. GSD. 10 years old, well muscled, nice head, good croup and stood on 3 point stand, adequate bone and good angulation.

2. Ferris’ Willowtarn Time To Party at Ferrimere. Repeat.

3. Whittington’s Tighness The Tide Is High.


G1 Angier/Stacey’s Icon De Bruine Buck at Birkcross (imp NLD). BSD (Groenendael). Excellent bone and shown in excellent condition, turned out immaculately and handled well to advantage, really haven’t seen this quality in this breed before so well deserved.

G2 Rutland/Porter’s Ch. Mellowdee Mask of Zorro JW. OES. Another solid and well muscled exhibit who moved beautifully, just didn’t have the enthusiasm of 1.

G3 Dumbrell’s Brodaty Limited Edition at Bethlyntee. Bearded Collie.

G4 Cheal’s Carolelen Call My Bluff at Faemadra. Shetland Sheepdog.


PG1 Felstead’s Foveaux Queens Gambit. Lancashire Heeler. Smart, brisk showmanship from such a little dog with a lovely, big attitude, will really watch this one’s career with interest.

PG2 Milham’s Elystari This Must Be Love. Border Collie. Balanced, moved well, good croup.

PG3 Cheal’s Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra. Shetland Sheepdog.

PG4 Waite’s Jojoba Firestorm. GSD. Balanced overall and moved with purpose.


Rutland/Porter’s Mellowdee My Girl Lollipop. OES. Beautiful on the move and well muscled.

Johns’ Breezelyn Ears A Breakthrou for Alepenkye. Hungarian Pumi. Another well muscled example, covered ground well, nice dark eye.

Felstead’s Foveaux Queens Gambit. Lancashire Heeler.

Milham’s Elystari This Must Be Love. Border Collie.


P 1(0)
1. Hubbard’s Leilasett Devil or Angel. 11 month female, quite playful, tail never stopped wagging, good feet and beautiful soulful expression, well muscled, just needs to come together on the move, BP.

J 1(0)

1. Hubbard’s Leilasett Devil or Angel. Repeat.

PG 2(0)

1. Williams’ Richecca Midwinter. Male, still young, balanced and really nice noble expression, good bone, still to develop but maturing nicely.

2. Deering’s Pettifox of Rosetimber. Bitch, on nice feet, again still very immature, dog sensed the apprehension of handler who wasn’t confident moving on this surface so would like to see that improve next time if I ever get to judge this dog again because I do think that it could make more of itself.

O 1(0) 

1. Whittington’s Juldeane Line of Duty (AI)Stood alone but lovely in profile, great forward extension, 3½ year old, nicely muscled, good croup and good overall balance, BOB.