• Show Date: 20/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheshire Agricultural Society


21 JUN 2023


P 5(2)

1. Crockart’s Vandreem Imperial Bryson. Not handled to advantage but

currently nice balance overall, front still needs to come together, nicely

muscled and ok reach in profile, still a very raw example of the breed, BP.

2. Cornwell’s Jewel Child of Joy Orleansnow (imp CZE). 10 months old and

lovely make and shape on the stand, would prefer more muscled condition,

wasn’t able to compete with 1 in profile movement but again another raw


3. Mann’s Silbertips All That Jazz.

J 3(1)

1. Mann’s Silbertips All That Jazz. This could have gone either way but this

dog moved far better on this occasion, just moved better in profile and had

better reach than 1, nice head and expression, good coat, well muscled, could

have shown a bit more personality, was a little bit static.

2. Owen’s Svetllen’s Barn Owl. Nice exhibit overall but couldn’t get front

reach going, good bone and balance.

PG 3(0)

1. Tarasinska’s Siberianmist Lagertha. Lovely in profile and an easy winner,

well balanced, shown in nice muscled condition, excellent reach and drive in


2. Wilding’s Rosskaja Silver Star Fire at Trusam. Misbehaved but underneath

all that coat excellent muscle, handler needs to be just a bit firmer with him

but nice dog nonetheless.

3. Helm’s Annecy Dream of Reality.

L 3(0)

1. Short’s Silbertips Star Attraction at Zakaytia (AI). Lovely bitch, good overall

balance, shown in excellent muscled condition with moved lovely in profile.


2. Tarasinska’s Siberianmist Odin. A lot of coat, just didn’t have the ground

profile coverage of one but showed a nice easy gait.

3. Crockart’s Jazzmonta Indian Summer.

O 8(4)

1. Tarasinska’s Charlotte Wolf in Sheep’s Skin. Great profile action and

although to the top end of standard well turned out and handled, good bone,


2. Brandenberg/Smith’s Ch. Taronakits Its Kwest JW. Lovely bitch, just not

reaching in profile today although structure suggests otherwise, expertly

handled and turned out.

3. Collinson’s Ch. Nikara Secret Love by Norjack JW.


PG 2(1)

1. Brown’s Kontrastas Hector The Noble with Tamalden. White Swiss Shepherd

Dog. Easy gait, showed in well muscled condition, a bit longer in back than I

would like but solid throughout.

O 6(2)

1. Jeavons’ Int/Multi Ch. Pic D’arlee Nelson avec Bergerpicard (imp FRA) Bel/Ir

JCh. Picardy Sheepdog. Handler needs to improve but lovely in profile, nice

overall balance when eventually settled.

2. Brown’s Faith Follow Your Dream Lord of The North with Tamalden. White

Swiss Shepherd. Shown in lovely condition just didn’t have the balance of one.

3. Pickering’s Ir Ch. Alpha Natura Nike avec Picarboo (imp DEN). Picardy



PG 1(0)

1. Ackers’ Ornella Dei Figli Di Paparott at Bouvibear (imp ITA). Still very

immature but shown in well muscled condition, nice flat skull, good croup and

moved steadily and correctly, BOB.


J 4(0)

1. Sharpe’s Pines Cluedo. Excellent muscle, good overall balance and good

croup with pleasing head.

2. Whitmore/White’s Johan Hovi-Raj of Driftingsky. Male, I think someone else

had his brain cell today! misbehaved for his handler, but good bone and

glimpses of profile movement but still very immature.

3. Spencer’s Hightimbers Amaretto. BP.

PG 4(0)

1. McLure’s Hightimbers Ticket to Dream at Kanukalos. Good shoulder and

overall balance and shown in well muscled condition, easy gait in profile, BOB.

2. Lee’s Enormous Viva La Vida. Blonde, good croup and bone, moved well in

profile, different day these dogs could swap places.

3. Spencer’s Hightimbers Monkey Puzzle.

O 7(1)

The open class was judged in torrential weather and under cover but the

exhibitors and the dogs handled this exceptionally well, a really nice bunch of

people and dogs so the temperaments need to be commended.

1. McLure’s Kanukalos Burletta. Well overall balance and muscled, movement

was hard to assess because the ground at this point had reverted to making

splishing noises under the dogs’ feet, RBOB.

2. Lee’s Ameya Alma Lu. Again well muscled, nice overall balance and good

croup, both of these dogs had really nice feet.

3. Sharpe’s Quincebois Tulipwood by Pines Cdex.