• Show Date: 04/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Isle Of Ely Canine Society


4 FEB 23


P 1(0)

1. Culpitt/Syrett’s Jolie De Vivre Se Distinguer of Karchung (imp NLD). 8

months old, proportioned head and skull, lovely angles, very ‘aware’ of

surroundings, which is to be expected at this age, just needs to strengthen up

to hold top-line, moved fluidly, a nice puppy, BOB & BP.

J 2(0)

1. Cutler’s Lankeela Frosty Knickers. More of a piece at this stage than 2nd

although more exuberant! Glimpses of brisk gait on the move, pleasing head

and overall balance, RBOB.

2. Musk/Bingham’s Lankeela Our Marnie. Male, smart brisk movement, nice

shoulder and shown in good muscled condition, preferred the overall balance of



P 1(0)

1. Heavens’ Rozmaryna Pastereczki (imp POL). Pleasing expression, medium

balance and adequate bone and shown in fit muscled condition, moved with a

bit too much enthusiasm, the handler does need to slow down to allow for this

breed’s correct movement, BOB & BP.


P 7(2)

1. Norris’ Ferngrove’s Valentino. Top end for puppy but pleasing male head,

moved fluidly and with good angles, alert and responsive, BP.

2. Ambler’s Gemshells La Ross. Shown in well muscled condition, nice overall

balance, adequate bone, just preferred the overall outline of 1.

3. Allsopp’s Shadowess Magic Man.

J 2(1)

1. Norris’ Ferngrove’s Valentino. Repeat.

PG 8(1)

1. Saunders’ Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey. Shown in well muscled

condition, smooth gait, covered ground well, would prefer finer features in

head but good ear set, BOB.

2. Ridehalgh’s Keycharm Take A Chance On Me. Youngster, lovely expression,

good croup and balanced overall, covered ground well.

3. Gladding’s Startoonie Winter Rose.

O 4(1)

1. Norris’ Clanavon Love In A Mist. Pleasing overall balance, nice head and

expression, good croup and coat and covered ground well on the move, RBOB.

2. Bastiani/John’s Auberswell Amber Soliloquy. Veteran, beautiful expression,

just lost out on the overall outline of 1 but shown in lovely condition.

3. Hounsell’s Myter Made of Magic.


P 2(0)

1. Heath/Robinson’s Pinseeker Pep Guardiola. A challenge for his handler

today, nice overall balance and pleasing head, good feet and profile when he

settles, still needs to come together in front, BP.

2. Leigh’s Redic Top Speed. Still very immature and equally challenging for his

handler, nice croup, good feet and moved well in profile.

J 4(0)

1. Staley’s Jomeel Olivia’s Choice. Good balance overall, well muscled and

moved fluidly, lovely head and good feet, RBOB.

2. Merritt’s Sperant Chocolate Cosmos JW. Again, another balanced dog, just a

little finer at the moment but good croup and covered ground well in profile.

3. Angus’ Keigame Hvitserk of Sparkenhoe.

PG 3(0)

1. Leigh’s Redic Sacremento. Good overall balanced with pleasing head, good

feet and croup, shown in nice muscled condition, handler needs to stop pulling

dog out so far, covered ground well on the move.

2. Gray’s Kavacanne Ziti. Clean cut head with lovely expression, well muscled,

good feet, covered ground well in profile, just lacked the shoulder of 1.

3. Smith’s Rivernharg Highlander.

O 6(0)

1. Dymond’s Sh Ch. Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW. Male shown in

hard muscled condition, good feet, masculine head and good bone, covered

ground well with a nice pleasing easy gait, BOB.

2. Staley’s Jomeel Now I’m Here. A feminine head and expression, really

nicely balanced and moved well in profile.

3. Collins’ Barleyarch Hoopla at Forestpoint.


PG 2(0)

1. Humphreys’ Joneca Eternal Flame. Out moved the dog today, feminine

expression but primitive, fluid movement once she got going, well muscled,

balanced and with nice ring tail, BOB.

2. Mullen’s El Roalito Keep Smiling (imp DEU). Covered ground well but just

didn’t have the fluidity of the bitch, head is still maturing, although still quite

feminine, although there is still time as still maturing, RBOB.


PG 1(0)

1. Minion’s Lumikoira Piparminttu. Head not his fortune but good bone and

overall balance, would benefit from better muscled condition but charming

character, RBOB.

O 2(0)

1. Wallis Baga’s Morval Naine Varda at Velrok. Feminine expression and friendly

expression, moved fluidly around the ring and a bit naughty for her handler

today, BOB.

2. Minion’s Lumikoira Piparminttu. Repeat.


PG 2(1)

1. Bodle’s Lionsridge Lord Of The Rings. Masculine head, stood on fabulous feet

and great overall proportions, moved with such an easy gait, good croup,

shown in really good condition and good bone, RBOB.

O 2(1)

1. Bodle’s Fairy Clocks Bonus Catch The World into Lionsridge (imp NOR).

Beautiful head, stood alone, but absolutely worthy of 1st, lovely masculine

expression, good croup, bone and feet and shown in fit muscled condition,

these two could easily trade places in the challenge, this dog was placed highly

in the Working Group, BOB.


O 1(0)

1. Drake/Bishop’s Elena (imp ESP). Neapolitan Mastiff. Good bone, feet and

substance, stood alone but impressive, clean eye, moved like a dream, shown

in fit, muscled condition, good croup and nice angles.


J 13(7)

1. Seward’s Teuschons The Fierce Knight with Elleonia. Dobermann. Well

muscled and standing on good feet, covered ground well, pleasing head and

lovely overall balance.

2. Smith’s Oldeely Hope and Glory. PWD. Balanced and moved well, just

lacked the condition of 1, nice dark eye and shown to advantage.

3. Thomas/Bull’s Phoria’s Eden.

PG 6(3)

1. Bryson’s Inukshuk Quinuituq O’North. Naked Siberian Husky but athletic

and nice croup and overall balance, good feet and angles.

2. Parsons’ Fenrirkin Out of the Black. Exuberant Greenland Dog, naughty for

handler but moved well in profile, just lacked the ease of gait of 1 but I’m sure

in time will settle down.

3. Perfitt’s Samjoe From Russia with Love JW.

O 4(3)

1. Bryson’s Inukshuk Quinuituq O’North. Repeat.

V 2(1)

1. Cunningham’s Icebex In The Valley of Elah. Siberian Husky. 11 years

young, good angulation, typical head and good croup with ground covering



Firstly I would like to say that this Group was worthy of a Championship show,

some wonderful exhibits and some really tough competition in there. Thank

you to the other judges for putting forward some incredible BOBs in the

working group.

G1 Rottweiler. Impressive overall balance, well laid back shoulders and

plenty of bone and substance, well muscled and moved like a dream, great

drive from the rear and great reach in front and completely harmonious.

G2 Leonberger.

G3 Newfoundland. Good overall balance and covered ground well, turned

out immaculately.

G4 Canadian Eskimo Dog. Still immature but very promising, good overall

balance, moved with fluidity, nice easy gait and again turned out immaculately.


PG1 Rottweiler. Absolutely adored this puppy, it was stand away for me, good

bone, drive on the move and just an overall picture of what I think a Rottweiler

should be.

PG2 Great Dane. Still very immature but full of promise, great bone, an air of

‘dash and dare’ and nobility.

PG3 Newfoundland. With good overall balance and again fluidity on the move

but very much a puppy action but as the Great Dane was typical for a large


PG4 BMD. Nice overall balance, good muscle, still coming together in front

which you would expect from a puppy but overall a very pleasing group.