• Show Date: 02/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Routledge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/10/2023

Cartmel Agricultural Society

Cartmel Agricultural Society (Dog Section)

August 2nd, 2023

Many thanks to David Howarth and the committee for the wonderful invitation to judge the Working, Pastoral Groups, along with BIS, BPIS, BVIS and associated stakes classes. I also applaud the exhibitors for turning out on such an abysmal day. We can do many things to put on a great show but when outdoors we can not uphold to what the lovely British summertime is going to throw at us and this was one of them days!

Best In Show – Kents, Lyfearon Off with Her Head (Siberian Husky) 2 ½ year old bitch and absolutely deserving of the top honour today. Truly feminine in profile with a well chiselled head, well placed ears and such a wonderful expression. Well-muscled front and well-placed shoulders. Good strong topline with sufficient ribbing and well-defined hindquarters. The movement was completely effortless with her young handler and viewed in profile she gave a good ground covering action. I must comment on the young handler who was so calm with his exhibit the whole time they were in the ring together and they both must have an excellent future in our hobby. Many congratulations.

Reserve Best in Show – Roulstons, Ivyjewel Dare to Dream (Boston Terrier). 14-month-old male who pushed for top honours today. Solid masculine head not overdone, dark well-placed eyes and keen expression. Well-muscled neck, pleasing front well boned on good strong legs. Well sprung ribs and strong rear which was displayed on the move, displaying fluent and easy action coming and going. Very well handled and presented in good condition.

Best Puppy In Show – Holmes & Lusty, Blamorder Makers Mark (Smooth Collie). 9-month-old bitch, for me such an exquisite head piece, well placed ears giving such a sweet expression. Dark almond shaped eye. Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders. Really good leg length and tight feet. Good strong topline even at this young age and well-defined hindquarters, second thigh still developing. Overall, very well-balanced displaying good movement that was clean and a good stride in side profile. Surely a promising future.

Reserve Best in Show – Hartley & Fahey, Sticmaze Slapstick with Zoomera (Miniature Pinscher). 12-month-old bitch, another exhibit displaying a good head and expression with ears well placed and dark eye. Strong in forechest, well bodied with a good spring of rib and adequate sloping topline, tail also well placed and carried correctly. Correct moving action.

Best Veteran In Show – Grahams, Sh Ch Taimeres Twister Round Nyliram JW ShCM VW (Welsh Springer Spaniel) 8 ½ male with a sufficient masculine head totally belying his age. Well placed ears, dark eye. A good depth of chest on good legs well boned and tight feet. He was well in body with spring of ribs. Defined hindquarters well-muscled with sufficient turn of stifle. Moved very well and was sound in all direction. Well deserved on the day congratulations

Reserve Best Veteran in Show – Schuckardt, Timizantis Peppermint at Frenchlands JW ShCM ShCEx. (Lhasa Apso) 8-Year-old male. In wonderful coat and condition, with a masculine head, good front, good strong topline and well ribbed to muscular hindquarters. Overall, very well balanced. Moved out with purpose and deserved to be in the honours today.

Working Group

Boxer Junior (1)

1st – Robinsons, Ulverbox Magic and Mayhem. 15-month male of a good type with a lovely head and expression. Good depth of chest, straight legs and strong of bone with good tight feet. Well bodied with sufficient spring of ribs, good strong rear quarters that were used on the move with a good driving action. Stood alone today but well deserving BOB and Adult Group 3

Boxer Post Graduate No Entries

Boxer Open No Entries

Doberman Junior (1)

1st Kent & Sutton, Korifey Reckless. 8-month-old male, a very promising youngster, well made in profile, correct blunt wedge-shaped head and planes, dark almond shaped eyes, good length of neck, strong and muscular leading to excellent shoulder placement, front still developing at this young age, good body with good top line and slightly sloping. In muscular condition and moves round the ring with ease. Very well handled by his young handler and again surely another with a promising future. Pleased to award BOB, BPIB and Puppy Group 2

Doberman Post Graduate (1A)


Doberman Open (1)

1st Rimmers, Amazon Touch The Breeze In Millwood. 6-year-old bitch gives a pleasing feminine head though personally I would like more underjaw. Good strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Strong topline and correct rear angulation. Overall, a compact body and moved soundly coming and going, with a steady side gait in profile.

Alaskan Malamute Junior No Entries

Alaskan Malamute Post Graduate (1)

1st Pullin & Mountstephens, Whitewalkers Winters Gold. 20-month bitch of very good type and very stylish, though today she was just lacking in coat and furnishings to complete the picture. Lovely head of good type with sufficient width, well placed ears, and dark eye. Strong arched neck. Really good for bone and super angulation, which you can see in the way she stands and moves which displayed strength and purpose and looked like she could work all day. Though lacking for coat today this did not stop her being awarded BOB and Adult Group 2.

Alaskan Malamute Open (1)

1st Pullin & Mountstephens, Snowshoes Made With Love To Whitewalker. 3-year-old bitch of good size yet retaining femineity. Lovely head and expression, good front with depth of chest. Well boned, strong in body well ribbed and sufficient length in the loin. Movement was powerful and tail carried correctly.

Newfoundland Puppy (2)

1st Blackburns, Disaranto A Perfect Match (Imp Pol) 11-month-old male, with a masculine head, good dark eye, and well-set small ears. Well angled front with depth of chest and sufficient rear angulation which was well developed. Level top line, with spring of rib. Correct webbed feet. Movement was sound coming and going and excelled in profile. Very well handled and pleased to award BOB, BPIB, Adult Group 4 and Puppy Group 1. Congratulations.

2nd Milburns, Dawstenbears Rumour Has It, 11-month-old male of similar qualities to my winner today. Strong in head with dark eye. Good depth of chest, well boned, strong topline and sufficient hindquarters. Movement was good but not the action in profile as my winner today.

Newfoundland Junior No Entries

Newfoundland Post Graduate No Entries

Newfoundland Open (1)


AVNSC Working Puppy (2, 1A)

1st Morans, Airbrean Killer Queen (Dogue De Bordeaux). 10-month-old bitch, pleasing head, with gentle expression and plenty of width. Strong neck into well placed shoulders and strong for bone. Good strong body and overall, well for size. Movement was okay but there were times when she was pacing. Presented in good condition today and Best AVNSC Working Puppy and Puppy Group 3

AVNSC Working Junior No Entries

AVNSC Working Post Graduate (5, 3A)

1st Parks, Kjalarnes Go the Distance (Leonberger). 3-year-old bitch, good head but not overdone. Dark eyes with well developed cheeks. Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulder, topline firm. Pasterns could be tighter. Moved true coming and going.

2nd Morans, Airbrean All That I Know (Dogue De Bordeaux). 21-month-old bitch. Good head and expression and very well balanced throughout. Pleasing bone and feet and shown in good condition. Moved well in all directions.

AVNSC Working Open (2)

1st Kents, Lyfearon Off With Her Head (Siberian Husky) See Best in Show critique.

2nd Morans, Airbrean Kenzo (Dogue De Bordeaux). 21-month-old male. With a Good head, slightly domed and pleasing expression. Well-developed forechest, strong muscular neck and well bodied with a good spring of rib. Well of muscle in rear angulation but today this was not shown in his movement which was slightly lethargic.

Working Group

1st Siberian Husky, 2nd Alaskan Malamute, 3rd Boxer, 4th Newfoundland

Working Puppy Group

1st Newfoundland, 2nd Doberman, 3rd Dogue De Bordeaux

A V Working Puppy (2 1A)

1st Morans, Airbrean Killer Queen (Dogue De Bordeaux) See AVNSC Working Puppy Critique

A V Working Veteran (1)

1st Parks, Brival Medusa (Newfoundland). 10-year-old bitch, I must applaud the exhibitor for showing this large breed at this age. Well balanced, good head, eye and ear set, strong neck into well placed shoulders, good straight legs well boned, well-built hind quarters, webbed feet and moved well.

Pastoral Group

A V Import Register – No Entries

Border Collie Junior (1)

1st Blighs, Borderbrook Princess Raya, 10-month-old bitch. Stood alone but so full of quality. Feminine head and expression with the correct proportions. Moderate front that is developing nicely. Good body length and topline with a short loin. Good rear angulation that was used well on the move and was sound coming and going for such a youngster. Tail also carried well. BOB, BPIB, Adult Group 4 and Puppy Group 2.

Border Collie Post Graduate – No Entries

Border Collie Open – No Entries

Rough Collie Puppy – No Entries

Rough Collie Junior (1)

1st Holmes & Lusty, Blamorder Gold Plated. 14-month-old male, A very well-presented exhibit. Expressive head with good wedge shape, ears well placed and dark eye. Good neck length, well placed shoulders and developing front. Strong topline with sufficient rise well ribbed and bodied with good coat that was fitting nicely. Movement was good and smooth when viewed in profile.

Rough Collie Post Graduate (2)


Rough Collie Open (3 1A)

1st Blucks, Phreelancer Chill Phactor For Elshajo. 4-year-old blue merle who I have judged previously as a youngster, and he still doesn’t disappoint. He’s a quality dog, masculine head that is very expressive with well-placed ears used correctly. Dark almond shaped eye, well arched and strong muscular neck, well-muscled front, and good depth of chest. He’s well of body with good spring of ribs. His rear angulation was also well muscled, correct turn of stifle. His movement was typical of the breed with his driving action from behind and ground covering when viewed in profile. Presented in wonderful condition and handled well, I had no hesitation to award him a well-deserved BOB and Adult Group 1.

2nd Savage, Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus Jun Ch. 5 ½ year old male. Correct wedge-shaped head, ears well placed giving a good expression. Well arched neck, with adequate front and lay of shoulder. Good topline with slight rise and sufficient rear angulation, hocks well let down. Moved sound when viewed in all directions.

German Shepherd Puppy, Junior, Post Graduate – No Entries

German Shepherd Open (1A)


Pyrenean Mountain Dog Junior (2 1A)

1st Holmes & McBain, Polar Light Pride of America (Imp USA). 7-month-old bitch, and quite a promising puppy. Pleasing head with good expression and wonderful pigment. Very good front angulation, straight legs, good feet and solid for bone but not overdone in anyway. Well for body into a strong rear angulation, very good coat, and texture. If any criticism today she was slightly bum high, but this is development for this promising puppy. Moved very well and tail carried correctly.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Post Graduate (2 1A)

1st Holmes & McBain, Polar Light Pride of America (Imp USA) See Junior Critique

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Open (3 1A)

1st Bowkers, Febus Anapeou JW. 21-month-old bitch, quality exhibit with a real attractive feminine head with a pleasing expression, almond shaped eye, and well-placed neat ears. Presented in wonderful coat today, strong muscular front, well boned legs with neat feet, strong neck well-muscled. Good back length and well ribbed, this came with a well-muscled rear, moderate stifle, which was displayed when moving that was so good to watch and sound. She covered the ground well. No hesitation to award BOB and Adult Group 2, and shame to meet the wonderful Rough Collie today.

2nd Holmes, Lisjova Sign of The Times, 3-year-old bitch. Feminine with a pleasing head piece though would prefer a darker eye, ears were well placed. Well for body that was strong and well-muscled. Good bone and neat feet and correct tail carriage. She displayed soundness on the move, though for me today I just felt that the winner had more ground covering action viewed in profile.

Samoyed Junior (1)


Samoyed Post Graduate (2 1A)

1st Helms, Annecy Dream of Reality, 3 ½ year old bitch. Pretty feminine bitch with a good head and expression, well developed front, and chest, though I would just prefer more length of leg. In very good coat and well developed through the body and in good muscular condition. Moved soundly in all directions.

Samoyed Open (2 1A)

1st Knipes, Taronakits Kall Me Kaylee at Xenora ShCM. 8 ½ year old bitch, still hold her own at this age. Excellent head with a good dark eye, and ears being well placed. Muscular neck into a good front with a sufficient lay of shoulder. Good body type with spring of rib and muscular hindquarters Very sound in all directions and pleasing to watch in profile. Pleased to award BOB.

Shetland Sheepdog Puppy No Entries

Shetland Sheepdog Junior (1)

1st Savages, Shellamoyd Midnight Max at Savataurus. 15-month-old male, a lovely youngster with good overall proportions. Good wedge-shaped head with a gentle and kind expression with his well-placed ears. Sufficient length of neck and nicely angulated front. Good for body and spring of ribs with sufficient rise to developing hindquarters. Good double coat and with the correct texture. The movement was good to watch which was sound and good ground covering action which appeared so easy. Tail was carried well, on movement alone I had no hesitation to award him BOB.

Shetland Sheepdog Post Graduate (5 4A)

1st Savages, Shellamoyd Midnight Max at Savataurus See Junior Critique

Shetland Sheepdog Open (4 3A)

1st Savages, Willowthorn Kobalt Star by Savataurus JW Jun Ch. 7-year-old Male with a good head shape, dark eye and well-placed ears giving a good expression. Sufficient front with depth of chest. Good level topline with sufficient ribbing. Moving well though not the ground covering action of his younger kennel mate today.

AVNSC Pastoral Puppy (2)

1st Holmes & Lusty, Blamorder Makers Mark (Smooth Collie) See Best Puppy in Show Critique.

2nd Leavesley, Lizoni Lone Ranger (Smooth Collie). 7-month-old male, masculine head, dark eyes, and well-placed ears. Good neck length, good front angulation and depth of chest. Well boned legs of good length. Level topline and pleasing rear angulation that was well muscled. Today movement was not as sound as the winner, but this youngster will develop over time.

AVNSC Pastoral Junior (1A)


AVNSC Pastoral Post Graduate (1)

1st Buick & Timperon, Triforce Bright (Australian Shepherd). 2-year-old bitch, with a very pretty and expressive head with dark almond shaped eye and well-placed ears. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Good bone and tight feet. Level topline with sufficient body into well-developed rear angulation that was well muscled. Her movement was very good in all directions. Overall, she was presented in good coat and condition though for me I would just prefer a little more leg length to give her that perfect balance overall. Was pleased to award her Best AVNSC Pastoral and Adult Group 3.

AVNSC Pastoral Open (4 3A)

1st Laybourne & Johnson, Mellowdee Paws in Thyme in Dominoesdale JW. 5 ½ year old male, I have judged this dog previously much of the same applies. A good masculine head with very good pigment. Well-muscled front with a good depth of chest. Good shoulder placement, plenty of bone with and leg length. Well bodied with ribbing and well-muscled hindquarters. Moved very well in difficult conditions today with plenty of drive.

Pastoral Group

1st Rough Collie

2nd Pyrenean Mountain Dog

3rd Australian Shepherd

4th Border Collie

Pastoral Puppy Group

1st Smooth Collie

2nd Border Collie

3rd Pyrenean Mountain Dog

AV Junior Stakes (24 17A)

1st Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell, Springfern Wild Thing at Crosscop (Whippet) 12-month-old dog and full of quality. Very well built with an excellent head, good neck length, well placed shoulders, and good depth of chest. Excellent in body with pleasing topline and defined tuck up. Rear angulation was well muscled with strong second thigh. His movement clearly won him the class today in moving soundly and far reaching in profile.

2nd Fearnhead, Settlebeck Royal Flush (Airedale Terrier). 14-month-old male. Well presented with a good head and keen expression. Dark eye and well-placed ears. Good front, strong in body with a good spring of ribs. Hindquarters were well developed with a good turn of stifle. Another that displayed purpose in his movement with good stride length and soundness.

3rd Robertshaw, Akenscales Beau Baron (Golden Retriever)

4th Bacon, Timbric Doris Day (Cocker Spaniel)

AV Post Graduate Stakes (20 12A)

1st Smiths, Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse (Labrador Retriever). 12-month-old bitch, feminine head giving a kind expression. Well of bone with good front and depth of chest. Level topline with strong body, spring of rib and well-developed hindquarters. Presented in very good coat and moved out very well with correct tail carriage.

2nd Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell, Crosscop If I Can Dream (Whippet). 16-month-old male. Good head and neck length. Good front, with width. Pleasing body with depth of brisket and spring of rib. Moderate hindquarters. He was very sound and true on the move.

3rd Newtons, Cotterspot Nidderdale Lady of Chizzmic (Dalmatian)

4th Fazenfield & Smith, Konisbracci Pavey Ark (Bracco Italiano)

Av Open Stakes (29 17A)

1st Fittons, Nosregor Cassiopeia at Shelayne (German Spitz Mittel). 2-year-old bitch, with a most charming head and expression, with well placed ears and correct eye shape. Well developed front, well for body and a level topline. Presented in good coat with correct texture with movement being very sound and fluent.

2nd Gordons, Hawkfield Audacity JW (Pointer). 6-year-old male, well-proportioned head, correct eye. Good length of neck well-muscled. Depth of chest with level topline. Well developed hindquarters. Moved withdrive and purpose. Presented in wonderful condition.

3rd Morris, Waddell, Mitchell & Irving, Crosscop My Boy (Whippet)

4th Cuncliffe, IR SH CH Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf CJW18 CW18 (English Springer Spaniel)

Judge Mr Paul McClure