• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Richardson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

Firstly, i would like to take this opportunity to Thank the Officers and The Committee for their invitation to judge at this society and you the exhibitors for your entries. Thank you also to my able Stewards for the day. The atmosphere was good and the sun shining.


JUNIOR. 5 & 1AB.

1st. Sawyer's Danluke Do Ya Think I'm Sexy At Bumpkiss. A Balanced Male with head of good proportions, Nice length of neck, deep chest and good tuck up. Enough rear angles and one who moved well. BP.

2nd. Price's Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance. Head of good length, Oval eye giving correct expression, Neck muscular and of good length, Well balanced and moved well.

3rd. Southwick's Woolford Douglas

Res. Knowles's Kuriwao Rocco.

P/GRAD. 3 & 1AB

1st. Bunney's Bunehug Let It Be Me. Lovely Head, nice eye and correct dentition, Tidy front with ample width and deep depth of brisket, Well sprung ribs, A well-muscled rear with broad hindquarters and good on the move.

2nd. Seviour's Evaluna Leave Your Hat On With Kawsring. Lovely outline when standing, Lean head, correct bite, nice in front, Arch over loin with a firm rear, Just preferred (1) on the move.

OPEN. 5 &1AB

1st. Shepherd's Kindaruka It's Showtime At Oxana JW. Balanced head of good length and not overdone, Correct dentition, ample length of neck and plenty of bone and substance throughout, A well-muscled rear and one who covers the ground very well. BOB.

2nd. Boggia's Falconcrag One For The Team At Boughton. Pleasing bitch with feminine head of good proportions, Nice length of neck into good shoulders, Neat front of good width and depth throughout, Noved well.

3rd. Nunneley's Kelsmonk Kind Of Magic.

Res. Bunney's Bunehug So Be It.



1st. Edlin's Graygees Tsarine. Nice clean feminine head, Good eye, Neck of ample length and neat in front, ample depth of brisket and plenty of substance throughout, Firm muscle tone and moved out very well.


1st. SH CH Quintana Diamond Dust At Friarsbelle JW. A very well put together male. Best of heads, correct leathers, good eye and correct dentition. Moderate length of neck into well placed shoulders, Well off for bone and good feet. Ample depth of brisket with good top line and tailset and a well-muscled rear. A dog what is fit for purpose and one who is certainly capable of doing the job he was bred for. BOB. GP1.


PUPPY. 7 & 3AB.

1st. Weller's Sabisabi Appache Tonka At Geenawell. ( American cocker ) Lovely Head with good stop, nice round eye, nice length of neck and good depth of body. A well put together youngster progressing very well. BP.

2nd. Swann's Zoltarous Wasabi For Dhalascar. ( W/Haired Vizsla ) A young male in good fettle, Broad head, strong jaw with a good bite. Moderate length of neck and good shoulder placement, Topline level with good rear angles moves well.

3rd. Searle's Cravessa's Bottoms Up

Res. William's Longrow Love Is The Drug.

P/GRAD 4 & 3AB

1st. Latheron's Fynder Reacher. ( IWS ) Well-built male. Head of good shape, keen eye with good leathers and expression. Muscular neck into good shoulders. Level top line and well sprung ribs, In good coat of fine texture, very sound on the move both fore and aft.

OPEN. 1 & 1AB.

1st. Boorman's Tessmene Talk Of The Town. ( C/Ret ) Good in profile and did not disappoint hands on. Wedge shaped head with good eye, small ears and good bite. Muscular neck and well laid-back shoulders, Straight in front with good depth of brisket, plenty substance, Muscular hindquarters, in good coat and moves with ease. B.A.V.N.S.C.


PUPPY 10 & 5AB

1st. Walker's Dexbenella Its Only Me ( ESS ) A young male progressing well, Nice enough head, almond shaped eye, strong jaw and good bite, Straight in front and well off for bone, plenty substance throughout the body with a well-developed rear, A true moving youngster.

2nd. Bowen's Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine. ( FC/Ret ) Another nice youngster, Head of good length, medium sized eye, neck of good length into well placed shoulders. Good front, ample width and depth, Firm body and top line, good muscletone and a nice moving dog.

3rd. Allen's Timouran's Olimpio ( Lab )

Res. Green's Fenpinque Pumpkin Charm.


1st. Black's Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrian. ( G/Ret ) A well headed dog with good front, plenty of bone and good feet. Nice width and depth, Level top line, good spring of ribs, Firm muscle tone and second thigh, a well moving male with good driving action.

2nd. Taylor's Kistner's Black Lord Wildest Dreams At Frieljoanipa ( IMP HRV ) ( Cocker )A pleasing bitch nice head. Dark eye and good stop with correct bite. Neck of moderate length into well placed shoulders. A good depth of brisket, well ribbed, a solid rear and a true moving bitch.

3rd. Allen's Timouron's Olimpio.

Res. Robert's Kananask's Black Bryony ( Pointer )

P/GRAD. 10 & 4AB.

1st. Latheron's Fynder Reacher.

2nd. Dunsdon's Seaspring Winds Of Change. ( ESS ). Decent head of medium size, Nice eye, bite and ears of ample length. Good length of neck and well laid-back shoulders. Enough depth of brisket and a good spring of ribs. A well angulated firm rear and parallel on the move.

3rd. Proctor's Petranella Perfick Bliss ( ESS )

Res. Barham's Droveborough's Mocha Mayhem ( Pointer ).

OPEN 4 & 3AB

1st. Dunsdon's Kingsheath Mayday At Seaspring (ESS ). A very nice bitch and a picture standing. Compact and in proportion, Nice head, front and not overdone, Good top line and tail set, well ribbed with a firm rear a bitch what moves covering the ground well. B AV.


1st. Bavin & Austin's Rojoys Chase The Dream. ( Cocker ) A bitch of 8 years and an easy class winner for me. Quality right through, Everything in proportion and one of the best movers on the day. BV

2nd. Barnham's Kenwardgold Minnie Me VW. ( Pointer ) Another bitch of 8 years and of good quality, Good head, well bodied and sound on the move.

3rd. Welch's IR SH CH Oxford Acres Trinity By Hookwood JW ShCM.

Res. Dunsdon's Seaspring Beclamed ( ESS )


GP1. Dymond's SH CH Quintana Diamond Dust At Friarsbelle JW

GP2. Tagg's OiYou Double Espresso ( F/C ) Nice bitch, good in head, Dark eye and good stop, Strong neck and well-placed shoulders, Level top line with a well angulated firm rear, A bitch who covers plenty of ground on the move.

GP3. Metcalfe's Baileydale Paint It Black. ( Lab )

GP4. Pound's - Longhurst's Missburn Galloping Major JW ( G/Ret )


PG1. Metclafe's Baileydale Paint It Black ( Lab ) A 6 month's old Black Male of great quality. Lots to like about him. Beautiful head, Good eye andCorrect dentition. Strong neck into well placed shoulders, good width of front and ample depth of brisket. Good spring of ribs, level top line and good rear angles, a very nice moving youngster with i am sure a promising future. Well done.

PG2. Weller's Sabisabi Appache Tonka At Geenawell

PG3. Bowen's Clandrift Mring Me Sunchine.

PG4 Walker's Dexbenella Its Only Me



1st. Ruffle's Holbam's Midsummer Knight At Ruffmar. ( Irish Terr ) A typy Young male, Decent head, Correct eye and good bite. In good coat, good depth throughout, Needs Time. BP.


1st. Hughlock's Keevasdream Ballerina Blue ( SCWT ) Feminine youngster compact and balanced. Nice in head, Good front, Plenty of bone and substance, level top line and good rear, Moves well.


1st Kettle's Foxindean Radio GaGa. ( SFT ) Nice size, neat narrow head, correct eye, straight in front, Nice reach of neck and well-placed shoulders with good body, Tidy rear and moved well

2nd. Coe's Kimmi A Coestar ( Cairn ) Head of decent quality and in good coat and good texture. Tidy bitch with a neat front assembly, good top line and good rear angulation Moved okay.

3rd. Zanelli's Silverkinn Sparkle Of Hope Del Tintalora ( Bedlington )

Res. Goldfinch's Kanawha Never Say Never ( Cairn )

OPEN 6 @ 1AB

1st. Greenwood's Petmon Royal Gift. ( Scottish Terr ) 2 years bitch, well presented and in good coat. Nice head, good eye and well-set ears. Well off for bone, substance and well-muscled, Low to the ground and moved well. B.A.V.N.S.C..

2nd. Zanelli's Agnellino Midnight Runner Del Tintalora ( Bedlington ) A well-presented male in good coat, Nice in head, good bite and enough bone and substance throughout. A well angulated firm rear and one who moves well.

3rd. Kettle's Foxindean Future Legend ( SFT )

Res. Goldfinch's Ch Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha



1st. Brewster & Green's Stowthorney These Days. Good headed youngster of good proportions, Straight in front with ample depth of brisket and substance. In good coat, correct pelt and easily spannable, Carrot shaped tail, good top line and well angulated firm rear, A true moving youngster with a positive future. Well Done. BOB & BP

2nd Feeney's Starmix Candy. Nice enough puppy, Decent head, eye, ears and bite. Good substance moves okay both fore and aft.

3rd. Nettle's Onziemehurst Milly Earhart

Res. Webb's Torryburn Blue Moon.

P/GRAD. 4 & 1AB

1st. Brewster & Green's Stowthorney Best Of You. Litter brother to my previous class winner, Similar in virtues and typy, My preference was the movement of his little sister.

2nd. Nettle's Ceilloch Griffin At Onziemehurst. Nice enough young bitch, In good coat, well off for substance, However i would like a little more ground covering on the move.

3rd. Aldis's Torryburn Fidelity.

OPEN 3 & 2AB

1st. Brewster & Green's Duke Of York Fiery Lucifer To Stowthorney. ( IMP CZE ) A typy male, good head, dark eye, good dentition, Good length of neck into well placed shoulders, Correct top line and tailset, easily spannable, good feet and in good coat, Moved well.



1st. Nash's Earthtaw Owain The Celt. Pleasing head and expression, dark eye, good length of neck, tidy in front with enough depth of brisket. Nice spring of ribs, firm over the loin with a good rear, moves well. BOB

2nd. Nash's Silverlily Of House Nash. Same kennel as 1. Pleasing dog, nice head, good reach of neck with a good jacket. enough bone and substance throughout, preferred the movement of 1.


1st. Walker's Watercroft Golden Spice. Lovely in profile, feminine head, Nice dark eye, good length of neck into good shoulders, good depth, ribs well sprung, firm rear and moves well.



JEWEL OF THE DEEP. Very nice in profile, Lovely head, good neck into well placed shoulders, ample bone and substance throughout the body, disappointed on the move, parallel moving away and wide coming back to me. BOB.


1st. Nash's Ralph of House Nash. ShCEx VW. ( Norfolk Terr ) 8 Years, small and compact, Good jacket, Nice in head, good eye and expression. Strong neck and tidy front, level top line and moved well. BV.

2nd. Nolcini's Holbam Celtic Kate ShCM VW. 11 Years of age. Neat head, correct eye, good neck with well-placed shoulders and good feet. Well off for body and a firm rear. Moves well.

3rd. Holbam Celtic Whisper. JW ShCM


GP1. Greenwood's Petmon Royal Gift JW ( Scottish Terr )

GP2. Shipp's Delacour Sweetest Taboo For Idyllicstaff. A very nice young bitch. Full of vim and vigour. Lovely head, good eye, powerful jaw and good bite. Well off for bone and substance throughout. In good coat A free moving bitch who excels on the move. Well Done. ( SBT )

GP3 Brewster & Greens Stowthorney These Days ( Border )

GP4 Harper's Olympusbulys Maia. ( Mini Bull )


PG1. Haynes's Ragus Taking Steps With Alantra. A well put together young male, Good head and eye, good neck and tidy in front, in good coat, well bodied and moved well. ( Norwich )

PG2. Brewster & Green's Stowthorney These Days. ( Border )

PG3. Jones's Kaszavolgyi-Furge Milton NAF ( JRT )

PG4 Ruffles and Holbam's Midsummer Knight At Ruffmar. ( Irish )


1st. Hazeltine - Razzell - Drake & Welch's Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past For Corotine. ( Pointer ) Great typy head, Nice straight front with good top line and tail set, good rear angles good mover both fore and aft.

2nd. Marsden's Finity Run The Gauntlet. ( PAP ) Nice head, dark eye correct ears and fringe, medium length of neck into good shoulders. Good top line and well sprung ribs, In good coat and texture a sound moving dog.

3rd. Neasby's Hawksflight Island Fox On Ulani. ( Min Pin )

Res. Bowen's Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine ( FC Ret )


1st. Greenwood's Petmon Royal Gift ( Scottish Terr )

2nd. Whitton's Hoggatty Bonafide ( Beagle ) Pleasing head, Nice long ears, strong jaw with good dentition. Good length of neck into well laid-back shoulders, Level top line with good tail set. Tidy front, nice deep brisket with good angles to the rear, a sound mover.

3rd. Bowden's Subessen Heart Of Rome ( RE IMP ) ( Bearded Collie )

Res. Taylor's Trageedas One Night Only ( Dachs )


1st. Sutton's Kindeace Texas Tornado At Damai ( LH/Dachs ) Good in profile, Nice length of head, almond shaped eye, long neck and good shoulders. a well muscled firm rear, ample depth a very well moving dog showing plenty of drive.

2nd. Whitton's Jalhar New Lease Of Life With Hoggatty. ( Beagle )Neat and tidy, Good head piece, strong jaw, ample body and substance throughout, nice, angulated rear moved out well

3rd. Goppel - Louw's CH/DK/VDH/LUX/CIB/B CH Royal Garmonia NJK ( Mini Bull )

Res. Latcheron's Fynder Reacher. ( IWS ).