• Show Date: 26/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Richardson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/01/2024

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association

Firstly i would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and the committee for their invitation to judge at this show. Some quality exhibits some placed others not on the day. I was pleased to see 2 of the dogs i sent forward to other groups go on to take 2 of the top awards. Well Done. Thank you also to the exhibitors for entering their dogs.



1st. Fazenfield & Smith's - Owlspoint Askin For Trouble. A youngster just coming to the end of his puppy career, He is up to size but profile and balance is correct, He has a nice head, Good eye and expression, plenty of bone and good depth, He has a correct top line with a good angulated firm rear, He moved parallel both fore and aft. BP

2nd. Szulzycka's - Braccorion's All Or Nothing. A nice enough youngster but giving a little away on the day to class winner, Progressing nicely and maturing well, His movement will tighten up with age.

3rd. Steel's Piccorino Per Placere To Juhua.

Res. Worgan's Piccorino Peperoncina.


1st. Fazenfield & Smith's - Owlspoint Askin For Trouble

2nd. Bond's - Teverlarni Keep The Faith. Lean head and of good proportions, Nice length of neck into good shoulder placement, Straight in front with ample depth and substance throughout, Correct top line and rear on the day he moved well.

3rd. Smith's - Teverlarni Secret Dreams.

Res. Steel's Braccorion's Xpelliarmus To Juhua.

OPEN 6 & 1AB

1st. Bell & Maddox's - Whitgun Renegade Master At Owlspoint. He has the best of heads with everything in proportion a nice big eye. soft expression and good leathers. Correct length of neck and his shoulders well placed. He is well off for bone and substance throughout his body, He has a masculine rear with good muscle tone, He is very sound on the move. BOB.

2nd. Smith's - Teverlarni Stick To Ya Guns. Another pleasing male to judge. He is balanced with a nice head, a good length of neck, Straight in front which is of good width. Ample depth of brisket, a nice well angulated rear, and one who moves with drive covering the ground well.

3rd. Steel's Sazmallin Beijing Boy To Juhua.

Res. Angus's Braccorion's Ruddy Gorgeous.

VHC. Bond's Teverlarni Cama Da Rosas.



1st. Adams - Tequesta Poldark. 8 month's male, A typy youngster who oozes quality, Correct head of nice proportions, Medium sized eye with good dentition, Muscular neck into sloping shoulders, He is straight in front with a good depth of chest, and a good spring of ribs, His is firm over his loin and of good width and a nice strong rear, He is very sound on the move and he covers the ground with ease. BP, I was pleased to see him go on and take BPIS.

2nd. Rymer's Sarscottah Easy Ryder at Rollenwood. Nice enough in head, with a good neck, good for depth with a decent top line and rear. He let himself down on the day with his movement, sending him away he moves quite wide.


1st. Adams - Tequesta Poldark

2nd. Schonville's - Orchidstar Themisto By Balvenie. Good for type, Nice head, Slight arch to a masculine neck, Front straight and of good width, Enough depth, Nice tuck up, A firm rear with well muscled thigh's A positive moving male.

3rd. Rymer's - Sarscottah Easy Ryder at Rollenwood


1st. Schonville's - Orchidstar Themisto By Balvenie

2nd. Russell's - Fraulynzway Haley's Comet. Top size but neat head, tidy front, good bone and depth of brisket. Correct top line with a good rear, Moved parallel both for and aft.

3rd. Yarwood's - Rhosynglas bootes Of Komikhund

OPEN 7 & 3AB

1st. Schonville's - Balvenie Double Diamond JW. A lovely solid male, well off for bone and substance throughout the body. Ample muscle tone to a well angulated rear, He moves with drive covering the ground well. BOB.

2nd. Taylor & Taylor-Morris's - Pelenrise All Guns Blazing JW. Another tidy male, Not quite the muscle as one but has some nice virtues. Proportionate head and a good neck, Neat front, compact feet, well ribbed and firm over the loin, firm muscle tone and very sound on the move.

3rd. Russell's - Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt JW.



1st. Bell & Maddox's - Brent Deville's Advocate At Owlspoint (AI) This is a very nice young male, well off for bone and substance, good for depth, and very sound on the move for a youngster, will watch his progress. BP

2nd. Astbury's - Raigmore Leap Of Faith To Dorbury. Another youngster off good type, Pleasing head, nice in front, ample depth and correct rear angles, at that in between stage at the moment and just preferred the movement on 1.


1st Gordon's - Hawkfield Witch Doctor. A Well balanced young male, very nice in head, Tidy front of good width and depth and a good spring of ribs. Nice rear angles and moves well.

2nd. Bell & Maddox's - Brent Deville's Advocate At Owlspoint

3rd. Astbury's - Raigmore Leap Of Faith To Dorbury.


1st. Collin's - Collholme Angelique, Loved her head, eye and expression, Nice neck and good shoulders, Plenty of body and substance with a good spring of ribs, A sound mover who covers the ground well.

2nd. Gordon's - Hawkfield Black Swan. Feminine bitch, Neat head, but i would prefer her with a little more body and substance all round.

OPEN 4& 1AB.

1st. Weaver's - Dappleline Chance For Anniezu. A good headed masculine male, Strong neck and tidy front, Plenty of bone and substance with good feet, A nice depth with a good spring of ribs, Firm over the loin with nice rear angles and good muscle tone, He moves very well both fore and aft. BOB

2nd. Collin's - Collholme Balthasar, Another classy male who has a typy head, Strong neck, Good width across his front and enough depth. Well bodied with a good topline and tail set nice rear angles and good feet. A sound mover.

3rd. Gordon's - Hawkfield Happy.



1st. Dummett's - Nova Story Boogie Woogie ( IMP MNE ) NAF TAF Pleasing head, Nice neck and shoulders with good front, Lovely body and substance throughout, Well ribbed with a firm rear and one who moves very well. BP

2nd. Clay's Jenrene's Hot Chocolate At Cutiepooch. A feminine young bitch with a good head, nice eye, correct dentition and expression. Still at that in between stage with her coat and needs time.

3rd D Clay's - Jaclee Limelight


1st. Clay's - Cutiepooch Time To Tri, A youngster who was a little temperamental on the day. A nice enough bitch but the noise i feel got the better of her on the day.


1st. Fryer's - SH CH Fonesse Dirty Dancing At Carolco. This male was shown in tip top condition and not a hair out of place, Lovely head, Clean strong neck into good shoulders, Ample depth, Body and substance throughout, A good spring of ribs and a firm rear, A pleasure to judge. BOB.



1st. Perfitt's - Samjoe Shadowhunter. A well put together male who scores in head, nice eye, good ears and correct dentition, He has a tidy front and is in good coat, he has enough rear angles and is a positive mover. BOB


1st. Perfitt's - Samjoe From Russia With Love JW. Nice head of good proportions, Moderate length of neck into sloping shoulders, Moved and covered the ground well.



1st. Metcalf - Sault's - Cannwood Can't Get Enough, Nice type with good head, In good coat, well proportioned and moved parallel both fore and aft.


1st. Metcalf - Saults - Cannwood Quiet Reflections, Lovely head, nice dark eye, Good neck and well placed shoulders, Decent body and in good coat, One who is very sound on the move. BOB.



1st. Brookes - Zetamaz May Be. A pretty bitch with a head of good shape, clean neck and of good length, Tidy straight front and nice bone, Nice deep chest and top line. Firm rear and moves well.


1st. Brookes - CH Zetamaz I'm your man. A male worthy of his title, Balanced wedge shaped head, Muscular neck into well placed shoulders, Front is straight and a nice width, he has plenty of depth, his top line is correct and held well on the move, A very nice mover and a pleasure to judge. BOB & GP1



1st. Broome's Evingbriar War Of The Roses. A nice youngster with a head of good length, Neat ears. dark eye and correct dentition. Strong neck and neat in front, depth and substance is coming needs time. BP


1st. Broome's Evingbriar Scotch Thistle. Another pleasing girl, Nice in head, she has a dark eye and keen expression. Neck is strong and shoulders well placed. Good depth of brisket and well bodied and a good spring of ribs. plenty covering over her rear, muscular hindquarters and a positive mover.


1st. Broome's - Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar. A lot to like about this veteran, Quality right through, A feminine head of good length, neat ears, nice dark eye and well furnished. Strong neck and good shoulders, plenty of bone and substance throughout, a firm loin and strong hindquarters, shown in a full jacket of good texture and she moves parallel covering the ground with drive. BOB.



1st. Lines - Barrett & Barretts - Abiqua Wild In My Blue Jeans. 6 months of age, both novices, I believe the handlers first show, The puppy is progressing along the right lines, standing and in profile she looks very well, Nice head, good top line, well bodied and moved very well. Time is on her side. BP


1st. Tiley's - Brynhir Born To Boogie at Starzak. Pleasing head, Nice neck, good shoulders and well bodied. Top line is correct with a good rear, Moved well. BOB



1st. Szulzycka's - Newvoldemont Revenge. Feminine puppy with a good head, Nice ears, dark eye and a good bite. Firm neck and good front. Level topline, She is good for bone and substance and moved out okay. BP

2nd. Bradbury's - Fourastay Flower Power. Another nice puppy with a well proportionate head, Nice dark eye, neat ears, with good dentition. Straight front, harsh jacket and good rear, just preferred the movement on 1.

3rd. Vysniauskiene's - Nina Ricci Blatajat Cherryleague.


1st. Vysniauskiene's - Harvey Baltoji Aurora At Cherryleague. A well put together male with a bright future, Good in head, muscular neck and good shoulder placement. A tidy front with good depth and a compact body, Very sound mover.


1st. Szulzycka's Newvoldemont Just For Me. Head of good shape, correct ears, dark eye with good dentition. nice top line and firm over the loin. Turned out well and in good coat, A straight mover. BOB.


GP1. Brooke's Ch Zetamaz I'm Your Man JW

GP2. Broome's Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar.

GP3. Hanes Janmark Man In The Middle

GP4. Bradshaw's Holbam Midsummer Sprite ( AI )


PG1. Howard's Matrixstaffs Knight Star

PG2. Hanes Janmark The Name Of The Game

PG3. Broome's Evingbriar War Of The Roses.

PG4. Lines - Barretts & Barrett's Abiqua Wild In My Blue Jeans.


1st. Broome's Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar

2nd. Straughan & Cripps Talanors In For A Treat

3rd. Tilley's Janey Jimjams Jubilee Star At Starzak ShCM.