• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/10/2023

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society-October 15th 2023

Thank you to Alan Broadridge and his team for putting on a well run show with some good entries. All ran to time and the show had a good friendly atmosphere-just as it should be.

Thank you very much to my hardworking steward Roz who looked after me all day and will have needed a well deserved rest when she got home.

AVNSC Terrier

Puppy-3 entries, 1 absent

1st-Amel-Azipour’s SCWT Crofftysofty Hay Jude

A real baby at his first show. Very smart youngster with lovely topline and proportions. Good front assembly, decent tail. Put on a good performance and was pleased to place him PG4.Promising.

2nd Jones’ s Bedlington Squidlyannes Pirate King

Junior-2 entries

1st Ruffles’ Irish Holbam Midsummer Knight at Ruffmar

Smart young man. Lovely type, good outline with correct topline, lovely rear, tail on top. Is still a juvenile in his head and that made me smile as it is typical of the breed. Very promising.

2nd Hannington’s Glen Boudivella Rosie

Post grad-5 entries, 2 absent

1st Jones’s Bedlington Toolbox Yes Why Not at Squidlyannes (Imp Swe)

Feminine, won the class on her slightly better outline and proportions.

2nd Lee’s Bedlington Agnellino’s Faith No More at Corderito

Open-3 entries

1st Hannington’s Glen Ch/Bel/Nl/Esp/Ch Boudivella Oscar

Nice looking Glen and good for type. Very worthy of his title. Plenty of substance but not coarse. Decent jacket with good texture and sensibly prepared. Has the required power in the head. Awarded him best AVNSC and then placed him a well deserved Group 3.

2nd Jones’s Bedlington Ch Miteymidgets Little Hottie at Squidlyannes

Border Terriers

Junior-4 entries, 2 absent

1st Feeney’s Starmix Candy

A touch fine all through for me but pretty sound and typical. Good rear.

2nd Hughes’s Arunmere Nighthawk

Post grad-5 entries, 4 absent

1st Nettle’s Ceilloch Griffin at Onziemehurst

Typical head, good jacket and pelt. Could move out more.

Open-1 entry

1st Nettle’s Onziemehurst Milly Earhart JW-

Nice headed girl, decent proportions, quite typy, tail could be a little higher. BOB

Miniature Bull Terriers

Junior-2 entries

1st Harper & Bassett’s Coraggiosa Tigre

Lovely size, super outline when standing and did not disappoint on the move. Head obviously needs to develop but very typical. Delightful temperament. Is a real baby but her obvious quality led to Gp 4, Pg 1 and I was delighted to see Richard Bott award her BPIS. Well done.

2nd Wilson,Wilson & Harrisons Jenkir Artemis

Post grad-2 entries

1st Manoli’s Glitter Stars They Call Me Cleo at Belcanto (Imp Pol)

Quite a good head and outline, good temperament, ok on the move.

2nd Gray’s Badlesmere Buds of May

Open-4 entries, 2 absent

1st Jenkir Artemis

 Was 2nd to the lovely puppy in junior and unlucky to come up against her. Lots to like about this one. Lovely headed girl. Tail carried a touch high. Was pleased to hear that this award gave her a final point for her JW. Well done.

2nd Harper’s Olympusbulys Cronus

Kerry Blue Terrier

Post grad-1 entry

1st McCann’s Ballybaloe Palomino

Good type, feminine, good coat and colour. Not happy in the ring today which pegged her.

Scottish Terrier

Open-2 entries, 1 absent

1st Wilcock & Hebditch’s Millingford King of Hearts (Re-imp)

Good substance on this boy. Coat of good texture but rather too much of it. Not so good in front but ok behind.

AV Terrier

Puppy-7 entries, 5 absent

1st Corragiosa Tigre

2nd Arunmere Nighthawk-Border Terrier and a real baby. Decent jacket, ok behind, flicking the front legs a bit.

Junior-5 entries, 2 absent

1st Holbam Midsummer Knight at Ruffmar

2nd Boudivella Rosie-Glen girl. A good sort, feminine, lovely temperament, maturing quite nicely, a little narrow behind.

Post grad-1 entry

1st Ballybaloe Palamino

Open-3 entries, all absent

AV Terrier veteran-10 entries, 4 absent

1st Burrage & England’s Cesky Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder- this Cesky seems to get better with age. Lovely outline, correct size, moves well in all directions holding a correct outline. Well presented and still very competitive. Was delighted to see him go on to BVIS which was well deserved.

2nd Ch/Bel/Nl/Esp Ch Boudivella Oscar-

Terrier group

Group 1-Fox’s Westie Hillsted Sweet Whispers-

One I have awarded a Res CC to in the breed and on great form today. Feminine, good proportions, lovely outline with good topline standing and moving. Tail on top and sound in all directions. Could not deny her the top spot.

Group 2-Martin’s Norwich Ragus Oh Boy- very typy boy with an excellent outline. Looks lovely in profile, Cobby, decent jacket, presented well and shows well. Was close up to the Westie. I just felt the Westie was a little cleaner up and back.

Group 3-Ch/Bel/Nl/Esp/Ch Boudivella Osca

Group 4-Coraggiosa Tigre

Terrier Puppy Group

PG1 -Coraggiosa Tigre

PG2-Watkins Norwich Baktwins Only Believe-another typy Norwich, is only young so the head needs to develop, delightful temperament, correct coat for age, good topline, moved ok once she settled. Promising.

PG3-Fox’s Westie Hillsted Same Direction-Westie, this boy will need a bit of time as he still looks a baby. Good temperament, head developing ok, moved assertively. Needs to “drop”.

PG 4-Crofftysofty Hay Jude

AV Special Beginners -24 entries, 12 absent

1st Edlin’s GSP-Graygees Tsarine

Caught my eye at first glance and continued to do so. Not overdone in any way, decent condition, sound moving and well proportioned.

2nd Pereen’s Pointer, Evaluna Chasing Rainbows with Hookwood JW-lovely outline particularly in profile and presented a good outline when standing as well. A good size and good type.

Unfortunately the judge for Bulldogs and French Bulldogs was indisposed so I thank the exhibitors for accepting me as the substitute judge with such good grace.


Puppy-1 entry

1st Yorke’s Blenhiemstar Lucky Dip at Bullymaids-stood alone but could have coped with competition. Is obviously a baby. Feminine but still looked broad and powerful. Quite compact. Moved well and typically. Was delighted to see that she won the Utility puppy group. Well done.

Post grad-2 entries

1st Anscombe’s Odinschild Violet warrior of Jraygon-interesting contest here. Two males and not much between them. I just preferred the compactness of the winner.

2nd Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’s Lancelot of Jraygon

Open-1 entry

1st Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’s Taliesan of Jraygon-jut out of junior and maturing well. Had the substance and power and was quite compact. In hard condition BOB

French Bulldogs

Junior-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Suhareva’s Casrum Osinium Roller Coaster (Imp Cro)-I liked this youngster, sturdy and compact, head developing quite nicely and good bat ears.

2nd Wallace’s Chinasky Madame Mable NAF-a real baby and was up against a more mature male. Hopefully she will develop a little more bone as she matures.

Open 2 entries, 1 absent

1st East’s Monster Face I’m Monster at Jiankang -stood alone, decent proportions, moved freely. Compact enough. Maturity carried the day. BOB

Paul Eardley