• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/10/2023

Liverpool Terrier Club


This was a friendly relaxed show with a lovely atmosphere so well done to Shauna Fryer for pulling this together and creating such a pleasant environment. We terrier folk need to do a bit more to support these shows. They are a very good training ground for young dogs, their owners and judges and are also a relaxed friendly day out with like minded terrier folk.

A big thank you to Angela Cooke who stewarded tirelessly all day and kept everything moving very efficiently.

Border terriers

Junior D/B-2 entries

1st-Hardman & Brandwood’s Bonosue Lee Van Cleef at Spanwise-15 months and still settling to his job. Lovely size, super head, good rear.

2nd-Keefe’s Keebank Platinum Queen

Post grad d/b-3 entries, 1 absent

1st-Alcumlow Monet’s Garden-18 months old and a good type, looked good standing as she is well balanced, good fronted girl, super coat. In lovely hard condition. BOB

2nd-Metcalfe’s Billboy Blue at Chevinor

Open d/b-2 entries

1st Keefe’s Keebank Just In Time-4 years old and fully mature, decent head, ok up and back when he got his act together, decent pelt, nice size.

2nd Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor

Miniature Bull Teriers

Puppy D/B-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Whittaker’s Wengormick She’s A Madam- one of the stars of the day. Just 6 months old and put on a sparkling performance. Looked really good standing with a lovely outline and so well balanced. Super temperament and is clearly a showgirl, has the makings of a good head but clearly has some maturing to do. Moved well in all directions. Tail a touch high but she is so young and exuberant. BOB, BIS 4 and BPIS-well done, she is lovely.

2nd -Emmett, Thompson & Hughes Oakfayre’s Otterboom via Graymoor

Post grad d/b-3 entries, 2 absent

1st -Mercer’s Britannia von der Alten Veste (imp Deu)-ok in head, quite good in front, a bit untidy in rear. Good temperament and correct tail carriage.

Open d/B-3 entries, 2 absent

1st-Jones’ Kaja-Dottie von der Alten Veste (imp Deu)-decent size and type, just approaching 7 and carrying a bit too much weight which spoilt the outline. Delightful temperament.

Bull Terriers

Puppy d/b-1 entry

1st Leigh’s Venus Back Flash at Bullwizz-a promising puppy, just 6 months old , good type, well balanced, good mover back and front. Looked good standing and moving. Finished the day 4th in the puppy group. Was BOB in the breed today.

Open d/b-1 entry

1st Newall’s Rewrite The Stars at Starcino (naf)-carrying too much weight unfortunately, ok in front, a bit narrow in rear. Was the mother of the lovely puppy so needs to be commended for that.

Kerry Blue Terriers

Post grad d/b-1 entry

1st Wilkinson’s Cyane River at Cranmoss-stood alone, feminine, good size, decent head, looked better when she settled,

Lakeland Terriers

Puppy d/b-2 entries, 1 absent

1st Kenyon’s Keldthwaite Florence -nice feminine bitch, was a bit shy today which pegged her, will look better when she settles to her job.

Open d/b-1 entry

1st Connell’s Sonorra Spellbinding (AI) -2 year old and coming to his best, lovely type of Lakeland, showy, super proportions, good outline, level topline, tail bang on, great temperament and super front. Well presented to get the best out of him. BOB and finished up a well deserved Res BIS.

Wire Fox Terriers

Post grad d/b-1 entry

1st Rice’s Oh La Kamee Nickers at Duchmorn -2 year old, feminine head, good jacket, tail on top, could extend a little more in the rear. BOB

Open d/b-1 entry

1st-Rice’s Winning Colours at Duchmorn-nicely headed boy, well turned out, a bit untidy up and back, good tail.

Smooth Fox Terriers

Open d/b-1 entry

1st Brookes’ Zetamaz I’m Your Man JW-stood alone but could have coped with some competition, super condition, good outline, tail on top, clean head and skull. BOB

Welsh Terriers

Post grad d/b-4 entries, 1 absent

1st- Connell’s Sonorra Flirty Freda-lovely type of Welsh, lovely proportions, feminine, nice headed girl, good outline.

2nd-Bennett & Inness’s Bolhaus Royal Riot

Open d/b-2 entries, 1 absent

1st Connell’s Sonorra Spring Awakening-no mistaking his sex, very showy, good proportions, good rear, ok in front, quality, his showmanship won him the breed-BOB

West Highland White Terriers

Post grad d/b-1 entry

1st Pearson’s Hopecharm New Beginnings for Winowski -lovely temperament, decent tail, pretty head, a touch more height would balance her up slightly. BOB

Open d/b-4 entries, 3 absent

1st Pearson’s Braxquin One In A Million for Winowski -kennel mate to the BOB. Delightul temperament, carrying a bit too much weight which showed in stance and movement. Decent jacket.

Junior handling-5-11 years

1st Young lady handling a Bedlington Terrier-very accomplished young lady for one so young who put on a great performance. Had the dog standing right at all times, moved at just the right pace and ensured that she was never between me and the dog. Well done.

2nd Young lady handling a Border Terrier-a calm and patient handler who had a good bond with her charge. Stood her well and moved at a good pace. Well done.

AV Puppy d/b-2 entries, 1 absent

1st Lui’s Eblanahalls Kiss Curl (SCWT)-feminine, good size, nice head for age, decent front, coat correct for age, a little close behind.

AV Junior d/b-3 entries 1 absent

1st Eblanahalls Kiss Curl-SCWT-winner of the previous class

2nd-Entwistle’s Manchester terrier Holtaire Runa

AV graduate-1 entry

1st Kay’s JRT Jackopeaks Bakewell Puddin-lovely temperament, good size, moved ok in front, is a little long in body.

AV open d/b-4 entries, 2 absent

1st Clarke’s SCWT Ch Flaxela Perfect Storm -3 year old and at the top of his game, well proportioned, good head, good outline, well presented.

2nd Olbinson & Kelly’s Manchester Terrier Rattustrap Citra at Carapast

AV veteran d/b-7 entries, 3 absent

1st Brookes’ Ch Zetamaz Gerard Depardieu JW/ShCM/ShCEx-one who has had top honours from me in the past. In great nick for his age, lovely condition, great rear, tail on top and looks good from all angles. Best veteran in show.

2nd Winning Colours at Duchmorn

Best in Show –Howarth’s Irish Terrier-Niddrua Lightning Bolt -this Irish boy was really on his toes presenting a super outline with tail bang on, super temperament and very typical of the breed, moved well in all directions, well presented. A well deserved BIS.

Res BIS Sonorra Spellbinding-Lakeland Terrier-I reported on him in the breed. Was close up for BIS.

BIS 3-Fearnhead’s Airedale Terrier Settlebeck Royal Flush-17 month boy so still has some maturing to do, I liked his type, his outline and moved well in all directions. With maturity will firm up and look even better.

BIS 4 Wengormick She’s A Madam-Miniature Bull Terrier -I reported on her in the breed.

Best puppy in show- Wengormick She’s A Madam-Miniature Bull Terrier

Res BPIS-Gee’s Norfolk Terrier Watercroft Fairy Dust-charming young lady, short, good temperament, head developing ok, stood right and moved quite well. Showing promise.

BPIS 3-Hanes Bedlington Terrier Janmark Man In The Middle-lovely youngster who was beautifully presented, correct front, held the outline well both moving and standing, good rear, good tail carriage.

BPIS 4 -Venus Back Flash at Bullwiz-I reported on her in the breed.

Paul Eardley