• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Evesham & District Canine Society


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Evesham & District’s Premier open show. The July weather was a bit mixed and I was lucky as I managed to complete almost all my judging outside in between the showers. Some of the other judges were not so lucky.

Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for the kind invitation and for making me so welcome.

Recently appointed Secretary Lois Wilson was working hard with her team to keep everything in order under the watchful eye of the Club‘s Patron, Marion Reeves. Marion has been associated with this open show for many years and must be congratulated for the way she has taken it forward ultimately achieving Premier status. She has left it in a very healthy state.

Many thanks to my two very efficient stewards, who did a great job of keeping everything moving as there was quite a lot to get through. Well done!

The group judges had sent 7 quality dogs through for me to examine for BIS.

BIS-Irish Wolfhound Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW

For BIS I selected this lovely Irish Wolfhound and she completely filled my eye. I had judged her earlier in the day as she was best exhibit in the competitive and well filled vulnerable native breeds stakes. I was delighted to see her again in the BIS ring. She was indeed both muscular and graceful. Despite her size she was feminine and she moved very soundly for such a big dog. This was topped off with great condition and sympathetic handling. Every time I looked at her she was standing right and I felt she could not be denied.

Res BIS-Boxer Winuwuk Silent Witness

This Boxer is still quite young, so there is more to come from her. She caught my eye soon as she came into the ring as she screams Boxer with her typical proportions, lovely outline, cracking head and super bone and condition. She had that typical slightly clownish Boxer enthusiasm about her which kept her handler on her toes but to be honest that just endeared her to me. I have to say that every time I looked at her she was giving her best and could not be denied. An exciting prospect.

BPIS-Border Terrier Glebeheath Olaf

I judged this lovely Border Terrier puppy in the breed and was delighted to see that he had gone on to win the puppy group. Super size, typical outline, head developing well, good tail carriage and is sound in all directions. Should have a very bright future.

Res best puppy-Newfoundland Nandobears You’ll Never Walk Alone (Imp Deu)

Promising young man, good bone for age. Active for his size. He is masculine, in lovely coat and condition and moved well.

BVIS-Siberian Husky Ch Amical Snow White

This was one of my stars of the day. In fact the veteran line up was quite strong. Remarkably, she is 12 years of age. I thought she was extremely well balanced, moderate in all departments, light on her feet, in super coat and condition and presented a super outline, whenever I was looking at her. A born showgirl who clearly loves it. Her quality just shone through

Reserve best veteran-Norwegian Buhund Ch Maidofcopper for Koromandel JW (Imp Fin)

Another of the stars of the day and pushed the winner hard. She too showed her head off and was presenting a lovely typical outline whenever I looked at her. Well- proportioned and another who was accurate on the move. Not surprised to see that she is a champion.

AV Rare Breeds

Puppy-3 entries, 2 absent

1st -Atkins and Cunningham’s Canadian Eskimo Dog Qimugta Hendricks

A nice boy to start these classes off with. Well grown for 6 months and in good coat and nice body. Still has plenty of maturing to do in order to firm up in body and condition. Very typical.

Junior-6 entries, 4 absent

1st Ridyard’s JRT Kulawand Wicked Waffle

Nice sized girl, good coat, nice proportions with her tail in the right place complimenting a good outline. Moved ok behind. Needs to tighten a little in front

2nd Purser’s Kooikerhondje Twybrook Charming Prince

Post graduate-3 entries 1 absent

1st Lightfoot’s Lagotto Romagnolo Gaesten Danny’s Delight at Joydon

Balanced, nice outline on the move, ok up and back. Very typical

2nd Jones Kooikerhondje Gladsheim Savanna at Maplecoombe

Open-8 entries, 6 absent

1st Davies Kooikerhondje Millhanger Kemboy

Very much the finished article, very together and in great condition. Overall I felt was very typical with a good rear. Could improve slightly in front. Filled my eye and is the best Kooikerhondje that I have seen. A well deserved best AV rare breed.

2nd Jones Kookerhondje Valleyrise Inspiration at Maplecoombe

Border Terriers

Puppy-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Glebeheath Olaf

I reported on him above as he was my best puppy in show.

2nd Jordan-Smith’s Jordith Roll Up and Shine

Junior-1 entry

1st Roslin-Williams Alcumlow Paint The Roses of Mansergh

Still quite raw and at a difficult age. Lovely size, spanned easily, good topline, super front and correct temperament.

Post graduate-5 entries, 3 absent

1st Alcumlow Paint The Roses of Mansergh

Winner of the previous class.

2nd Windsor-Hitchens and Lee’s Ankietax One Two

Limit-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Nightingale’s Knowbury Dream of Dreams

Lovely headed girl, good size, good outline standing, correct tail carriage, was a touch upright in shoulder. Res BOB

2nd White’s Black Night Shade

Open-6 entries, 4 absent

1st Guvercin’s Glebeheath Oh Boy (JW)

Very much my sort, lovely type, correct proportions, good head, presented a good outline, correct coat and pelt, could be a little stronger behind but is of top quality. BOB

2nd Windsor-Hitchens and Lee’s Marizion May Flower at Ankietaz

Bull Terrier (Miniature)

Junior-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Wilson & Harrison’s Jenkir Artemis

14 months, steady performance, feminine, good size, nice headed girl, ok in front, could be stronger behind, Res BOB

2nd Williams Tillbach Apollo-just 6 months on the day so learning the ropes. Size ok for age, good rear when he settled-best puppy

Post grad.-4 entries, 3 absent

1st Wilson’s Duvessa Sheer Khan

5 year old and a bit too short on the leg, decent temperament.

Open-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Godsall & Hughes Graymor Glacial Harvest for Neverland

Very typical, good headed dog, masculine and sound- BOB

2nd Marshallsay’s Ch Risibully Girls on Film with Fergustaff

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Open-1 entry

1st Brookes’ Zetamaz I’m Your Man

Stood alone but could have coped with some competition. Maturing nicely, clean headed boy, decent outline with tail on top, good rear. Was pleased to see that he won the terrier group and he put up a competitive performance in the BIS competition.

Fox Terrier (Wire)

Open-1 entry

Wynter’s Ch Robelroy Many Dreams at Furlongfox

On good form, really well turned out with good jacket and plenty of furnishings, good headed boy, not surprised to see that he has his title as there is lots to like about him.

Jack Russell Terriers

Junior-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Ridyard’s Kulawand Wicked Waffle

I reported on her above as she won a class in the AV rare breeds. Res BOB

2nd Ednie, Cameron & Jenkins Cameron Blazing Jacks- good outline and ok in front, not so good in coat but there is time-best puppy

Open-2 entries

1st Britton & Miles Locheil Love of My Life

I liked the type, proportions and attitude of this girl, mature, decent head, workmanlike but feminine. Good outline and tailset. Excellent rear, could be cleaner in front. BOB

2nd Jenkins & Hewitt’s Twinan Barefoot on the Beach

Sealyham Terriers

Junior-1 entry

1st Parker’s Dinglebrooke Heart and Soul

8 months old, correct proportions, moved ok when she settled, needs time-best puppy

Post grad -1 entry

1st Curtis’s Jolihem Lene Joe Badger

Looked ok standing with typical proportions, cheeks could be cleaner, could cover a little more ground on the move. Clean outline. Res BOB

Open-3 entries

1st Bettis’s Ch Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella JW

Won with a bit to spare today. Lovely type, good to go over and put on a steady performance, covered the ground with a good rear movement in particular, well presented which was the icing on the cake. BOB

2nd Curtis’s Kenaiteen Cascade-

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Junior-3 entries, 2 absent

1st Marshallsay’s Kentstars Minerva with Fergustaff

Quite mature for her age, head developing well, correct outline standing and moving, ok in front, a little choppy behind, best puppy

Post grad.-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Tudor Legacy

Super headed boy, strong and a bit too much of him for me, ok on the move, good condition.

2nd Mayers Maynestaff The Girl is Mine

Open-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Hinsley’s Earthquake Staffs Wear It Well at Tigerbull (Imp Esp)

Very handy boy who caught my eye immediately. Is middle of the road, good size, correct proportions, not an ounce of spare flesh, correct in head and eye and looked at me right. A well deserved BOB

2nd Antonio’s Ch Gazstaffs Man In Black for Antoniostaff JW

Was not surprised to see that this boy has his title and he fills the eye, super head and eye, in equally good condition, for me the winner was the better size and slightly better proportioned. No hesitation in giving him Res BOB in good company.

AV Vulnerable Native Breeds

Puppy-14 entries,6 absent

1st Fitzpatrick-Graham’s Cardigan Corgi Ancksunamun Hallows Eve

Very typical and put on a good show. Lovely proportions which caught my eye whenever I looked, lovely head, moved quite well and generally filled the eye.

2nd Williams SCWT-Evesdale Summer Breeze

Junior-16 entries, 8 absent

1st Harding’s Field Spaniel Kingsmist Remember Me

This one is developing well, handled well, steady as a rock and super sound in all directions. I liked the overall balance and conformation.

2nd White’s Beardie Moonhill Rodney Trotter

Post Grad-21 entries, 13 absent

1st Rivers Beardie Orora’s French Silk at Merrimak

Nice shaped bitch, well presented, nothing overdone, ok in head, moved ok.

2nd Curtis’s Skye Brakemill Midsummer Dream JW

Open-27 entries, 14 absent

1st Sheppard’s Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW

I reported on this one above as she was ultimately by BIS. Won a strong open class here and was my best AV vulnerable native breed.

2nd Warners Manchester Ch Talanors Time For Fun

Paul Eardley-Judge