• Show Date: 24/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Davies Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

North Of England Cocker Spaniel Association

North of England Cocker Spaniel Club Open Show 24th June 2023 My thanks to the committee for asking me to step in for the injured Jeff Buck, whom I know would have been disappointed to miss judging such a quality entry. Thanks to my stewards, who kept the ring moving along under trying circumstances. On a windy day that became very hot, some exhibits found the conditions unsuitable for top performances and they’d also had a long day, following on from the championship show judging. Veteran (5) This class of oldies was a pleasure, all in such good condition, a credit to their owners. 1 Collins’s Cassom Sky Rocket At Candyke JW. Handsome b/r dog, the very model of a veteran cocker, not showing his 9 years. Good head and eye, reach of neck into good shoulder and front. Deep brisket, well-ribbed, short loin. Muscular rear giving drive. BVIS. 2 Madigan’s Misperros Silver Lining At Carmelfair. Super 8 year old light b/r bitch. Pretty head, kind expression. Good neck and forechest, well-ribbed. Good rear angles, moved well but more tail action would be nice. 3 Beaver’s Snowgate Parti Over To Dandyjan. MPD (3) A nice class of baby dogs, they could trade places another day. 1 Smith’s Della Fiumana Let’s Have Fun At Luanshya. A substantial 6 month b/r with everything in the right place. Not over-angled, cobby. Nice head, good forechest and ribs. A bright future for this lad. 2 Flowers’s Totenkopf Dutch Dyrvarbr. Close up to 1; I like this kennel’s offerings. 6 month black with nice angles. Fine head and neck, good ribs. Easy mover. 3 Terry’s Shaggylands True Colours. PD (6,3) Torbett’s Kirlinjis Fast’N’Furious. Lovely head planes, good neck and chest. Short loin, good rear angles and tail set. Moved out well. Pushed the best puppy close. Congratulations on your RBPIS. 2 Beaver’s Dandyjan Dark Defender. Lovely head and neck. Well-boned, deep chest, strong loin. Not over-angled. Good stride with tail action. 3 Collier’s Pepperbox Parti On JD (3,1) 1 Morris’s Riondel Enigma. Light b/r with super head, well-boned, deep brisket. Short strong loin, not over-angled. Good tail carriage. 2 Stokes-Harrell’s Riondel The Showman. Litter brother to 1, built on similar lines. Nicely angled front and rear. Novice handler didn’t get the best out of him. Yearling (7,2) 1 Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Tandy Floss JW. Light b/r and tan bitch. Sweet head and expression. Good neck and shoulder, deep brisket. Well-ribbed, strong loin. Good tail set and carriage, a little over-angled at rear but moved well. 2 West’s Sheigra Super Secret JW. Lovely gold bitch of smaller proportions. Pretty head, nice eye. Good neck and shoulder; good front angles. Ribbed back, short loin, moved out well. 3 Morris’s Riondel Blu Savana. Novice (9,4) Young’s Canyonn Black Caviar. Handsome 22 month dog, no coarseness. Good neck and front, deep brisket. Short loin, good rear angles. Covered the ground with good tail action. 2 Torbett’s Kirlinjis Moonlight. Pretty young b/r bitch in good coat. Nicely angled front and rear. Good neck and chest, well-boned. Strong loin. Moved well. Just preferred her litter brother. 3 Collier’s Pepperbox Midnight Parti. Graduate (6,2) 1 Norris’s Joaldy Mr Happy At Amaranth. I judged this handsome black boy when MP; hasn’t he come on. Masculine head without coarseness, super neck and front. Deep brisket, strong loin and rear. Hocks well let down. Moved with drive, good tail action. 2 Tomlinson’s Milalder Dreaming On A Star. Pretty b/r bitch. Square outline, adequate neck, good forechest. Short loin, moderate rear angles. Cockery mover. 3 McCabe-Bell’s Zheridons Zephyranthes At Grandtully. PGD (7,3) 1 Furzer’s Durham Blue. 2yr b/r, masculine head without coarseness. Good neck into adequate front, good reach. Strong loin, nice rear angles, hocks let down. Good tail use, true mover. 2 Davidson’s Rancecraig A Million Dreams. 4yr b/r, stronger head, square muzzle, adequate neck. Deep brisket, longer loin. Muscular rear, moved with enthusiasm. 3 Marsden’s Chativore Winter Solstice. Limit Dog (2) 1 Terry’s Shaggylands Desperate Dan. Lovely square outline on this 2yr b/r. Attractive head, good front, nicely angled. Good chest, short loin, well-angled, driving rear. Tail not used on the move. 2 Collier’s Pepperbox Back In Time. 3 yr b/r with handsome features, good neck, adequate front. Deep brisket, longer loin. Moved confidently, no tail use though. Open Dog (1) Smith’s Pearkim Pokemon At Luanshya JW. This 6yr o/r is the epitome of the merry Cocker, presenting a super outline. Square, nicely angled, not too sloping. Handsome but gentle head and expression, tight dark eye. Good reach of neck into well-laid shoulder, forechest strong. Ribbed back, strong loin, driving rear with happy action. A dream mover. Delighted to award him BIS. MPB (6, 3) 1 Terry’s Shaggylands Sexy And I No It. Prefer this 8 month bitch to her litter brother. Pretty head, well-proportioned. Enough neck into nice front. Short loin, well-angled rear giving a good stride. 2 Gladman’s Chativore Blueprint. Sweet head and expression. Adequate front, longer bodied than 1. Nice tail set, hocks well let down. Moved well when settled. 3 Graham’s Stiloga Strike The Anvil. PB (6, 3) 1 Stokes-Harrell’s Villaspaniol Pixies. This exuberant 9 month b/t stole this class with her cockery personality and movement. Pretty, well-proportioned head with tight dark eye. Elegant neck into good front assembly. Nicely ribbed back, short loin, good tail set. Rear strong and well-angled. Moved with enthusiasm and an ever-wagging tail. She deservedly took BPIS, well done. 2 Torbett’s Kirlinjis Moonlight. 3 Pendlebury’s Cooleela Black Beauty At Sandaby’s. JB (6, 2) Good to see 2 o/r girls heading this nice class. 1 Nuttall’s Claramand Born to Love with Rosecroft. Pretty 14 month o/r in lovely coat and condition. Well-proportioned throughout. Pretty head, good ear set, lovely expression. Classy front assembly, well-ribbed. Driving rear with super tail action. Pushed hard for top honours. 2 Stokes-Harrell & Harrell’s Claramand One Vission. Litter sister to 1, with similar attributes. Pretty head shape, nice neck into good front. Shorter in body. Confident mover with good tail. 3 Flowers’s Totenkopf Dutch Dark Fairy. PGB (8, 4) Stokes-Harrell’s Whitburn Prairie Grouse. This cheeky, petite 14 month gold, nearly went all the way to the top. She presents a lovely square outline with a nice topline. Pretty head, lovely expression. Fine neck into super front, good forechest. Deep brisket, well ribbed back, strong loin. Rear not overdone, good tail set. When settled, moved like a cockery dream. Pleased to award her RBIS. 2 Madigan’s Misperros Silver Summer Sun. Attractive b/r/t of longer proportions. Lovely head and neck. Good front assembly giving good reach. Deep chest. Ribbed back, strong rear. Nice drive, better if tail used. 3 Beever’s Dandyjan Tiny Dancer Limit Bitch. As expected, a tough class. 1 Madigan, Nuttall and Fairbairn’s Heluin Blue Jay (Imp Rus). Nice overall shape to this b/r. Pretty head with good planes. Elegant neck into well-laid shoulder. Good forechest. Good ribs, short, strong loin. Rear not over-angled. Moved strongly with good tail action. 2 Shinkfield’s Quettadene Queen Of Stars JW. A picture of presentation, gleaming. Prettiest head, elegant neck, lovely front. Ribbed back, short loin. Tail well set, hocks let down. Just not herself today. 3 West’s Sheigra Simply A Star JW. Open Bitch. (3, 1) 1 West’s Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW OSW ShCEx. This near 6 yr black girl has been there and has the t-shirt. Shows beautifully. Feminine head and neck, lovely front. Well ribbed, strong loin. Not over-angled rear, tail well set and used on the move. A pleasure to watch this happy girl. 2 Madigan’s Misperros Sophia Loren. Lovely outline. Nice head planes, good neck into fine shoulder. Deep chest, longer loin. Rear angles not overdone. Moved strongly. 3 Beever’s Dandyjan Partigift. Sp. Bred By Exh. (4, 2) Young’s Canyonn Classic Vision. Lovely young b bitch in good coat. Super head planes, elegant neck. Good forechest, deep brisket. Cobby, good rear set-up, nice tail set. Moved with drive. Preferred her to litter brother. 2 West’s Sheigra Super Special JW. Slightly longer 6 yr black. Attractive head and neck into well-laid shoulder. Good forechest, long ribs. Rear not overdone, moved with enthusiasm and tail action. Sp. Not Bred By Exh. (4, 3) 1 Coombes’s Tomarisroan Star Maker. Yooung b/r bitch. Sweet head, enough neck, well-boned. Deep chest, cobby, sturdy rear. Moved with drive and tail action. Paul Davies