• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pat Hutchinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wellingborough & District Canine Society

Wellingborough & DCS Open Show, 28th January 2023

Rough Collies

Puppy (1,1)
Junior – no entries

Postgraduate (2,1)
1. Regan’s Phreelancer Phirst Song. I judged this sable b a while ago but this time she was somewhat out of coat. A b of correct height but a trifle long in back. She has pleasing head properties, correct dark eye and well set ears which she was reluctant to use today. She excels in reach of neck and front assembly, but is a little down on her front pasterns and feet could be tighter. Fair spring of rib and depth of chest, but too long in loin which, combined with poor muscle tone, causes a dippy-back. Movement lacked drive so handler should take care to provide her with the correct exercise to tone her up. I awarded her BOB as she was the better of two rather disappointing examples of this beautiful breed.

Open (1)
1. Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas. Dark sable b in good coat and of correct texture. Sadly overweight and with overloaded shoulders, disappointing reach of neck and over-large ears, she lacks the elegance I was looking for. Attentive to handler and movement fair but needs more drive from behind. RBOB.

Bearded Collies

Junior (2)
1. Richards’ Wildans Dark Sky At Elemark. Promising 11months grey b, immature at present but coat developing well. Balanced b with pleasing head properties, sweet eye and ample reach of neck which flowed gracefully into her level topline. Adequate angulation fore and aft but would prefer a tad more bone and substance. Moved freely with drive. Pleased to award her BP & RBOB, and delighted to see she later went Puppy Gp2.

2. Swaby’s Kiltondale Hot Favourite For Marsby. 6 months b/w b developing well. Bit steep in forefront but good hind angulation. Happy pup, she showed steadily and covered the ground quite well though needs a little more drive behind.

Postgraduate (2)
1. Hough’s Clovabrae Nikita For Seacharmzed. Well balanced and elegant brown b in good coat of correct texture. Front assembly good with the tightest of elbows and hind angulation good, with well turned stifles. Balanced head with flat skull and eyes that matched her coat. Moved freely with drive and holding her topline level. Pleased to award her BOB and delighted to see her later win Gp2 under Nikki Farley.

2. Sale & Lewis’ Potterdale Peace Rose. Dk grey b of correct height/length ratio but not quite so elegant as 1. She has a fair reach of neck, good angulation fore and aft and sufficient substance, but I would prefer a tad more bone. Her head handled well with capacious flat skull and good foreface and chin. Moved OK but required more drive.

Open (2,1)
1. Swaby’s Ragellie Tale of Gold For Marsby. Brown d in good harsh coat. Not so well balanced as I found him a little high on the leg, though front and rear assemblies OK. Showed steadily and moved freely.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Sp Yearling (1)
1. Cole’s Acaviste Pon Cenna. Well balanced 14 month old b/w b in good harsh, dense coat with slight wave. A lively and friendly temperament, this b is of the correct height/length ratio with ample reach of neck, level topline and short well-set tail. Pleasing head properties with sufficient stop, good muzzle and underjaw and apparent skull furrow. She trotted round the ring easily and with good drive. BOB/Gp4.

Open (1,1)

Pyrenean Mountain Dog – no entries

Canadian Eskimo Dog

Sp Yearling (1)
1. Byrne’s Aavuuta Qimmiq Akiak (imp Can). Impressive 13 month old black and cream d. All male and full of power, quality and ring presence with good substance and strong bone. Broad head and clean wedge with excellent foreface and chin, black nose and dark friendly eye. He stood out from the other exhibits as he is built for endurance with short and powerful neck, excellent forequarters and strength of chest. He was well muscled, moving effortlessly and purposefully. BOB/Gp 4.

Open (2)
1. Atkins’ Akna Peechee For Qimugta. Cream b with faint darker cream and beige markings, brown nose and correctly set dark brown eyes. For a sled dog I felt she had too much reach of neck and would have preferred more strength in forequarters, and tighter feet. Well proportioned head with clean cheeks but would have preferred slightly more fill of foreface to complete the picture. Lovely temperament and she moved freely with good drive. RBOB.

2. Graham’s Akna Voorhees. Cream b with dark grey masking and ears. Similar type to 1 though would prefer a tad more bone and substance. She covered the ground well though hind action, although good drive, was a little erratic.


Junior – no entries

Postgrad (1)
1. Bodle’s Lionsbridge Lord Of The Rings. Powerful d of correct proportions. Head well balanced with dark kind eye and good tight lips and eyelids. Sufficient reach of neck and good angulation fore and aft. Well off for bone and substance. Moved well keeping his topline level. A close decision between the two class winners but felt this dog had the freer rear movement. BOB.

Open (3,2)
1. Bodle’s Fairy Clocks Bonus Catch The World Into Lionsbridge (imp Nor). Imposing and happy d of similar type to PG winner. Hindquarters not so well muscled as kennel mate and, although he moved well, he lacked drive. RBOB

AVNSC Working

Puppy (2)
1. Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Charmed One - Portuguese Water Dog. Eyecatching 8 month brown d with the sweetest nature, and good breed type. Well balanced overall with good length of almost silky but wavy coat. Head of correct proportions with cheeky expression. Good front assembly and well turned stifles with the tightest of feet and I loved his well muscled rump! Showed steadily and moved proudly with correctly set tail and with good reach and drive – one to watch!  Best AVNSC/Best AVNSC Puppy/Working Puppy Gp 3.

2. Smith’s Oldeely Hope And Glory – Portuguese Water Dog. Sweet 8 months black b with the darkest brown, almost black, eyes. Lots to like about her but she is finer all over than 1. She is a bit leggy at the moment but her topline should drop into her shoulders as she matures. Happy temperament and she moved well.

Junior (1)
1. Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Miss Marple – Portuguese Water Dog. 8 months old black b, litter sister to Puppy winner, and similar remarks apply although she is a bit leggier than him at the moment. Sweet feminine b with pleasing head and kind brown eye. A little unsettled to begin with but once she relaxed she moved freely and jauntily. Res.Best AVNSC Working.

A.V. Imported Register, Working – no entries

A.V. Working

Puppy (7,6)
1. Drakeford’s Mississippi-Missouri Walking My Angel. 11 mth black Newfoundland d with good dense coat enhancing his outline. Well balanced and powerful young d with super bone and substance, good front assembly with ample forechest, ample bend of stifle, good reach of neck and firm level topline. Head clean and handled well with dark kind eye. Friendly pup who showed steadily and moved well, with drive.

Open (8,5)
1. Seward’s Teuschons The Fierce Knight With Elleonia. Well balanced, upstanding and elegant 13 month old black Dobermann d of great breed type. I judged this d as a young puppy and delighted to see he is fulfilling his earlier promise. He draws the eye as he has a noble bearing with clean lines and no hint of throatiness, He has an elegant reach of neck, well angled quarters, great depth of chest, a correct straight but gently sloping topline and strong upright pasterns and well arched feet. He covered the ground easily with great extension and drive. Delighted to award him Gp 3.

2. Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Bizzy Lizzie – Portuguese Water Dog. Brown b, the dam of my AVNSC Puppy and Junior class winners. They have certainly inherited her many charms. She is so well balanced throughout, with good muscle tone and neat tight feet. She moved effortlessly with drive but could not beat the Dobermann on his overall ring presence.

3. Crowther’s Kobuk Foxtail Lily – Siberian Husky b.

Veteran (4,1)
1. Simms’ Berry Uola At Arcticskies (imp Ltu). Eyecatching 9 yr old dark brown Husky b overlaid with cream. Of a slightly heavier type than many of the younger Husky bitches we see in the ring, which I feel are too fine for the work they are intended to do, but nonetheless she is an elegant and powerful bitch, so well balanced throughout with the cleanest of heads and dark correctly-set eyes down to her superb brush! She is well proportioned with ample bone and substance, good angulation, elegant and well muscled medium reach of neck and level back which she kept on the move. In excellent condition she moved effortlessly round the ring.

2. Smith’s Ch/Int/Ir. Ch Auldhelm Xquisite ShCM. 8 year old black Portuguese Water Dog b. Of super breed type, what more can I say! So well balanced and self assured, she owned the ring and moved freely though tended to turn a hind foot slightly in.

3. Cunningham’s Icebex In The Valley Of Elah – Husky b.

Working Group
What super groups they were. I was spoiled for choice in both adult and puppy groups, as all exhibits were of great breed type and in tip-top condition, moving as their conformation suggests.

Gp 1 – Newfoundland b – Smith’s Comfortcove Pixie Dust

Gp 2 – Rottweiler d – Dunhill-Hall’s Ch Fantasa Lucky Strike

Gp 3 – Dobermann d – Seward’s Teuschons The Fierce Knight With Elleonia

Gp 4 – Canadian Eskimo d – Byrne’s Aavuuta Qimmiq Akiak (imp Can)

Working Puppy Group

Gp 1 & BPIS – Dobermann b – Wetherall’s Kodam Hotspot

Gp 2 – Siberian Husky d – Simms’ Arcticskies The Chosen One

Gp 3 – Portuguese Water Dog d – Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Charmed One

Gp 4 – Rottweiler d – Docherty & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Juste Voiture Noire

Pat Hutchinson (Judge)