• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/11/2023

East Kent Canine Society

EAST KENT Nov 5, 2023

BULLDOGS – P (3,1a) 1 Yorke’s Blenhiemstar Lucky Dip at Bullymaids, 7 & a half month old bitch with good maturity for age, showed & moved well if slightly loose but that is to be expected in a puppy, she is well boned with a lovely head & expression, good tight eye & just enough roll to nose, very feminine bitch with promise. BP; 2 Williams & Lamont’s La Royal’s Blurred Lines, younger bitch who needs time to complete the picture, put down in lovely coat & condition, nice type. Head needs to fill out but again she is balanced & feminine. Y (1,1). L (2,1) 1 Anscombe’s Odinschild Violet Warrior of Jraygon, this 5 year old dog who is very masculine & in excellent condition for his age, he is well boned with a good forequarters & hindquarters were used to advantage on the move, light on his feet & moved well, nice type. O (1) 1 Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’s Taliesan of Jraygon, one I have judged & liked before & although still young he is a good showdog, well handled & presented by a youngster who really gets the best out of him, lovely bone, legs & feet, very masculine in head & outlook, good body proportions, in good coat & condition. BOB. Sorry you got me again but I hope your appointed judge is soon better & thanks for your sportsmanship, no wonder I enjoy judging this breed, they are so supportive. HOUNDS – I was asked by the secretary to step in as the judges were unable to fulfil their appointments. I hope they both feel better now. Thanks to exhibitors for accepting me as the judge to step in. I enjoyed going over your dogs. Thanks to East Kent for your hospitality and my stewards who kept the ring running on time for the Club. HOUNDS – P (1) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall The Odd Excuse, Min L/h Dachshund of just 7 months, this well coated youngster was put down in lovely coat & condition, has a good body & a nice keel, shows lots of promise & although alone, deserved her place. Won BP & went on to take PG4. Y (6,1a) 1 Bates’ Marksbury Rockerfella at Karames, one I have judged before & I was pleased with his progress, he was moving so much better & needed extra space to cover the ground with a lovely head carriage & footfall. He is balanced & has lots of promise; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Dyce The Ice, another good Min L/h Dachshund from this kennel, well made & well coated, moved well, nice type & well presented; 3 Bishop’s Jamar Miss Skylar. L (6,1) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall I’m So Dizzy, Min L/h Dachshund, litter sister to Dyce & similar remarks apply, she too is well coated & the best mover on the day, good keel & balance; 2 Wood’s Beaujons Leading Lady, typical PBGV who moved well & was balanced, good coat with correct presentation, lovely head & expression; 3 Bishop’s Jamar Ina The Countessa. O (8,3) 1 Panayiotis’ Ynchreenoo Gold Edition, cracking Pharaoh Hound bitch, what a showgirl, another who needed the ring to really get going but lovely head carriage & footfall, well boned legs & feet, lovely head & expression with good ear carriage, good topline & well set tail. BOB; 2 Woodgate, Boggia & De-Souza’s Xandu Khan Schuru-Esch-Schams, a Sloughi dog I have admired from a distance & did not disappoint on going over him, showed & moved well, a fine specimen who on the day was just a bit loose in front but he is quality; 3 Cramphorn’s Yelxba Bonnie. IMPORTED REGISTER HOUNDS – P (1) 1 Searle’s Stonemartin Bron, 7 months old Azawakh, lovely head carriage, makes a good shape when she settles, very impressed with her temperament, needs to finish but shows promise, good depth of chest for age with good bone & feet. BP & BOB. O (3,3) AFGHANS – P (0) Y (2) 1 Hitch’s Zendushkas Amarillo, lovely dog who is just a junior but quality, one I have judged before & I am very pleased with his progress, well coated & presented to the minute, lovely type who moved so well with lovely head carriage & correct tail carriage. RBOB; 2 Zendushkas Take That, litter brother who was not showing at his best today, again the excellent presentation I expect from this exhibitor, moved not so steady as 1 today but has good body proportions & type, I have seen him try harder before. L (2) 1 Z Amarillo; 2 Gunn & Cannon’s Karagez Kartina Maslom at Zushkhan, a good black who was unsettled on the move, floor didn’t suit her as she slipped & paced today, nice head & expression, well coated & presented well. O (6,1) 1 Gunn & Cannon’s Int/Lux Ch Amal Salang Hey I’m The Star at Zushkhan, black of quality, well balanced & an excellent type, has so much to admire from her pretty head & expression down to her hindquarters, good bone & feet, moved a dream really covering the ground with ease & precision, in excellent coat & condition. BOB & G1; 2 Z Amarillo; 3 Hills & Thornton’s Absolute Afghans Djibuti at Karnak. BAJENJIS – P (2) 1 Carrington’s Ambertail’s Heels On New Shores at Senjiba, very well developed for age, this young dog moved well on correctly boned legs & feet, excellent head & expression with good head carriage, tight tail & a good topline when he settled, r/w with a correct coat. BP & RBOB; 2 Cvirkiene’s Catuma Xuta Tabangwa, tri of a nice type just not so forward as 1. Needs more practice to enhance her good points but when she learns her craft she should have a good future, moved OK on good legs & feet, correct coat texture. PG (2,1) 1 Stratton’s Aheme Cinnamon Swirl for Justartee, needs to relax so that the topline can settle, at present this bitch moved too fast & her tailset was loose, good enough to win even though alone but needs to concentrate & enjoy showing. O (4,3) 1 Oorloff’s Shyllar Rapt In Gold, r/w, quality bitch who moved & showed well, she is balanced & again her tail could be tighter, loved her head & expression with well placed & used ears, quality bitch who, although alone won with ease & also BOB. BASSET HOUNDS – P (2) 1 Jones’ Clanwillow Ace High, lovely typical boy who moved so well for one so young, excellent front & hindquarters, strong topline & loin, well boned legs & feet, in good coat & a lovely type. Just right for age. BP & PG2; 2 Allchorne’s Nelgus Golden Nugget, young boy who still needs to get his act together, when he grows up he must do well. Head needs to finish but he is still very young, when he settled he moved ok on well boned legs & feet, nice balance. PG (5) 1 Bates’ Diheath Pyjama at Karames, tri dog who was well made, masculine head & expression with a good eye & well set & carried ears, put down in excellent coat & condition, lovely type who is balanced, a good size & a masculine outlook. RBOB; 2 McLean’s Switherland Gabriella at Stookewood, nice bitch with a feminine head & expression, moved well on well boned legs & feet, put down in lovely coat & condition, showed well to win her place in this nice class; 3 Jones’ Clanwillow Golden Sunset. O (2) 1 McLean’s Switherland Final Chase at Stookewood, r/w very mature girl who moved well when she settled, she is balanced with such a lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, loved her forequarters & hindquarters & correct length of body, showed well to take the class & BOB; 2 Jones’ Clanwillow The Emerald King, nice dog who I felt just needed a bit more body to complete the picture, not an overlarge dog but quality all through, moved well with good head carriage & a strong topline, lovely bone & feet & a strong topline & loin. JUNIOR STAKES (51) 1 Z Amarillo; 2 Davidson-Poston’s Elena Kolkcja Szuwarka Spinillons, cracking young Papillon, who never stopped showing until the end of the class, put down in excellent coat & condition, beautiful head & expression; 3 Pace’s Sadiedels’ Arab Girl, Dalmatian. HOUND GROUP – 1 Int/Lux Ch Amal Salang Hey I’m The Star at Zushkhan, Afghan; 2 Rubicon’s Songbird by Boughton, a cracking Greyhound bitch I have admired from afar; 3 Ch Kiromol Heaven Can Wait, Rhodesian Ridgeback. PG1 Shalfleet Chasing The Storm, Whippet; PG2 Clanwillow Ace High, Basset; PG3 Wenannou Valentina, Beagle; PG4 Nagshall The Odd Excuse, Min L/h Dachshund.