• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Whitstable & District Canine Society


HOUNDS NSC – J (1) 1 Bates’ Marksbury Rockerfella at Karames, 7 months old Bloodhound, alone but could win anywhere. Lovely type, with good clean eyes which are well placed & of the correct size & shape, a balanced head which just needs maturity to finish. Coat just changing but of a good texture, moved well up & back but not so happy going around but I could see he is well made & trying hard to please. He is just right for age. BP, shame he couldn’t stay for the puppy group. PG (3,2) 1 Bates’ Diheath Pyjama at Karames, well made Basset boy who is very masculine in outlook, moved well using his well boned legs & feet to cover the ground well, well muscled & held a strong topline set up & moving. He is balanced with a masculine head & expression, good rib & loin & showed well despite the heat. RBOB. O (3) 1 Oorloff’s Shyllar Rapt In Gold, mature Basenji bitch of quality, showed & moved well on well boned legs & good feet, balanced girl in good coat with the correct topline & tailset, very feminine head & expression with well carried ears. BOB; 2 Spence’s Hindsight Neaghley, Deerhound bitch who was very unsure when we started but with patience I was able to go over her & watch her relax, hopefully she will get out of it for she is worth it, good type who is very feminine, in good coat with a feminine head & expression, moved well with good head carriage; 3 Bates’ Classicus Omarion, Saluki. AFGHANS – J (2) 1 Hitch’s Zendushkas Amarillo, cream black masked puppy of just 9 months but what potential, he is quality, in excellent coat & condition, well grown boy who was excellent on the move with correct head & tail carriage in profile, he is balanced & was thrilled to give him BP, BOB, G3 & he went on to BPIS; 2 Hitch’s Zedushkas Take That, slightly smaller litter brother with an excellent natural saddle which only helped to show his correct topline, shoulder construction & tailset, masculine head & expression which needs to finish, these two will have lots of fun & change places as they are both quality & from the top drawer. PG (1,1) O (0). IRISH WOLFHOUNDS – J (0) PG (1,1) O (2,1) 1 Cramphorn’s Yelxba Bonnie, for nearly 9 this bitch belies her age, she is looking so well, put down in good coat & condition & showed well despite the heat, well boned legs & feet, lovely type with a feminine head & expression. BOB. GREYHOUNDS – J & PG (0) O (1) 1 Bartlett’s Jet’s Intermezzo By Night with Ransley, black dog of 6 years with nice balance & despite the heat moved well, he is a lovely type with a kind eye & masculine head, good neck & depth of chest, good hindquarters & showed & moved well for owner. Alone but still capable of winning & enjoying his days’ out. BOB. WHIPPETS – J (3) 1 Smith’s Florancy War Hawk, w/br boy of just 13 months, nice head & expression, balanced with a good neck, shoulders, topline & a good hindquarter, well boned legs & feet, moved really well for a youngster particularly back & front, in good coat with a good depth of chest. RBOB; 2 Sawer’s Danluke Do Ya Think I’m Sexy at Bumpkiss, brindle of a similar age to 1 but not quite so forward when he finishes I am sure he has a good future, he is balanced & has good body proportions, masculine head which just needs to finish but he has a lovely eye & expression, moved ok & showed well; 3 Southwick’s Woolford Douglas. PG (2,1) 1 Reed & Pace’s Dejare Dream On, alone but a worthy winner for this fawn bitch is quality, she is balanced & moved true looking particularly good in profile where you can really see her correct construction, good legs & feet & well muscled all through. O (5,2) 1 Reed & Pace’s Dejare A Dash Of Hope, f/w bitch with a feminine head & expression, well placed ears & a lovely eye, she is a lovely type who is balanced & moved well on well boned legs & feet, she has a good neck & shoulder, correct topline & well set & carried tail, in lovely coat & condition. BOB & G2; 2 Reed & Pace’s Dejare Daydream Believer, b/w very close up but again a good type & size, just preferred 1’s expression but this bitch has a good neck & shoulder, correct depth of chest, moved & showed well winning her place in this good class; 3 Nunneley’s Kelsmonk King Of Magic. BULLDOGS – J (2) 1 Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’s Taliesan of Jraygo, mature well made r/w male who is balanced & in good hard condition, moved well on good legs & feet, correct head with excellent proportions with a good clean eye & well set & used ears, good neck & shoulders, lovely ribcage & tail, he is quality yet again from this kennel & I am sure he has an excellent future ahead of him. BP & BOB; 2 Mayes’ Ragmarte Daiquiri, 8 months old puppy bitch who is just right for age, moved well & has lots of potential, excellent type with a feminine head & expression, set up looked in proportion & with a correct ribcage & loin & well set tail. BP. PG (3) 1 Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’s Lancelot of Jraygon, no wonder he appealed for his quality & type but I see now he is the litter brother of Taliesan, masculine head & expression, with the correct proportions & just the right amount of roll over nose, not over-exaggerated in any way, good eyes & correct rose ears, good neck & shoulders, well bodied & moved well on good legs & feet, in lovely coat & condition. RBOB; 2 Mayes’ Blenhiemstar Royal Flush, pretty bitch who is not overdone in any way, feminine head & expression with a good eye, enough neck & front construction, good topline & tailset, moved well & showed with enthusiasm, nice type again; 3 Weller’s Sullybulls Stan The Man at Geenawell. O (1) 1 Stoneman’s Avaword Cherry, fit, feminine bitch who is well made & balanced lovely type with good forequarters, legs & feet, enough middlepiece, moved well, good eye & expression in a feminine head, moved well, alone but a worthy winner. IMPORTED BREED REGISTER HOUNDS – J (1) Vaughan’s Rolenska No Doubt About It Odinschild, Coonhound bitch of just 17 months, thought she looked familiar & I see now that she won well under me at Bournemouth last year & she has improved no end particularly in socialisation. She is just right for age with an excellent profile movement with good head carriage, pretty head & expression with well placed & used ears, in lovely coat & condition, good bone & feet, good neck, shoulders, topline & tailset, good ribcage, she is quality & an exciting prospect. Alone but a worthy BOB & G1. GROUP: 1 Coonhound; 2 Whippet; 3 Afghan; 4 Graham’s Marvale Chancellor at Ravold, a lovely Standard Dachshund who, although still a puppy, has so much going for him, showed & moved well to win his place in this strong group. PUPPY GROUP: 1 Afghan; 2 Smooth Dachshund; 3 Whitton’s Haggatty Callisto, Beagle bitch, still a baby but showed & moved well, she is balanced with a good coat, pretty head & expression with well carried ears; 4 Strange’s Bronia’s Armand at Cazdachs, Min Smooth Dachshund, who is quality & in good coat & condition, good head still to finish but has potential, good balance with well boned legs & feet.