• Show Date: 09/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hampshire Gundog Society


ENGLISH SETTERS – P (1) 1 Bromwich’s Ilexset Primary Colour, young dog of 8 months who still needs time to pull together & move correctly. He is well coated & tried hard, at present he holds his tail high set up & moving but with maturity can be promising. BP. Y (1) 1 Loakes’ Goldbirch Hearts Desire, what a feminine young lady, so full of promise & quality who I placed highly as a puppy & she is certainly fulfilling her promise. I gave her Mum RBPIS at this same show back in 2017 & she is just as balanced & as sound moving, lovely head & expression, in excellent coat & condition with a good topline & tailset. BOB & pleased to watch her take BIS4 in a full ring of quality dogs. PG (3,1a) 1 Williams’ Richecca Midwinter, mature dog who was well presented with excellent coat & condition, won a good class, masculine head & expression with a lovely eye & well set ears, good topline & tailset, not moving so well today but the ring was a bit small for him; 2 Brown’s Merleycopse Cinder Ella to Baystrider, this bitch decided today was the day to misbehave both set up & moving & really gave her handler a hard time! Very feminine head & expression, good neck, topline & tailset, a nice size & shape when she settled. O (3) 1 Harris & Hoeksema’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela, very typical male who also found the ring a challenge! Good type & balance, masculine head & expression, good topline & tailset, when he settled he moved OK to win class & take RBOB; 2 Salmon’s Gillancette Day Dreamer, in lovely coat & condition, showed well & moved OK, slightly up on the leg for balance & for my preference, but still a good type; 3 I Primary Colour. IRISH R/W SETTERS – P (0) Y (1) Birch & West’s Corranroo Comeback at Hitides, just over a year & still unco-ordinated on the move. She is balanced & a good type, lovely coat which was in excellent condition, lovely feminine head & expression, showed well set up showing her lovely hindquarters, bone & feet. PG (1) 1 Burgess’ Settersay Scorcher via Tymaran, alone but could win in good company for she is a very typical bitch of a lovely type, good head, eye & expression, good balance, well boned legs & feet, in good coat & condition. RBOB. O (3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Rioja Crianza, needs maturity to fill out & fulfil the early promise I can see in her, such an excellent mover really using her correct forequarters & well muscled hindquarters to really cover the ground with ease, making the small ring look ok for her! Such a feminine head & expression, with a good neck & shoulders. BOB & pleased to see her shortlisted in good company; 2 Birch & West’s Sh Ch Corranroo Camero at Hitides, very maturity masculine dog in a full coat, belies his 8 years, he looked really well & moved well too, lovely masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, correct hindquarters, topline & tailset; 3 Burgess’ Lovenjoel Oceans Princess. SUSSEX SPANIELS – P (0) Y (1) Beecham’s Meggamooch Xanadu at Rydonmist, full of fun and certainly not acting like a nearly 2 year old! A dog to make you smile, but when she settled & decided to behave like a Sussex, she moved well. In excellent coat & condition, feminine head & expression, well set ears & a good eye of correct colour, when she decides to behave, I am sure she has a good future for she is quality. RBOB. PG (0) O (1) 1 Beecham’s Crumbledor Albus Dumbledor at Rydonmist, excellent dog, full of quality & breed type, he is balanced & moved so soundly & so assured. Could win in good company for he has a masculine head & expression, enough coat & a lovely disposition, he certainly made an impression on me. BOB & thrilled to watch him go BIS3. AV GUNDOGS – B (24,10) 1 Spriterufus Tarantella, good moving Toller in full coat which was well presented, he is balanced & a good type with a good head & expression, showed & moved well to win this lovely class; 2 Joneva Just Imagine, I thought I recognised him, he won a strong 3rd in a stakes class at Bournemouth last year. How he has come on, looking the complete picture now, not a small dog but full of quality, really showed & moved so well here; 3 Zolmali Hunter Erme. Brace (17,9) 1 Blackley & Salero’s black Cockers who are good match in a strong class, moved well together both in lovely coat & condition. This was a cracking class to judge & thank you all for your good sportsmanship, just what dog shows used to be like; 2 Tagg’s Flatcoated Retrievers, they are beautifully well matched & just what I was looking for, well handled & moving as one to win their place; 3 Bowen-Brooks’ Pointers. Good Citizen Dog Scheme (19,11) 1 Sh Ch Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle, l/w GSP who moved with ease & purpose today to again win a good class, March last year he took BPIS at Isle of Wight Gundog under me, my, how he has matured, still a youngster but in such hard condition that it was a joy to see, he is balanced & a good type, only beating yet another favourite of mine; 2 Sh Ch Arnac Bay Hebe, who has won a RCC at Crufts and CC at WKC under me, so a bitch I know well & have admired for a long time. She is a great ambassador for the breed & works too! Melting expression, she is quality & made for a very hard decision for me today; 3 Macarica Fair And Square. Members Stakes (7,2) 1 Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanash, mature GSP male who is well bodied in excellent muscletone, excellent neck & shoulders, moved well on well boned legs & feet, won an excellent class on type, balance & maturity; 2 Moontorn Better Half Of Me, lovely young Flatcoated Retriever who is balanced & a good type, just needs coat to finish but moved so well using her well set tail to advantage & a good topline & forequarters; 3 Mikette How Far I’ll Go to Clamerkin. RBOB Stakes (11) 1 Drake’s Fleurfield Moonflower with Clamerkin, such a pretty Pointer bitch, who, at the end of a long day, was still showing so well, lovely feminine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, moved well to wiin here; 2 Sh Ch Q Diamond Dust at F; 3 M Better Half Of Me.