• Show Date: 28/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Olivia Danks-Kemish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/09/2023

Shropshire Gundog Society

Shropshire Gundog society 



1st Miss Powell’s Hiccup’s Leaving a legacy

9month old male of good size and quality, beautiful head, soft and intelligent eyes, long muscular neck, good shoulders and well angulated. well muscled for his age. Moved well.

2nd Mrs Swatman’s Duckmire Mystery Penny 

A very pretty bitch just short of 12months of age. She presented a clean-cut head, good topline, correct angulation and moved well. 


1st Mrs L & Miss H Russell’s Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt 

A very smart 1yr old male who was very pleasing to the eye stacked and on the move. He stands over good ground and has plenty of bone. Lovely head of correct proportions, good neck and shoulders, correct topline, well muscled powerful hindquarters, correct angulation and tailset. Moved with drive. BOB 

2nd Mrs L & Miss H Russell’s Fraulynzway Hayley’s Comet 

Many similar remarks apply to this lovely girl who was very pleasing to the eye, just gave her handler a hard time today. 

Post Grad 

1st Mrs L & Miss H Russell’s Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt 

2nd Miss L Merritt’s Sperant Chocolate Cosmos JW 

Another lovely bitch, very pleasing in outline and on the move. Lacked confidence today. Would love to see her on a good day! 


1st Miss L Merritt’s Sperant Pamplemousse 

4yr old bitch who is in prime condition. Lovely make and shape, the most beautiful head, soft eyes and intelligent expression. Very well muscled. Nice tight feet, and moved well RBOB 

2nd Mrs L & Miss H Russell’s Fraulynzway Hayley’s Comet 

Bracco Italiano 


1st Miss Beecham’s Gunsyn Hotrod at Rydonmist 

10month puppy dog who was really enjoying his day today! Lovely head if correct properties, strong forequarters and powerful hindquarters, correct topline and good feet. 

He need to tighten up on the move, but this will come with age. Beautiful puppy. BPIB & RBOB 


1st Miss Beecham’s Gunsyn Hotrod at Rydonmist 

2nd Miss Beecham’s Keks Canero Bass (IMP) 

A lovely 5yr male who was handled very well today. Lovely head, good neck and topline, good angulation and moved well. 


1st Miss Beecham’s Allegro Nord Bohemia Sheram at Rydonmist (IMP Cze) 

A very smart male, sting and well balanced. A lovely sculpted head, good neck and shoulders, deep chest, good topline, well angulated. Moved well. BOB 

Italian Spinone 


1st Bevan & Thompson’s Stowledge Miriam

11month old bitch, lovely head , kind expressive eyes. Carried good bone. Good neck, shoulders and topline. Good quarters and angulation. Moved well BPIB 

Post Grad 

1st Bevan & Thompson’s Stowledge Callum

2yr old male, who possesses a nice head of correct proportions. good earset. Strong neck and shoulders, correct topline. Well off for home. Not so happy on the move today RBOB 


1st James’s Inostricani Fianna 

A lovely 3yr old bitch. Lovely head of correct proportions and kind expression. Powerful well muscled neck, correct topline, strong through the loin, and we’ll set tail. Chest deep and ribs well back. Moved with Drive and purpose. BOB



1st Adshead’s Afonbach Syrax

A very pretty 10month old puppy bitch who I would have gladly taken home today! Pretty head of correct proportions, correct eye shape and colour. Deep chest, level topline, good through the loin, well angulated fore and after. Moved very well. BPIB

2nd Anstead & Kindell’s Eusanit Pride & Joy 

11month old bitch, and many similar remarks apply. Slightly bigger in size than 1st, but not as mature in body. Moved well 


1st Greenwood’s Coedhelyg Son Shine 

Another I would have gladly taken home, I just absolutely loved everything about this boy. Only 13 months, but mature and in good coat. Beautiful head, alert expression, correct head proportions and well set ears. Correct neck, shoulder well laid back, deep in chest, well sprung ribs, strong and muscular loin. Stifles well bent and hocks well let down. correct tailset and carriage. Moved very well BOB 

2nd Adshead’s Afonbach Syrax 

Post grad

1st Adshead’s Afonbach Syrax 

2nd Brand’s Coedhelyg Jingle All The Way 

2yr old male. A smaller in overall size dog, but in proportion. I would prefer a more masculine head. Good neck and shoulders, deep chest and ribs well sprung. Well angulated and moved well. 


1st Adshead’s Afonbach Winger is coming JW. 

A lovely 6yr old male who stands over hood ground. Masculine head, alert expression. Deep chest, brisket level with elbows, well sprung rib. String through the loin and well muscled. Perhaps a little out of coat today, but that doesn’t detract from his quality. Presented in good condition. Moved well RBOB 

2nd Anstead’s Sh Ch Riverwatcher Koda. 

A very pleasing male who is certainly worthy of his title. Lovely head, correct neck and shoulders, deep in chest and ribs well sprung. Good in hindquarters. In full coat. Unfortunately today, he was carrying too much weight, which affected him on the move. 



1st Hart’s Berryessa Ballderg With Gilliegray

A lovely 3yr old bitch. Beautiful head, correct eye shape and colour, good stop and well set ears. Good neck and shoulders which flow into correct topline, and well set tail. Deep in chest, ribs well sprung, strong through the loin and croup. Well angulated fore and after. Moved well BOB 



1st Berry & Morris’s Copper’s Midsummer night’s dream (IMP SWE) 

A very raw but smart puppy dog, just my type. He possesses the most beautiful head, kind eye of correct shape and colour, good stop and pronounced occiput. He flows from his neck, through his shoulders, gently sloping topline, to his tail. Deep in chest. Covers the ground on the move. Will watch with interest as he matures. BPIB 

2nd Bentley’s Penclipin Celtic Asthore 

A different type to 1. Very pretty head, of correct proportions. She was presented well in good coat. A little upright in the shoulder for me, and needs to drop into her stifles 


1st McDonald’s Quensha Galway Girl

13 month old bitch who has the most pleasing head. Kind eye, gentle expression but full of character! She presents a lovely outline stacked and on the move. Good neck and shoulders, deep chest, ribs well back, strong topline, stifles well bent and hocks short and strong. Moved with drive. RBOB 

2nd Berry & Morris’s Copper’s Midsummer night’s dream (IMP SWE) 

Post grad 



1st Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegray JW ShCM 

Smart 6yr old male who was presented in good hard condition and in full coat. Pleasing head of correct proportions. Enough stop, pronounced occiput, good chiselling around his kind eyes of correct shape and colour. Strong neck and well placed shoulder, correct topline. Deep in chest, ribs well sprung and well back. String through the loin. Correct angulation, and moved with precision and drive. BOB 

Welsh Springer Spaniel 


1st Lewis & Moore’s Kidenoan Behind Marek Von Trannon NAF TAF

A mature puppy who has a pleasing head, kind eye and an intelligent expression. We’ll set ears. Good neck and shoulders. Well angulated with good bone. BPIB 

2nd Thomas’s Tigerrock Top Gun 

At just 6months of age, he didn’t have the maturity of 1, but nevertheless he has quality. He possess a lovely head, well set ears. Good length of leg, good bone, correct angulation and nice tight feet. A little unsure of his surroundings today. 

Post grad 

1st Moore’s Kidenoan Mark That Bird. 

A smaller cast bitch, but presented in super muscle tone and condition. Nice head, good eye shape and well set ears. Good angulation fore and after, deep in chest, ribs well sprung. Tidy feet. 

2nd Lewis’s Kidenoan Mark Up Von Trannon 

Much more my type than 1, but he was very unsettled today. He has a beautiful head, and lovely body properties. 


1st Philipson’s Menstonia Meteor 

A smart male presented in full coat, and lovely condition. Lovely head of correct proportions. Kind and expressive eyes, full of intelligence and character. Well set ears. Good strong neck into well placed shoulders. Deep in chest, rings well spring and well back. Good length to leg with good bone. Firm in topline. Strong through the loin and slightly arched croup. Well angulated. Moved well BOB 

2nd Whitfield’s Glenbrows Heart to Heart

A lovely bitch at just short of 7years of age. The most beautiful head which is starting to grey. Kind eye and intelligent expression. Presented in good coat. Carrying a little too much weight for me today.