• Show Date: 16/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nina Pace Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/03/2024

Hitchin & District Canine Society

Hitchen & District Canine Society 

16th April 2023 


Thankyou to the committee for the invitation to judge this show and Thank-you to the British Dalmatian Club for the supported entry and Bannerette for BOB. 

Puppy ( 1 entries, 1 absent) 

Junior (0,0) 

Post graduate (2) 

1st Mrs J & Mr W Tysterman - Carodal Jacobs Ladder 

L/w bitch 22 months 

I've judged this girl previously and is was great to see her again.

Pretty girl with a lovely head consisting of desired attributes.

Balanced throughout with a super topline that remained level on the stand and on the move. On the move she held her self perfectly from nose to tail, with the desired head carriage.

Today she narrowly missed out on another BOB as I preferred the muscle tone of the open winner and her enthusiasm and drive on the move 

2nd Mrs M L & Mr A J Penn- Dalfellin Agape

B/W 2 year old bitch 

Unsettled today on the stand which had a tendancy to throw out her topline, slightly out of coat with little evidence of dallyrash. Elegant girl with the correct amount of bone and good substance, she has a

good head, into a beautiful long arched neck, when settled her neck flowed onto a level top line, good length of rib and loin. Well muscled 2nd thigh, Powered round the ring but fore and aft not as positive as 1st today. 

Open ( 2, 1) 

1st Mr C, Mrs A E & Miss L Healey & Wheaton - Hebemor Ruby Tiger From Acinonyx JW 

4year old L/W bitch 

Good head on to nice long arched neck, well laid back shoulder. Good amount of bone and substance yet remaining elegant. Had a tendancy to carry her head a little high on the move. But could not be denied BOB she moved with power and drive every time I moved her 

Judge Nina Pace ( Brondelvcede)