• Show Date: 12/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nigel Phillips Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Afghan Hound Club

Afternoon Show - Bitches

MPB (2,1) 1 Bellringer's Pramya Keep Your Eyes On Me IMP. 6mo gold who showed well given her baby looks. Nice length foreface, eye a touch large, skull balanced. Long shoulder, slightly short return. Stands straight, sloping pasterns. Good rib to loin proportions, level topline, tail tightly rung, good quarters. Collected movement. 

PB (2) 1 Latimer & Gorman's Sitana Moon Star at Zharook. 11mo gold of classic look. Attractive balanced head. Long neck leading to a well constructed front, pipping her opponent on return of upper arm. Stands straight, big feet. Good width and depth in body, loved her topline, pins, fallaway and ring tail. Balanced quarters. Superb condition. Moved with spring and style. BPB BPIS. 2 Lawson-Ball's Sitana Mystique at Zarcar. Sister to 1 and no doubting it. Much the same applies, she has a better eye, hidden by her rather wavey but profuse top-knot. Almost as well constructed, a touch straighter upper arm. Moves with a springy lightness, a pleasure to watch. 

VB (6,2) 1 Ch Zandahar Just Tiger Lilly JW ShCM. 9yo brindle true veteran of the showring. Beautiful head, a balance of femininity and punishing strength. Super front, good width and depth of chest, short loin maintaining her topline, correct weight to define her pins, balanced quarters and ring tail. A stride which lead this class. BVB BVIS. 2 Multi Ch Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan JW IMP. 8yo striking gold of beautiful outline. Balanced head with typical expression, long neck, a front my hands glided over. Compact, very pleasing body, good quarters. Sound and square. Tail a little loose. Silky profuse coat. Moved well. 3 Int Lux Ch Amal Salang Hey I'm The Star At Zushkhan IMP. 

JB (1) 1 Latimer & Gorman's Sitana Moon Star at Zharook. 

YB (2) 1 Dowd & Malia's Saxonmill Mirror Image. 19mo bl/cr of a type I like. Balanced feminine head, longest of necks into smooth sloping shoulders and good return. Beautiful proportions, well sprung and proportioned ribs, level topline, balanced rear, perfect ring tail. Keeps a super outline on the move. RBB. 2 Humphrey's Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove. 22mo cream picture of feminity. Finer type, eye that cut through me and lovely chiseled expression. Square outline, defined pins, balanced front and rear. Light, pleasing spring and stride. 

NB (3) 1 Latimer & Gorman's Sitana Moon Star at Zharook. 2 Lawson-Ball's Sitana Mystique at Zarcar. 3 Bellringer's Pramya Keep Your Eyes On Me IMP.

GB (4,1) Mitchell Smithson & Thornton's Absolute Afghans India at Karnak IMP. 2yo bm gold of attractive type. Expressive head with a deeper jawline. Super front, excellent ribbing, short loin and balanced quarters. Covers good ground on the move. Lovely coat texture, plenty of it, solid condition. 2 Parson's Honeysuckle to Shukriya. 22mo cream of finer type. Attractive ultra-feminine head. Pleasing square outline presenting a balanced picture. Moved soundly. 3 Cloudside Zarzuella at Ikusimokon. 

PGB (5,2) 1 Edward's Rhajikhan Aurora. 2yo upstanding brindle of compact type. Head of feminine strength, slight stop, lovely eye. Well laid shoulder, good return. Stands straight. Well sprung rib of good depth, compact length, short strong loin. Balanced quarters. Moved with a stride that headed this class, though tense which spoiled her outline. 2 Fisher's Shimalma Campari Goes To Ifmaraf. 2yo cream of pleasing outline. Lovely feminine head with super dark eye. Well laid shoulder, not the return of 1. Balanced quarters. In lovely coat. 3 Joneca Eternal Flame. 

LB (6,3) 1 Hedge's Unstoppable Happy Go Lucky AI IMP. 3yo bl/cr with such appeal and beautiful type. Feminine head, wonderful expression. Correct from front, middle to rear to head this class. Super topline, pins and fallaway with the finishing ring tail. Sound mover, in lovely condition and coat. 2 Lancashire & O'Donnell's Syrdarya Ceylon Chai Drishaun. 3yo red of striking colour. Super head, balanced, feminine with a royal expression, her greatest asset. Pleasing square outline, a balanced picture. Silky coat. Solid condition. 3 Vowles' Neytiri De Koulanger with Azmari IMP. 

OB (6,3) 1 Rhodes & Shaverneva's Shadowfax Threepenny Opera JW. 4yo cr/domino who filled my eye. Up to size, balanced and feminine. Lovely head, darkest of eye, ears set low. Correct front, stands straight on large feet. Well ribbed, short loin, ring tail held perfectly on the move. Effortless, springy, ground covering gait of high style which headed the girls today. Excellently presented and subtly handled. BB BOS. 2 Lancashire & O'Donnell's Ch Drishaun Consider The Lilly JW. 4yo brindle of such balance, wonderful standing outline. Beautiful head, long neck, well constructed balanced front and rear, body to match. Good topline. Dripping in coat and condition. 3 O'Donnell's Ch Drishaun Faith Is Like A Lilly for Javidan JW. 

Nigel Phillips