• Show Date: 01/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nicola Sturrock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

1st May 2023

Thank you to the committee for the invite to judge this show. It was a lovely atmosphere at the show. Would have preferred a bigger ring for some of the larger gundogs to assess movement better, but I was pleased with overall quality throughout the breeds. Thank you for bringing them.

Gundog Group 1 – EVALUNA CHASING RAINBOWS WITH HOOKWOOD JW – Pointer. Beautiful Pointer bitch, so well balanced and correct series of curves throughout. Great head and expression, good length of neck, good shoulders and front and rear angulation. She moved around the ring with such style and ease. Pleased to award her Group 1. Group 2. WSS - ISFRYN LADY GREY OF GILSTONIA - WSS. Group 3 HR I/FED BIH CH NICAEL BLUE DIAMOND AMONG OHANAVA – H. Vizsla. Group 4 WANSLEYDALE MAYFLOWER – English Setter.

Gundog Puppy Group 1 – OUSEVALE ANGELS KISS AT CARIANJO – Golden Ret. What a pretty bitch, so well presented and had a beautiful head and expression. So well balanced for her age. Good head and expression, good in both front and rear angulation. Moved around the ring with style and attitude. Puppy Group 2 – CLAMERKIN JUBILEE SURPRISE AT HOOKWOOD – Pointer. Another promising puppy, well balanced throughout, everything as it should be for age. Moved out very well. Puppy Group 3 - SABISABI APACHE TONKA AT GEENAWELL – American Cocker Sp. Puppy Group 4 – BARKERSDREAM HOWL YOU DOING.

AV NSC Gundog - Puppy

1st SABISABI APACHE TONKA AT GEENAWELL – American Cocker Sp. Beautifully balanced puppy. Stood well. Pleasing head, good depth and angulation. Correct tail set. Moved out well.

2nd QUENSHA REMEMBER THE NAME – Irish Setter. What a happy boy, enjoying the show ring and his day out. Lovely melting head and expression. Good low set ears, lay back of shoulder and straight front. Well ribbed and correct rear angulation for age. He moved well around the small ring.

AV NSC Gundog - Special Yearling

1st FECIMUS SON OF A GUN – Field sp – Really liked this boy for overall balance and shape when stood. Pleasing head and expression, good layback of shoulder and well off for bone. Good spring of rib. Moved out very well around the ring with driving action.

2nd FOXRIEVER GREY GHOST TAF – Curly Coated Ret. 5th in a lovely puppy class. Lovely puppy that had a cheeky expression. Good layback of shoulder and straight front. Well off for rib and depth of chest. Good tail set. Moved well.

AV NSC Gundog – Post Graduate

1st TALPALUPO LAFAYETTE – Italian Sp – Lovely balanced bitch, with great bone and presented well. Lovely head and expression. Has good depth of chest and spring of rib. Has good feet. Moved well both coming and going and driving action around the ring. RBAVNSC.

2nd KINCSEM FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – H. Vizsla – Pleasing picture when stood, had a good head and expression. Slight longer cast, but still balanced and good angulation. Good depth of chest. Carried tail high on the move, but moved out well around the ring.

AV NSC Gundog – Open

1st HR I/FED BIH CH NICAEL BLUE DIAMOND AMONG OHANAVA – H. Vizsla. Beautiful well balanced bitch. She really stood out for her overall balanced and shape and was not disappointed when going over. Well angulated throughout, pleasing head and expression, good ear set. Moved very well both coming and going driving around the ring. BAVNSC.

2nd AM/CAN/UK CH FECIMUS WRITTEN IN THE STARS – Field Sp – Another lovely example of their breed. Pleasing head and expression, good layback of shoulder, front and rear angulation. Good depth of chest. Very happy when on the move showing correct movement both coming and going.

WSS Post Graduate

1st TROSLEY TAMOSHANTA – 3 year old male. Well off for bone and body. Good front angulation and shoulder placement. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved well around the ring. RBOB

WSS Open

1st ISFRYN LADY GREY OF GILSTONIA – 6 year old bitch. Very balanced when stood. Beautiful head and expression. Well angulated front and rear. Good topline and depth of chest. Moved well both coming and going. BOB.

English Setter Post Graduate

1st. WANSLEYDALE MAYFLOWER – Blue belton bitch. Very feminine throughout but everything where it should be. Very pretty head and expression. Good ear set. Good length of neck and shoulder placement. Good angulation both front & rear. Would prefer stronger in front pasterns but moved well with great driving action. BOB

2nd JULDEANE LINE OF DUTY (AI) – Orange belton male, balanced when stood, pleasing picture. Heavier in head but good for body. Good tail set. Moved OK.

English Setter Open

1st – DOBBIES DELIGHT AT GRANTASTAR – 9 year old male. Not showing his age! Very well balanced and carried himself with a good topline. Pleasing head and expression. Good straight front. Would prefer tighter feet but well angulated. Moved out well. RBOB

2nd SILVAMOON STORM TROOPER FOR PHENSET JW – Tri coloured male, pleasing in outline but not as strong in front angulation as 1. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Slightly longer made. Moved Well.

AV Gundog Puppy

1st WATERBABIES SONIC BOOM TO EASTBURY AND HECTSON (IMP IT) – Golden Retriever male, who is well up for size but very well made throughout. Beautiful head and expression, good angulation in front and rear. Lovely tight feet. Moved around the ring with great animation and drive catching your attention.

2nd CRAVESSA’S BOTTOMS UP – It Spinone – 3rd in AV NSC Puppy. Slightly finer made throughout, but good angulation. Presented in good coat and condition. Moved OK.

AV Gundog Post Graduate

1st MOLBRAM VENOSA AT CARIANJO – Golden Ret – Very nice bitch, loved her when stood caught my eye straight away. So balanced throughout, best of heads. Good front and nice feet. Good depth throughout and correct tail set not carried high. Moved out very well around the ring.

2nd PEARLBARN PASHA AT RUGGLESTONE – Golden Ret – Heavier made male but balanced. Good angulation in both front and rear. Good feet. Carried tail slightly high on the move, but moved well.

AV Gundog Open

1st FREESTONE CHANCES ARE – Cocker Sp – 4 year old bitch, slightly longer than I would like but has good angulation front and rear. Good top line and tail set. Pleasing head and expression. Lovely feet. Moved well.

AV Gundog Veteran

1st PHENSET FIREFLY – English Setter – Well balanced and presented in beautiful coat and condition defying age. Correct, beautiful head and expression and length of neck. Would prefer a little more depth of chest but had good front and rear angulation. Correct tail set. Moved well, with driving action around the ring.

2nd LADY IN RED DE AMBERSCLAN OF RUMWOOD – Golden Ret – Nice balanced, good head and expression. Good tail set. Moved OK.

Border Terrier Puppy

1st BINGOBONGO’S JUBILEE – Nice balanced bitch, of good size and had a deep but narrow body. Head moderately broad and short in muzzle. In good dense coat. Was a little nervous today, but seen enough and moved out well. BP

2nd ONZIEMEHURST MILLY EARHART – Slightly taller than 1, but still balanced. Had good angulations and good colour. Moved OK.

Border Terrier Sp Yearling

1st CEILLOCH GRIFFIN AT ONZIEMEHURST – Nice balanced bitch of good size and proportions. Narrow bodied with good front angulation. Nice small feet. Good depth. Moved out well with drive. BOB


Border Terrier Post Graduate

1st RONARF BORN AGAIN – Good size, had a pleasing head with, of good width. Good Dark eye and expression. Would prefer tidier coat, but moved well with drive. RBOB

2nd TAYNIC GLADIATOR – Bigger made throughout. Pleasing head and good tail set. Good Angulation, moved well.

Border Terrier Open

1st MONTANA COWBOY – The best balanced in class with good angulation in both front and rear. Correct depth for size. Good small feet. Moved out well.


Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

1st LASERNA ROMOUR HAS IT – 7 month old bitch of good size. Good finish to muzzle and enough stop. She has correct ear set, not carrying too low. Nice bone and balanced throughout. Good span. Would like a little more rear angulation but that should come with age. Moved out well. Tail carried a little over, but pleasing puppy.

Jack Russel Terrier Open

1st PERFECT LOVE DI SUTRI AT LASERNA (IMP ITA) - Correct balance and outline. Slightly longer than she is tall. Good head and expression, depth. Correct angulation both front and rear. Carried tail well and drove around the ring. BOB.