• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nicola Garbutt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/10/2023

Morecambe & Heysham Canine Association

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the utility group and to the exhibitors for my lovely entry and also to my 2 stewards Liz and Carol who did an excellent job keeping everything running smoothly. This was quite a busy show as there was 2 shows being held at the same venue and I think for some of the exhibits it unsettled them a bit as there was so much going on in the morning. I had some lovely dogs to go over presentation on the whole was good but did find when putting my hands on some of the longer coated breeds that there combs hadn’t quite reached the bottom of there coats , the other thing I also found that a few of the exhibitors struggled to show me there dogs teeth so maybe something to practice at a training class. Boston Terrier P. (3,2)1.Roulston Ivyjewel Put a Spell on You 9.5 months old bitch lovely breed type feminine head free from wrinkles cheeks flat dark eyes wide deep muzzle good dentition arched neck good shoulder placement straight front neat feet toes well arched level top line low set tail good body for age on the move she really excelled keeping everything together in a noisy environment well handled to get the best out of her when it came to top honours she stepped it up another gear was pleased to award her BOB BPIB G2 PG1 and delighted to see her go RBPIS think she is going to have a very exciting future one to watch. J.(1)1.Roulston Ivyjewel Dare to Dream 14 mth male from the same kennel as the puppy this young man had so much to like about him but he was unsettled by the atmosphere on the morning so was giving his handler a hard time well marked brindle with square head deep padded muzzle well developed body level top line well muscled rear angulation just not as positive on the move today which cost him BOB but im sure on another day the tables will turn he has to have a bright future.PG. (1,1)O.(2,1)1. Roulston Kenxtwen Beauty Bluebell at Ivyjewel bitch with lovely dark eyes skull was flat on top and free from wrinkles erect ears set correctly which she used well flat cheeks well defined stop straight front tight compact feet level top line good spring of rib well handled .Dalmatian P(4,1) A lovely class with 3 nice puppies at different stages of development im sure there owners will have some fun with them.1.BPIB Newton What you see is what you get Passionate about you for Chizzmic (IMP)6 months black spot male masculine head good eye and expression good length of neck firm topline lovely straight front good layback of shoulder good rear angulation with good turn of stifle on the move he strode out round the ring once he settled as he was enjoying himself lovely happy boy.2.Wilkins Salvadorada Heads Will Roll 8 months male slightly rangier type than the winner not as developed in body but that will come with age clean head dark eye good pigment well placed ears good proportion muzzle tight feet well angulated hind quarters good reach and drive in profile close discission between these two youngster’s but just preferred the front movement of the winner today 3.Foster Dallyador White Myrtle.J.(2,1)1.Tavill Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockica (IMP BEL) 13.5 months male well proportioned head flat skull eyes of good colour moderate stop he has a lovely outline stacked and on the move neck of good length deep brisket well muscled loin well handled to show off his virtues.PG(7,1)This was a close decision again between my first and second in this class as they were 2 lovely bitches so I was splitting hairs and possibly on another day there placings could change.1.Newton / Newton -O Brien Cotterspot Nidderdale Lady of Chizzmic black spotted girl with a femmine head and expression moderate stop oval shaped eyes ears of good shape and set arched neck well sprung ribs muscular loin good tail length and carriage moved freely with good carriage lovely straight movement when viewed from the front 2.Melling Jemblewood Candy Floss liver spot bitch who possesses a lot of the same virtues as the winner very feminine head lovely straight front level top line good turn of stifle moving true coming and going compact round feet firm hindquarters 3.Tavill Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockica (IMP BEL).O (5,1)1.BOB G4Foster Perditas Tomorrowland JW pretty femmine head beautiful eye shape giving a lovely melting expression ears of good size and shape good pigmentation she is well constructed throughout she has a lovey topline good depth of chest and spring of rib on the move she has great reach and drive muscular hindquarters BOB and later in the group that had some really lovely dogs to choose from she was G4.French Bulldog J(3,1)1.Hepworth Anessabull She’s Mirabel 17 months bitch lovely head shape and type for a young bitch lovely expression correctly shaped and positioned bat ears dark round eyes set correctly moderate length of neck good shoulders straight front good body shape correct roach with a low tail set moved with ease around the ring.2.Korennaja Wildax Rowendale Christmas Pudding what a sweetheart this young lady was at just 8 months had a lot to like about her but today she wanted to do things her way she had the loveliest of handlers who was so gentle and kind with her when she did want to move she was very balanced and steady lovely bat ears correct ear set wide jaw with a well padded muzzle short cobby body BPIB keep practicing and she will get there.PG(3)1.BOB Hepworth Anessabull Louie’s a Looker litter brother to my junior winner Masculine head of good shape and type ears of medium size rounded at the top and set high dark round eyes very good mouth straight front down to lovely compact feet short compact and cobby good spring of rib gentle roach moved freely and soundly round the ring.2.Gough Katakia Valerie’s Beauty 17 month bitch not as mature in body as winner slightly longer cast dark round eyes good jaw straight front enough bone correct roach with a low tail set moderate rear angulation.3.Korennaja Onnis of my sweet moments (IMP HUN).O (1)1. Hepworth Annesabull Louie’s a Looker. Japanese Shiba Inu J(2,1)1.BPIB Fitzakerly Bearpark Candy 11mths Red Bitch shown in lovely condition well presented and handled neat ears good eye colour very pleasing head and expression level top line and correct tail set and carriage good rear moves well.PG(2)1.BOB G1Roskell Phixons Straumann 17mths male quality head small ears correct bite dark expressive eyes stands parallel in front correct top line good tail set and carriage he never faltered on the move even with a change of handler who did a super job was pleased to award him top honours today.2.Jobson & May Doriken Royal Keepsake 8 months male with a lovely out going personality nice head piece small neat ears dark eye stands true in front good rear a lovely puppy. O(1)Fitzakerly Bearpark Galicia smart male of good breed type neat ears dark eye firm rear level top line good tail set moved well. Shih Tzu J(3,2)1.Cutts&Smith Senousi Dressed Like Him 15 month male with a profuse coat for his age pleasing head and expression broad underjaw with good dentition well laid shoulders good body with high set well carried tail .PG(2,1)1.Provost Paliden Magic Star 18 month male attractive head and expression pleasing eyes well ribbed body presents a good out line on the move .O(3.1) This was a lovely class with 2 very well presented males who’s coats were immaculate both handlers showed there dogs so well to get the best out of them as the surface was not the best with low dogs and long coats the winner I have judged before and he is maturing so well 1.BOB Moore & Casentieri Emerson Alpiu Slenis of Alchez JW ShCEx OSW (IMP LTU) black and tan male good head proportions broad wide jaw good length of neck level top line well ribbed body lovely balanced movement .2. Mhatre Alchez After the Storm black and white male who had a lot of the same virtues as the winner nice dark eye good head and expression well bodied good bone strong neck into level top line balanced outline when stood just not as positive in front as the winner today but sure they could change places. Lhasa Apso J(4,2)1.BPIB PG2 Roberts Mytilene Back to Black into Marbledale loved this young man such a positive attitude well proportioned head dark eye medium stop gently arched neck well laid shoulders straight limbs level back firm loin high set tail he move out well with purpose and attitude.2.O’Doherty Autumnspell Heaven Sent very femmine young lady of just 9.5 months like the winner had a really positive cheeky attitude feminine head and expression dark eye wide jaw level top line beautiful presented coat I was really splitting hairs in this class but today preferred the more balanced movement of the winner but 2 lovely puppies who im sure will change places but have bright showing careers.PG(2,1)1.Schuckardt Kutani Black Opal at Frenchlands JW feminine bitch with lovely head correct bite moderate stop dark well shaped eye arched neck into well laid shoulders level top line beautifully presented coat. O(3)1.BOB G3 Roberts CH. Domensa Glint of Glory with Marbledale beautiful head with correct muzzle to skull ratio moderate stop expressive dark eyes strong gently arched neck well boned straight forelimbs firm level top line high set tail coat of good texture and beautifully presented moved soundly.2.Schuckardt Elmichapel Walk in My Shoes at Frenchlands JW another lovely bitch with a feminine head dark expressive eyes straight legs abundant coat that was well presented moved well good top line and tail set.3. Scales Zentarr Osbourne. Tibetan Terrier J (2,1)1. BOB BPIB PG3 Price & Leese Araki Wowie Zowie. what a lovely puppy she is a quality example of her breed and she must have a bright future ahead of her 10 months with well shaped femmine head good pigment lovely dark eye she presents a lovely shape when stood and on the move her coat was well presented and good for her age I just loved her and could not deny her top honours today good luck in the future.2.Thomas Kelmorespitz Finding Magic just 6 months male so still quite raw but still a lovely puppy loved his attitude as wasn’t phased by everything that was going on around him good head proportions dark eyes strong neck level top line on the move he was balanced and steady thought these were 2 exciting puppies. PG.(1)1.Thomas Kelmorespitz Smokin Storm sturdy male compact without a hint of coarsness well proportioned head dark round eye clean neck level top line just not a happy boy today. O.(3)1.Thomas Kelmorespitz Dazzled Storm JW pretty bitch with a feminine head good eye colour and shape well angulated front firm loin well bent stifles level top line well set on tail moved out well covering the ground.2.Summers Palshar Glitter and Glitz at Remmus bigger bitch than winner of this class but not heavy head of good proportions with a lovely eye and kind expression strong well developed body good depth of brisket strong loin moved freely.3.Nixon Roymarlas Majestic Star .Tibetan Spaniel J(2)1.BPIB PG4 Gilling Talocan Heart of Eternity 10 months male of nice size and good outline well balanced head dark oval shaped eyes arched neck correct hare feet moved with good carriage.2.Derizzio Saxted Flash Harry bigger type than winner dark oval eyes well set ears correct hare feet level back high set tail.PG.(3)1.Gilling Princess Mulan ILharess of Talocan JW (IMP POL) feminine bitch with nice head and expression dark eyes well set ears good mouth good cushioned muzzle nice hare feet level top line good tail set moved well.2.Harford Tuyet Forever Bonnie well balanced bitch slightly longer in body than the winner pretty feminine head dark oval shaped eyes good neck nice hare feet good tail set moved well. O(8)What a super class this was with some quality exhibits.1.Davies CH Bowcara Be My Guest JW this boy caught my eye as soon as he walked in the ring he has style and ring presence and wasn’t surprised to see that he is a champion good head proportions with a slight dome correct eye shape witch were dark and expressive good front assembly straight legs with the correct bow correct hare feet moved true coming and going.2.Davies Bowcara Rose Gold litter sister to the winner of the class pretty feminine bitch with good head proportions dark pigment good eye shape and colour straight legs correct bow hare feet level top line.3.Gilling YA Asia ILharess of Talocan (IMP POL).4.Harford Mennimoonz Little Mole. A.V. Import Breed Utility PG(2)1.Best AV Import Breed & AV Import Breed Puppy Utility Casentieri Alchez Simply Radishing NAF RAF Xolo (Mexican hairless ) what a little sweety this young lady was she really owned the ring today smooth coat dark eye good ear set strong neck won this class over her sister on the more positive balanced movement.2.Wright Alchez Swede But Psyco Xolo (Mexican Hairless)litter sister to the winner lovely happy girl with sweet expression good ear set and top line just not as settled on the move as her sister today think it was quite exciting for her but did make me smile. AV Import Breed Utility O(0).A.V. N.S.C.Utility P.(3)1.BNSCP.Moores & Speakman Sachemic Mischief Managed (Standard Poodle) nearly 7 months black bitch with a well presented coat feminine well proportioned head lovely shaped dark expressive eyes tight neck good straight front and stands on tight feet nicely arched neck with good shoulders short coupled good rear angulation good tail set would prefer better carriage she won this class on her more balanced and settled movement think you will have some fun with her as she matures,2.Evans Kensesqui Maxim (Standard Poodle) well what can I say about this boy he is brown and just over 6 months so of course he was doing things his way he is immature at the moment but that will come with time he has lovely pigment and eye colour lovely refined head also good tail set and carriage he just needs time but persevere with him and eventually it will all come together but he did make me smile.3.Holroyd Afterglow Brutus Beefcake at Silvadene(Toy Poodle)lovely black boy with a good head and eye he has a wealth of coat and good tail set and carriage just not happy in the ring today but it was a busy show. J.(7,3)1.Rollinson Chadbower Fell from Heaven (Schipperke) 14 months bitch with a feminine head of correct proportions lovely dark expressive eyes well set erect ears arched neck of good length cobby body neat tight feet.2.Downs Liefkees Assisi (Keeshond)17 months male well coated keen alert expression neat ears decent bone high set well carried tail moved well with an easy clean action well handled and presented.3.Preston Volgarus Be My Guest at Brooksbeauty (Standard Poodle).PG.(4,1)1.Davis Ryuukita Danu (IKC)(Japanese Akita Inu) beautifully presented white girl good textured coat wedged shaped head eye of good shape and set good ear set strong neck good length of back high set tail well handled.2.Howard Denroma Roses are Red (Toy Poodle) pretty head with good pigment good eye shape and colour tail set a little low but good carriage moved well cheeky expression.3.Clare Maghullpaws Stitch (Bulldog).O(6,2)1.BNSC Holmes All Set For Dencas Alpha Nero CPW19(IMP CZE)(Schipperke)balanced black who presented a lovely out line nicely proportioned head dark expressive eyes nicely angulated rear lovely jacket at one with his owner brisk mover.2.Preston Brooksbeauty Hot Breeze (Toy Poodle) very exuberant white girl ultra femmine good pigment dark expressive eyes straight front tight feet a real happy girl .3.Manners CH Chadbower Navaeh Lahetti (Schipperke) ADULT GROUP 1. Shiba Inu 2.Boston Terrier 3.Lhasa Apso 4.Dalmation PUPPY GROUP 1. Boston Terrier 2. Lhasa Apso 3. Tibetan Terrier 4. Tibetan Spaniel A.V.Utility P.(7,5)1.Newton What You See is What You Get Passionate About You For Chizzmic (IMP )(Dalmatian)2.Evans Kensesqui Maxim (Standard Poodle).A.V. Utility Veteran(7) What a fabulous class this was very close decisions could have quite easily handed out more than one red card it was lovely to see so many veterans.1.Davies CH Mullagh Twilight Over Bowcara (IMP)(Tibetan Spaniel) 8 years young correct dark eyes head of good proportions hare feet straight legs correct bow good tail set moved true coming and going noticed that she is the mother to my 1st and 2nd in the Tibetan Spaniel open class.2.Rollinson FIN/IR CH Fandal’s UN Amor for Chadbower (IMP FIN)(Schipperke)male 9 years shown in lovely condition balanced dog with good head proportions dark expressive eyes cobby body well rounded rump moved well.3. Cree Gibbcrees Didnt Expect That (Tibetan Spaniel). Judge Nicola Garbutt