• Show Date: 04/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Natasha Walker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/01/2024

Amman Valley Canine Society

Staffordshire Bull Terriers –

Judge: Natasha Walker (TESHLEYSTAF)

I want to thank the society for inviting me to judge and making me feel very welcome, the show seemed to run effortlessly by itself, which is a huge credit to the committee as it is never that simple, and more just a job well done. Secondly a thank you to my steward Gareth Thomas whose attentiveness allowed the ring to run in an effective and efficient manner. And, finally a thank you to all of the exhibitors who entered under me and allowed me the honour to go over their dogs. I had a wonderful day, and it was great to see my top honours do so well in the groups!

Puppy (6,2)


A very pretty 7-month black brindle bitch with the strong yet feminine head shape, correct stop, dark round eyes, keen alert expression, neat ears and correct scissors bite, tight lip and good underjaw. For her age she is shaping up well with a straight front that led into well placed shoulders, on first glance she looked to need more width to her front and ribcage but with hands on she had plenty of bone for her size at this stage and I’d imagine as she continues to mature and develop this will come on more. She has a developing hindquarter with a good bend of stifle and good rear angulations. Once settled, she moved soundly for a puppy holding her topline. She was my BPIB and it was a great pleasure to see her go TPG2. Well done best of luck with her!


Brindle 8-month dog, much stronger than first all over. Absolutely stunning boy with correct proportions. A strong head with sufficient stop, Neat Ears, Dark round eyes which match his coat colour, Correct Muzzle length, Correct Bite, and Enough underjaw. His short neck flowed into his well-placed shoulders and straight front and good forechest. This boy does not lack bone, he has a good depth to his brisket, good spring of rib and a level topline, he has a good developing rear and sufficient bend of stifle. He was being a puppy on the move, so he set the challenge of trying to assess his movement. But, in the snippets I saw he did not lack drive and moved well enough for me. He really pushed hard for the first place today, he just lacked ring presence and the free-flowing movement of the first place today but on any day, he could pip her to the post.


Litter sister to my first, and equally as pretty. 7-month black brindle, lost out today on the fact I wished there was more of her. However, at such a tender age I am sure there is more to come. She harbours many of the traits of her sister. She has the strong feminine head, correct stop, dark round eyes, and correct mouth. She is close coupled and has good rear angulations. She moved out confident and well holding her topline on the move.

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (6,4)


2-year-old black brindle dog. Top Size, Overall Strong Dog. He has a strong head with well filled cheeks, dark round eyes, good stop, neat ears and a clean correct muzzle, and a good bite. He has a wide set front with well-muscled shoulders and a good depth of brisket, good forechest and a well sprung rib. Longer cast, but this maintains his balance. His rear was well enough angulated. His condition was good. He moved well, I would have preferred more drive from his rear on the move. I put in my notes waits till the last minute, and with this I mean pulled keen alert expression right out and at last minute to secure himself RBOB.

2. 8 - Hands & Wyatt’s-SKYESTAFF’S TAKE ME ON

Pretty 18-month-old black brindle bitch. Alert and keen. This bitch knew she was on a mission. Unlucky to meet first place today as they are very different ends of the standard. She is well balanced for her type and size. Her outlines and angulations are all in proportions for her. Keen alert expression, the darkest round eyes, clean lipped, correct mouth. For her size she had sufficient spring of rib and well angulated rear. She is put out in the best of conditions, rock hard to touch. She was a tad unsettled on the move which led to her struggling to show her best.

Open (8,4)

1. 13 - Hands & Freeman’s- SKYESTAFF SHE CONQUERED JW

This bitch demanded my attention as soon as she walked in the ring, she stared me in the eyes as if to tell me she was winning the class. Bold she was! Black Brindle 2-Year-old Standard Size Bitch. She has a feminine head with the keenest expression, sufficient stop, round dark eyes, the neatest of ears. Correct length of muzzle, clean as whistle, correct scissor bite, plenty of underjaw. She has a straight front that led into well laid shoulder. Neat and Tidy Feet. Correct depth of brisket, good forechest and a plenty of rib for her size. She is close coupled, and this led into her well angulated rear with good bend of stifle and let down hocks. She is fit as a fiddle and put out in rock hard condition, there is not a muscle on her body that lacks. She moved across the ring with drive from her rear holding a level topline at all times. I couldn’t deny what this dog asked of me, she was my BOB and it was great to see her win the Terrier Group!

2. 20 - Whitley’s – GINSTEAN ABSOLUTE

2-year-old black brindle bitch with white flash on chest. Another stunning bitch. This bitch played a game with her handler, testing whether she wanted to be here or not. I am glad she settled because once settled she become something else. Beautiful strong feminine headpiece, with round eye, good stop, correct scissor bite, good depth to underjaw and neat ears. Her neck flowed neatly into her shoulders and had enough rib for her size. She is close coupled and has good angulation on her rear. At first, she didn’t move well for her handler but once settled. She moved well with sufficient drive from her rear. She pushed hard in the challenge and I really considered her. I just wish she was a tad more bold & fearless in the ring. But I certainly wouldn’t argue bringing her home and having her on my sofa!


Black brindle 2-year-old dog. Boy this dog has a headpiece and he knows how to use it! He is small and compact, and I think for me the strong headpiece throws out the balance. However, it didn’t hide his virtues. It harbours, round eyes, neat ears, correct bite and plenty of stop. Although more compact, his front doesn’t lack width nor rib. He is close coupled and has sufficient angulation. To be honest to myself I would have liked him in a fitter condition. However, he moved beautifully holding his topline and his handler and him looked like the dream team together in the ring.