• Show Date: 22/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Natasha Thomas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southampton & District Canine Association

I would like to thank Southampton & District Canine Association for the invite, and also thank them for putting on the Miniature Bull Terrier class that day. Although it was a wet day, everyone was still in good spirits and the show ran smoothly. Thank you to everyone who entered and exhibited under me that day.

Bull Terrier

Class 253- Puppy

1st NEVERNIGHTS ECLIPSE- A lovely solid young 8 month old tri male, who seemed very mature for his age and showed very well with handler, nice profile with fill, great triangle eyes for a coloured bull terrier, ear placement is neat and on top of head, nice tight cat-like feet. BP

2nd- NEVERNIGHTS LITTLE CROW- Litter sister to 1st place, nicely marked brindle and white female, again very similar to litter mate, she has plenty of bone and nice tidy feet, plenty of fill under eyes with nice dark triangle eyes and ears on top of head, moved ok, but prefered litter mate.

Class 255- Post Graduate

1st- VILLENSIA PINK GRAPEFRUIT- Nice Red & White female, shows very well with handler, nice feminine head, ear placement good and good mouth. She moved well both ways. RBOB

2nd-SIF THE GODDESS- Petite red & white female, markings on her face do distort the fill under her eyes. However, she has enough fill and nice dark eyes, ear placement is OK, although she's petite would preferred a little more forechest, nice tidy feet, was steady and showed well.

3rd- KARMARA'S HOT GOSSIP- I really liked this white female, she showed well. She's a bigger bitch to the first two places. She has a nice head and ear placement, nice small eyes and muzzle. She is very well made and has fantastic tight feet, moves well both ways.

Class 256- Open

1st- KARMARA'S STOP AND STARE- A nice heavy, big-boned white male, nice head, dark triangle eyes and ear placement when he used them, nice neat feet, this boy doesn't lack anything, he moved well when settled. He also went on and took Terrier group 3 that day .BOB

2nd- KARMARA'S TOUGH TYGER- I really liked this brindle and white female and found the choice of both 1st place and 2nd hard as i really liked both, but the male won me over in the end, but this brindle and white, shows really well, a nice profile and finish, ear placement on top of her head nice dark eyes, nice forechest on a female, another with nice neat feet, mouth good.


Class 257- Puppy

1st- TILLBACH APOLLO- 6-month-old young tri male, plenty of bone, nice head and kind eyes, was a little unsettled, but to be expected of a puppy, he moved ok, hope to see him again in the future. BP

Class 258- Junior

1st- JENKIR ARTEMIS- Sweet little brindle and white female. I have seen her show before and she always performs on the day great. She is flashy and shows, ears on top of her head, a correct mouth, she moves like she owns the ring. RBOB

Class 259- Post Graduate

1st- VANDETTA CABALLERO CANARIO- Brindle & White female, nice head and ear placement, correct mouth, good front and she moved well.

2nd- FRANKENMINIBULL ARAN- Nice white male, gentle profile with fill, nice bone and short back, moved ok when he settled down.

3rd- GLACIAL FORTUNE DREW TEG VIA GRAYMOR- Little white female, she clearly loves working for her treats whilst showing, would prefer more profile and fill, but she performed well with the handler on the day, i have seen her offspring and she has been a great asset to the miniature world.

Class 260- Open

1st- CH RISIBULLY GIRLS ON FILM WITH FERGUSTAFF JW- I have watched this little tri female since her showing career, and she just oozes show and performance, she owns the ring as soon as she steps in and she just catches your eye , and her ears and tail is always up ready to go. She is well balanced and has a nice profile with ear placement, nice bone and tight feet, she moves with purpose when moving and covers the ground. BOB

2nd- OLYMPUSBULYS ATHENA- Solid black brindle female,. She's a little too tall for my taste. However, she is well balanced, compact and has a nice short back, she has a strong feminine profile with fill, ears sit nicely on top of her head, she moves and works well with handler.