• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nataliya Davey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/10/2023

Aberystwyth & District Canine Society

Aberystwyth & District Canine Society Open Show

1st October 2023


I would like to say a huge thank you to the officers and committee of the Society for inviting me to judge at their well-run show. The venue was good, plenty space for everyone, and despite a heavy rain through the day, there was a positive atmosphere. To top it off, we had a lovely cakes and hot food. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

A special thank you goes to everyone, who entered their lovely dogs under me, and to my stewards for the support and smooth running of the ring.


Class 1 - PUPPY 1 entries (0A)

1st ROXMARR TANYA HIDE. Almost 12 month old girl, but still so much baby inside her, happy and lively. She created a beautiful picture then standing, compact and very well balanced. She has a good cage of ribs, level top line with good tail set. Strong parallel legs, both front and rear, well angulated. She moved freely with good drive, once settled. Well deserved BPIB. Really happy to see her winning Toy Puppy Group.


Class 2 - Yearling 4 entries (0A)

1st BUBBAPUG FAT RASCAL JW. Very attractive 22 month old male of lovely shape. Cobby, compact and square, in great balance. Beautiful head, dark well shaped eyes with that sparkling intelligent expression. Small velvety ears. Nicely arched neck of good length. Strong level top line. High tail set with tight curl. Good cage of ribs. He is very well constructed, well muscled, with strong parallel legs, both front and rear. Smooth glossy coat. Showed beautiful, effortless movement with correct gait, good reach and drive. Kept himself with great dignity. My BOB. Nice to see him winning TG2.

2nd BOTTOMS UP AT ROXMARR. 12 month old girl with beautiful head, small ears and dark eyes of super sweet, charming expression. Well build body, compact, balanced, with level top line and high tail set. Good cage of ribs, well sprung with enough depth. Strong parallel straight legs. She showed free movement, with correct gait.


Class 3 - GRADUATE 5 entries (0A )

1st CROFTREN BEARS NECESSITIES. 2 years old girl with lots to like about her. Compact, very well angulated, in good balance. Beautiful head and eyes gives absolutely lovely, soft expression. Good neck, level top line with high tail set and tight curl. Strong straight parallel legs, both front and rear. Moved freely, showing good gait and good drive.

2nd BUBBAPUG QUEEN OF PUDDINGS. Another good quality girl, 22 month old. Beautiful head, eyes and small velvety ears with soft, attractive expression. Well constructed, square and cobby. Good reach of neck, level top line with super high tail set and tight curl. Well angulated, and very well balanced. Stood well for her handler and showed sound movement.

Class 4 - OPEN DOG 6 Entries (0A)

1st CONQUELL CALM TO CHAOS, 2 years old male, compact and very well balanced. Matured, strong and masculine. Nice head, dark eyes, small soft ears, gives lovely soft expression. Good length of neck and well positioned, level top line with super high tail set and tight curl. Lovely smooth coat. Stood beautifully for his handler, happy and alert. Moved well around the ring, with correct gait and good drive. RBOB

2nd CROFTREN ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. 2 yers old strong, well muscled yet quite feminine girl. Loved her head, small velvety ears, dark eyes with clean soft expression. Compact, well constructed with level top line. Moved freely, with nice gait. Beautifully presented. Happy and lively.

CHIHUAHUA (Smooth Coat)

Class 5 - JUNIOR 0 entries (0A)

Class 6 – GRADUATE 1 entries (0A)

1st CHINGRA ROSA BUD. Lovely type, small and dainty 2,5 years old girl with pleasant head, sweet eye expression and good dentition. Nice straight legs with with good angulation and parallel feet, level top line and non stop wagging tail. Smooth, soft textured coat. Moved freely around the ring.

Class 7 – GRADUATE 2 entries (0A)

1st STADMEYER DASHING DEXTER JW. Very attractive 22 month old male with solid structure. Nice clean head lines in good proportion and definite stop. Correct dentition. Good pigmentation. Medium length neck, slightly arched. Firm, level top line with high tail set, carried up and over back all the time. Moved briskly, with forceful action, very proud of himself. Stood for picture all the time, nicely alert to his handler. My BOB.

2nd CHINGRA ARTFUL DODGER. 2,5 years old male of lovely type, with pleasant head and expression. Good dentition. He is nicely put together, compact and well balanced. Good spring of rib and excellent angulations. Level back. Moved freely with good action. RBOB.


Class 8 – JUNIOR 4 entries (1A)

1st CHANTAYDAN HIGH PRIESTESS. Attractive 15 months old girl of beautiful outlines and great presence. Small, dainty and compact. Lovely head shape, well proportioned, with definite stop. Dark eyes of correct shape and position, with very sweet, but that magnificent, spirited expression. Correct coat texture. Level top line with high tail set, carried up and over back all the time. Moved really well around the ring, brisk, with great action. Happy and confident, nicely alert to her handler. My BOB.

2nd CHANTAYDAN SHOW STOPPER. 15 month old male in nice type. Pleasant head and expression. Good reach of neck, well sprung ribs with enough depth. Level top line. Nicely muscled body with good angulations. Plenty of coat of correct texture, with beautiful feathering. Moved freely around the ring and stood well for his handler.


Class 9 – GRADUATE 4 entries (1A)

1st CHANTAYDAN HARMONY TIARA. 6 month old baby girl, full of promise. She is in lovely type, small, compact and dainty. Pleasant head, well shaped, in correct proportion to muzzle, with definite stop and lovely expression. Good front and chest. Straight, well angulated legs, parallel feet. Level top line, with good tail set and carriage, moved sound whilst settled. BPIB, RBOB.



Class 8 – OPEN 5 entries (2A)

1st CHANTAYDAN VENI VIDI VICI. 11 month old male in lovely type and beautiful outlines. Nice head shape, of correct balance with muzzle and definite stop. Dark pigment. Good shaped, dark sparkling eyes with happy, yet very intelligent expression. He is very well build, with fabulous angulations and proportions. Level top line, with high tail set, carried up and over back all the time. Moved briskly, with good action.



Class 11 - GRADUATE 1 entries (0A)

1st AQUEPINS PHRYNE FISHER. Feminine 15 month old B&T girl. She has a beautiful clean head, small ears, correctly shaped and placed dark eyes with pleasant, alert expression. Dark pigment. Good dentition. Compact and well balanced body, excellent angulation, top line. Straight legs, nice and parallel hocks. Smooth, hard and shiny coat. Moved really well, with true hackneyed action. RBOB.

Class 12 - OPEN 1 entries (0A)

1st AQUEPINS JESSICA FLETCHER 15 month old. Another great quality 15 month old B&T girl, slightly bigger in size, but again, in absolute balance. With beautiful headpiece and expression. Small ears, lovely shaped eyes. Dark pigment. Good dentition. She has a beautiful outline, with straight and sloping top line. Well developed chest with enough depth. Excellent angulation with a good balance between front and rear. Moved well, showing hackney action and keeping that elegant outline all the time. I later found out, she is a litter sister to the one in previous class, both are gorgeous, this one scored on greater presence, a true show girl. My BOB. Pleased to see her winning TG3.


judge Nataliya Davey (Klassna)