• Show Date: 22/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nataliya Davey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society

South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society Open Show 75th Anniversary 23rd of April 2023


I would like to say a huge thank you to the officers and committee of the Society for inviting me to judge my favourite breed at their very special, well-run show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

A special thank you to everyone, who entered their lovely dogs under me, I was delighted with my entry number, 30/31.

Sadly, with some absentees, but I can understand this as of current difficult times. I was pleased to see good quality Poms and healthy competition in every class. It

was my pleasure to go over all of them.

Class 94 - PUPPY 10 entries (6A)

1st ALTINA ALABAMA TRUE ROMANCE, Holman Mrs C D. Very attractive 10 month old male, in lovely type and good size, massive coat of correct structure in bright orange sable colour. Dark almond shaped eyes with the sweetest of expressions. Small ears. Short neck and set well into shoulders, compact body. Well sprung ribs. Nice parallel legs, front and rear. Good movement. Showed himself in style, with that cheeky Pomeranian look. BPIB. Delighted to see him winning Reserve Best Puppy In Show.

2nd TRENARWYN CATHERINE WHEEL AT SHARHAZLAH, Hills Mr C & Misses M & M. What a sweet, ultra feminine baby girl in bright black colour. Just 6 month old and so at the peak of her “monkey” look and almost “naked”. While it might look “odd”, I absolutely love it, as it is typical for the breed for her age and an indication of correctly structured coat is coming very soon. She has dark almond shaped eyes, gorgeous expression, correct dentition and fully closed font. Short coupled, good angulation, fine boned parallel legs, both front and rear. Good plum of tail. She moved freely and behaved well for her handler.


Class 95 - JUNIOR 3 entries (1A)

1st LIREVA’S WELL FANCY THAT FOR CASSIBAWN, Gooch Mr L & Mrs N. 12 month-old, orange boy. Clean head lines with well set beautifully shaped eyes and small ears. Correct dentition. Good cage of ribs, level top line, very nice straight tail, set high, with flat carriage, profusely covered with long hair. Well prepared coat, neatly trimmed. Creating a beautiful picture while standing, but losing his shape then moving. Lively and happy, attentive to his handler.

2nd ALTINA’S SAMSON, Firth Miss M. Orange-sable 16-month old male. Nice head, of good shape and proportions with sweet eyes and expression. Good stop. Small

ears. Compact body, set in square with good leg length. Parallel legs with correct angulation. Well sprung ribs. Level top line. Moved freely. Would prefer a tad higher tail set. Not in his best coat today.

Class 96 - POST GRADUATE 6 entries (3A)

1st SHARHAZLAH LUVS A DARE DEVIL, Hills Mr C & Misses M & M.

Bright orange-sable 3-year old boy in good coat of correct structure. Beautiful, dark eyes with super sweet foxy like expression. Very nice black pigmentation. Clean head lines. Correct bite. Compact body, set in square with good length of leg. Fined bone, parallel legs with medium angulation. Moved freely.


Another good quality male, in black colour. Nice head type with good stop and proportions. Small ears, pleasant expression. Correct bite. Good cage of ribs, well sprung with enough depth. Level top line. Parallel legs of medium angulation. Well coated. Stood well for his handler. Lively and extrovert.

3rd LEX FATI JUNASSLAND (imp LVA), Beinarovica, Mrs L

Class 97 - OPEN DOG 6 Entries (3 A)

1st CH SHARHAZLAH’S SUAVE DEVIL, Hills Mr C & Misses M & M. Such a charming 3-year old orange male of true Pom type. The ideal weight and size. Nice head with accurate proportions, good stop. Well set bright eyes showing great intelligence. Small ears, perfectly erect. Correct dentition. Short neck, well set into shoulders. Fine boned, with straight parallel legs and correct medium angulation. Nicely trimmed, cat-like feet. Good cage of ribs, well sprung with enough depth. Straight flat tail, profusely covered with long harsh hair. Super compact and very well balanced. He moved with great soundness, with good reach, drive and brisk, keeping that great compact shape all the time. My BOB. I was very happy to watch him winning 3rd place at the final Best in Show in great competition.

2nd ALTINA’S HENRY HIGGINS, Holman Mrs C D. Another super attractive orange male. Beautiful head and eyes with sweet expression, good dentition. Small ears. Short neck, set well into shoulders. Compact body, short-coupled, good rib cage and length of leg. High tail set, straight, plumed and well feathered. Good angulation, straight leg. Moved well and kept his compact shape all the time. Just a tad generally too heavy for me.


Class 98 - OPEN BITCH 6 Entries (3A)

1st ALTINA’S TINKERBELL JW, Holman Mrs C D. Top quality 20-month old bitch in full coat of nice cream colour. Beautiful head of correct shape and proportions. Dark eyes, well shaped and positioned, making her expression extremely sweet. Small ears. Correct, rather short neck, well set into shoulders, compact body, level top line. Nice parallel straight legs of medium angulation. Very well feathered tail and laid flat, straight and set quite high. She moved freely and stood very nicely for her handler. Res BOB.

2nd CH SNOWVILLA MOONLIGHT MAGIC JW, Knott Mrs J. Another top quality girl with lots to like about her. She’s 5,5 years old and still looks fabulous in bright orange colour. Compact, short-coupled, of ideal weight and size for bitch. Good length of leg, and they are straight and parallel, level top line, short neck well set into shoulders - all this creates that desired “fit into square” look. She has correct bite, beautiful eyes and head, small ears. Moved freely and considered to be first, but unfortunately not in her best coat today.


judge Nataliya Davey (Klassna)