• Show Date: 08/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nataliya Davey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

Crystal Palace Canine Association

CRYSTAL PALACE Canine Association

Sunday, 8th of April 2023


I would like to say a huge thank you to the officers and the committee of the Association for inviting me to judge at their well-run show. Attention to details, big rings, beautiful location and lovely atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

A special thank you to everyone, who entered their lovely dogs under me and my steward Emily, for running the ring smoothly and expertly.


Class 153 - PUPPY 4 entries (0A)

1st WILLOWGARTH UNLIMITED LOVE. Top quality 7 month old sable male of good size. Beautiful head of classy, clean lines, well proportioned, with correct stop. Dark, medium, almond shaped eyes, positioned just right, with sweetest of expressions. Complete scissor bite, well developed under jaw. Good cage of rib, with enough depth and width. Strong bone, straight legs and parallel feet. Excellent rear angulations and level top line. Correct tail carriage with enough length. Harmoniously balanced overall. Moved sound with a good rear drive. Confident and responsive to his handler. BEST PUPPY IN BREED.

2nd VALDOSTA GALADRIEL AT FAEMADRA. 9 month old sable female. Feminine, with a sweet expression. Correct dentition. Harmonious body, good cage of rib with enough depth. Level back, low set tail, well carried. Beautiful coat of correct texture. She moved freely and behaved well for her handler.


Class 187 - JUNIOR 3 entries (3A)    

Class 188 – POST GRADUATE 6 entries (2A)

1st EVAD GOLDEN GEM. Lovely quality, feminine 2,5 years old sable female. On smaller side. Beautiful head outlines, correct stop, dark, almond shape eyes and good ear carriage brings that sweetest Sheltie expression. Good dentition, well developed under jaw. She has well balanced body, well sprung ribs with correct depth of chest. Level back. Low tail set, a tad shorter than desired, but covered with amazingly abundant hair. Moved freely in style and stood well for her handler. RBOB.

2nd LYNGARSO CAPTAIN TOM. 2 years old tricolour male with lots to love about him. Good dentition, clean head lines, pleasant expression. Well proportioned body, level back, low tail set and well carried. Strong bone, parallel legs. Bright lustrous coat of correct texture. Very well prepared and presented. Moved freely around the ring, but slightly close in front and back. Would prefer to see his rib cage a tad wider and deeper.

Class 190 - OPEN 8 Entries (4A)

1st DUKESON GOLDEN FLEECE AT LYNSCOT. Almost 5 years old well matured sable male of excellent quality. Beautiful headpeace, with correct stop, dark almond shaped eyes and super sweet, melting expression. Well shaped ears, with nice carriage. Complete scissor bite. Harmoniously balanced body. In good size. Strong bone, parallel legs and feet. Well sprung ribs with enough depth of chest. Level back with low tail set, well carried. Rich coat of correct texture, beautifully feathered out. Moved sound around the ring and stood well with great presence. BOB. 

2nd DUKESON LACED WITH MAGIC. 2,5 years old sable female. Pleasant head and expression. Sweet and feminine. Good dentition. Well balanced body, level back, low tail set, carried well at all time. Well angulated, with parallel leg and feet. Beautiful coat of correct structure, lovely feathered out. Moved freely.

CHIHUAHUA (Long coat)

Class 212 – Puppy 2 Entries (1A)

1st KECHUA JAMES HATHAWAY BY LYKATH. 9 month old cream puppy male of lovely type. Nice head, well shaped, in correct proportion to muzzle, with definite stop. Good cage of rib with enough depth of chest. Straight legs of good bone, well angulated, with parallel feet. Level top line, high tail set of excellent carriage. Moved sound around the ring. BPIB.   

Class 213 – Junior 1 Entries (0A)

1st HOLLICHI HALO. Lovely 16 month old cream male with beautiful head, eye and expression. Well sprung ribs, with deep brisket. Good length of neck, level back, with high tail set, of good length and correct carriage. Good bone. Excellent angulation and well muscled. Scored on movement, brisk and forceful, with excellent rear drive. BOB.

Class 212 – Post Graduate 2 Entries (1A)

1st ENIGMADOGZ SO SCRUMPTIOUS AT LOZEK. 3 years old cream female of lovely type. Pleasant head and expression. Dark round eyes, well positioned large flaring ears. Good neck, level top line. Good cage of rib, well sprung with deep brisket. Well proportioned body. Tail set high, of medium length. Good bone. Nice leg and parallel feet. Moved well around the ring. RBOB.

Class 212 – Open 3 Entries (1A)

1st LYKATH’S THE PIRATE KING. Almost 3 years old male with pleasant head and expression. Dark, large round eyes. Well laid back shoulders, good cage of rib with deep brisket. Level top line. High tail set, furry, carried up and over back at all time. Good bone. Well muscled, with excellent angulation. Moved freely around the ring.

2nd PIXELS MOONLIT SEA JW. Feminine 2,5 years old female. Beautiful head, very well proportioned, with correct skull and definite stop. Dark eyes of lovely typical expression. Good reach of neck, level top line, well balanced all round. Loved her, but she was slightly unsettled today.

CHIHUAHUA (Smooth coat)

Class 212 – Puppy 1 Entries (0A)

1st CHIBULL MICKY MOUSE. 11 month old male, well matured for his age. Nice head, well proportioned, with definite stop. Large dark eyes. Good cage of rib with deep brisket. Level top line, high tail set. Moved freely around the ring. BPIB

Class 212 – Junior 0 Entries (0A)

Class 212 – Post Graduate 1 Entries (0A)

1st HOLLICHI REN’S LEGACY. 18 month old female with pleasant head and expression. Dark eyes and well set ears. Good reach of neck. Well proportioned body. Was nice and alert to her handler. Moved well around the ring. RBOB.

Class 212 – Open 2 Entries (0A)

1st DAVIXITY BRUNH SPINILLONS . 4 year old male of lovely type. Beautiful head, well proportioned, with definite stop. Dark round eyes, well set ears. Well sprung ribs with enough depth of brisket. Good neck, level top line and high tail set, carried well at all time. Very well presented. Moved sound, with excellent rear drive. BOB

2nd COPYMEAR POCKET ROCKET AT HOLLICHI. 22 month old male, compact and dainty. Good reach of neck, level top line, super high tail set, of middle length, carried up and over back, with that flattish appearance. He was well presented, lively and alert. Showed brisk movement.    

judge Nataliya Davey (Klassna)