• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Min Witheyman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfield Canine Society 28th January 2023

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Junior 1:0

1st Flaxela Flirtini At Daisymaes (AI)

A lovely 15 month old bitch with typical wheaten temperament of correct size. Good head of all the correct proportions with a flat skull and stop well defined. Jaw strong and muzzle square with no sign of snipiness. Excellent pigment with a large black nose and dark eye rims. Good scissor bite with large teeth. Shoulders well laid back. Well-muscled hindquarters with good angles. Hocks well let down, neither turning in nor out. Straight front and rear used well on the move with reach and drive. The most amazing coat of soft and silky texture with nice loose waves and of a good wheaten colour even at this immature age. BOB and pleased to later see her shortlisted in a rather large and quality-filled terrier group.

Post Graduate 4:0

1st Flaxela Illuminati (AI)

15-month-old male still developing but very promising. A fantastic clean head with a flat skull, stop well defined and perfect dimensions. Large teeth with the correct scissor bite. Nicely set tail, carried well both on the move and on the stand. Coat still developing but of a good colour and texture for age. Fantastic movement with great reach and drive. Handled to full advantage. Unfortunately let himself down in the challenge showing his typical wheaten youngster temperament on the move. RBOB

2nd Abbeymead Capelli D’angelo

5-year-old bitch, very different type to 1 but still very nice. A lovely clear wheaten colour to the coat loosely waved that falls naturally all over. Free, graceful movement with long, low strides with good reach and drive. Good pigment with nice dark hazel eyes with dark eye rims, and a large black nose. Good ears, carried well on the stand and move. Nice tail carriage, curving forwards in a gentle arc, however I would have preferred a slightly better tail set.

Open 4:1.

1st CH Flaxela Perfect Storm (AI)

2-year-old dog who is a worthy champion and has lots of lovely qualities. Excellent large teeth with the correct scissor bite. Good head with flat skulls and all the correct proportions. Dark hazel eyes with good pigmentation around the eye rimes and with a large black nose. Nice small ears set well. Tail set well. Coat developing well correct for his age, with the wheaten colour starting to come through and curls starting to loosen. Perfect Storm was the best mover in this class with straight action on the move both fore and aft, with head and tail carried high and the topline remaining level.

2nd Sumirick Bellini Kaytee

Another nice 3-year-old bitch. A medium sized, compact dog with typical wheaten temperament. Eyes clears, bright dark hazel with good eye rims. Ears set and carried well. Nice scissor bite. Well sprung ribs. Nice side-gate showing long, low strides and showing a good reach and drive. Colour is starting to come through, but I would have preferred a slightly softer and silkier texture to the coat.

Judge: Min Witheyman