• Show Date: 07/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mike Lewin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Edwinstowe & District Canine Society

Edwinstowe & District Canine Society - 7.4.2023


PG – 1 ROSSINGTON’S Soufriere Balisage. Bitch of 19 months who still has some maturing to do. Lovely head with correct bite and expression into strong neck. She has good coat and pleasing angles fore and aft. Happy and free moving.

O – 1 Makey’s Multi Ch Gairside Good Lord. 8 year old dog with noble head of the correct proportions, eye colour and shape. Strong neck and beautifully made all through with good coat and tail carriage. He really comes to life on the move and drives freely round the ring. Thank you for bringing him. BPB; 2 – Makey’s Gairside Special Edition 3 year old bitch of pleasing type. Feminine head, longer cast than her kennel mate and taller with adequate angles and correct coat. Did not match the movement of 1.


Junior 1 Dalgarno’s Vencharno Stuck On You. 9 month old dog who presents a lovely shape standing. Correct head with friendly expression and strong neck. Balanced and driving on the move with correct tail carriage. BP & BOB; 2 Townsend’s Overbecks Esme Shelby At Roxastan. 6 month old lovely and naughty bitch puppy. She is of beautiful type and soundly made but was intent on enjoying her day out and was erratic on the move

O – 1 Townsend’s Afterglow Curtain Call Avec Roxastan. 3 year old dog with correct head proportions and bite. He has a friendly expression, strong neck and front construction he has an excellent coat and was in fine fettle. He wasn’t happy with the ring surface which affected his movement.


J – 1 Angus’s Keigame Hearts Desire Of Sparkenhoe (Ai), 7 month old bitch puppy who presents a beautiful outline standing. Of good type and soundly constructed with good depth of chest. Initially unsettled but moved well when she got going. BP; 2 Merritt’s Sperant Chocolate Cosmos JW. 17 month old bitch with pleasing head and strong neck into well made front. Moved Okay.

O – 1 Collins’ Barleyarch Hoopla at Forestpoint. 3 year old dog with pleasing outline on the stack. Clean cut head with soft eye and correct bite. He is so soundly put together with correct angles all through and good depth of chest. He has sufficient bone without any coarseness and his movement is effortless and ground covering. BOB & G1; 2 Filby & Brown’s Winterwell Thatlldo For Desjiem JW, 2 year old bitch with much to like. Feminine head with soft expression and strong neck into well made body. Sound on the move. I just preferred the head and expression of 1.


P – 1 Matthews & Adams’ Carofel Wings Of Hope. A confident 8 month old dog with pleasing head. Muscular neck of good length into a balanced and well constructed body. He has quality bone and moved smoothly covering the ground with typical tail action. Beautifully handled. BP & PG4; 2 License’s Freebreeze Virtual Reality Of Arrowmere. 6 month old dog with lovely outline. Handsome head with correct bite and bright kindly expression. Long muscular neck into well made front. He is balanced with much to like but not so sure of himself as 1 today.

J - 1 Matthews’ Sonham Raising The Game. Upstanding 14 month old dog. Typical in head with kind expression. Long neck with slight arch. Sound front construction with matching muscular rear angles. Covered the ground well on tight feet with the correct tail action.

PG – 1 Collins’ Collholme Angelique. 2 year old beautiful feminine bitch with lovely head and kindly expression. She is soundly made with good depth and flows through her body. She moved out smoothly covering the ground. BOB; 2 Dunn’s Millpoint Heart And Soul At Casdellda. 2 year old bitch, bigger than 1 with attractive head and bright expression. Long muscular neck into well made front. She is balanced with a good topline, has quality bone and moves soundly.

O – 1 Collins’ Collholme Balthasar. 2 year old dog who is brother to the winner of the previous class. He flows from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He has a masculine head with bright eyes, long muscular neck, good angles fore and aft and holds his topline whilst moving covering the ground; 2 Dunn’s Millpoint Heart And Soul At Casdellda. See above.


P – 1 Patrick’s Carromer Novel Of Dreams (BP & PG1; 2 Patrics’s Carromer Beautiful Dreamer. 6 month old litter brothers of beautiful type 1 yellow & 2 Black. Masculine heads with intelligent expression and well set ears. Strong necks in to well placed shoulders. Well sprung ribs, correct rear angles and nice feet. Both moved soundly but I felt 1 had the edge over his brother.

J – 1 Charlton’s Foxrush Jane Ayre. 16 month old yellow bitch, balanced with lovely feminine head with correct bite and intelligent eye and expression. Strong neck, correct angles fore and aft and barrel ribbed. She has quality bone and neat feet and moved soundly. BOB & G4; 2 Young & Parkes’ Potterzuri Aramis. 13 month old black dog with a lot to like. Masculine head and intelligent expression. He has a strong neck into adequate front. Correct rib and coat, he moved well just not quite the finish of 1 today.

PG – 1 – Charlton’s Foxrush Jane Ayre; 2 Young & Parkes - Optimist Vision. A very excited 2 year old yellow dog. Handsome head with intelligent eye and expression. Strong neck into well made front, Balanced with correct coat and quality bone he moved well once he settled.

OD – 1 – Young & Parkes’ Potterspiney Killian. 8 year old black dog, masculine head with intelligent expression and correct eye colour & ear set. Strong neck into well made front. Pleasing rear angles, an ever wagging tail he moved well; 2 Grummitt’s Manorwell Danny Boy. 2 year old yellow dog with pleasing head and expression. Well proportioned body, with good bone and tight feet his handler did not make the most of him.

OB – 1 Deane’s Abbeystead Glamour at Tanronens. 3 year old feminine yellow bitch. A pretty and happy girl in fine fettle. She is moderate all through and I would prefer better pigmentation. She moved OK and her tail was constantly wagging a happy showgirl.

Lagotto Romagnolo

PG - 1 Hamlyn’s Bransbubble High Neb. A 2 year old handsome lad who is well made, correctly proportioned and sporting a typical jacket. Free moving and tireless with plenty of drive. BOB.

O – Hamlyn’s Bransbubble Roisin Dubh 4 year old very typey bitch. She presents a balanced outline standing. A Sound moving happy showgirl with a well presented coat.

Spanish Water Dog

P – 1 Capille’s Zorrazo Kind Regards At Lendever. 11 month old dog with pleasing head and short muscular neck into well made shoulders. Correct body proportions with quality bone and full coat. Sympathetically handled. BP.

J – 1 Capille’s Zorrazo Kind Regards At Lendever; 2 Capille’s Lendevers Sincere Voice. 17 month old soundly made dog who was clipped off. Appealing head and strong neck. There was nothing to hide including his tail but I preferred his fully coated kennel mate.

PG – 1 Capille’s Chanderhill End Of An Era At Lendever. 13 month old bitch with feminine head and expressive eyes. Strong neck into soundly constructed body with the required topline. Sound moving with powerful drive; 2 Capille’s Lendevers Sincere Voice.

O – 1 Hodgkinson Rutherford & Rutheford’s Sh Ch Zorrazo Hey There Yogi Bear. A 3 year old dog who is full of type and in immaculately presented full coat. He has a handsome head with expressive eyes and short muscular neck into well laid shoulders. He has the correct body proportions and topline, is well muscled and moves soundly with powerful drive. BOB & G3.


P – 1 Hill’s Weipowa Ida. A lovely 7 month old bitch with balanced head. Good length of neck into strongly constructed front. Correct depth of body, well developed and together for her age with quality bone and moving effortlessly holding her topline. BP; 2 Longbottom & Milby’s Gunalt Curtain Call. 6 month old bitch. A beautiful very typical, strong and well put together young lady who looks a picture stacked. Her movement was unfortunately erratic today.

J – 1 Radford’s Schonhund Show Faith; 2 Cain’s Schonhund Show Mia Star at Lustamusk. Litter sisters and very similar with much to like. Both have feminine heads and moderately long necks into balanced bodies of the correct depth. I felt 1 was stronger on the move today.

PG – 1 Pilatova’s Sabsky Svratka JW. 18 month old bitch with a typical outline. Balanced head with moderately long neck into soundly made body. Effortless and ground covering on the move; 2 Brown & Davies’ Wystry One Mint Julep. 2 year old bitch with feminine head. Strong neck into well made front. Pleasing rear angles without any exaggeration. Preferred the movement of 1.

O – 1 Dobb’s Oakswarren Ice Maiden. A 5 year old bitch who is beautifully balanced flowing from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. Having the correct depth of body with quality bone and moving effortlessly coverin the ground on tight feet. BOB; 2 Hill’s Welpowa Beretta. 3 year old bitch who has lovely length of neck. She is balanced with a strong front construction and matching rear, nothing is exaggerated. She was a positive and sound mover.

AVNSC Gundog

P – 1 Wilson’s Emily’s Choice (HWV). 6 month old pretty bitch. A real baby but with everything in the right place. Feminine correctly proportioned head with required furnishings good length of neck into soundly constructed body. Good depth of chest, her coat is coming through and this could be assisted by stripping. She moved well once she got into her stride. BP; 2 Williamson’s Finchsmill Secret Surprise (IWS), 11 month old bitch. Very typical with the correct coat. Beautiful when she stood still and soundly put together just not co-operating with her handler today.

J – 1 Smitherman’s Seaheart Diva (FCR) & 2 Mullin’s Seaheart Daegan At Dexanluc (FCR). 16 month old litter mates. Both have lovely heads with dark eyes and naughty expressions. Strong necks into well constructed bodies, they have quality bone and are in good coat and condition. I felt that 1 moved with move drive than 2 and understand this gave her final JW point. Congratulations.

PG – Chamber’s Hototo Pretty Ballerina JW (FCR). 19 month old bitch of an ideal size. Beautiful feminine head with kind eye and expression. Nice reach of neck into well made front she also has pleasing rear angles and moved with drive. Dense quality coat and an ever wagging tail completing the picture.

O – 1 Cocking & Barnaby’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinite. (Brittany). 4 year old bitch with correct bite. Appealing head with expressive eyes of the correct colour. Good length of neck into well made, balanced body. Moved briskly whilst maintaining her topline. BOB; 2 Mullins’ Everblack Booze Cruise At Dexanluc (FCR). 5 year old male, masculine head without any coarseness kind eye and good length of neck. Coming into his own he is sound fore and aft, in full coat and lovely condition.

AV Imported Register Breeds (Gundog)

P – Westaway & Edmundson’s Teisgol Nimue By Perdizcyo (Port Pointer). 8 month old bitch puppy with the correct bite. Very typical and sound moving. BP.

O – Adams’ Chouffe Philanderer Shcex (SRHP) 3 year old dog. A distinguished looking chap who is beautifully constructed with a well muscled neck. He has the correct coat and is sound moving holding his head high. BOB; 2 Sladden’s Khyannes Villette At Canemamans (Imp Hun) (Brac D’auv) 4 year old bitch. Well presented and in beautiful condition she is soundly constructed and moved very well.

AV Gundog

P – 1 Wood’s Strathon Shirli Valentine (Golden) 11 month old pretty bitch. Beautiful head with dark eyes, good reach of neck onto well made front. Balanced with a level topline and pleasing rear angles; 2 Marshall’s Wissant Moon And Stars. (Cocker) 9 month old dog. Masculine head and muscular neck into square body of correct depth. He covered the ground well.

J – 1 Groves & Pipe’s Bushwacker Demetrio. 2 year old dog with a lovely outline stacked. Head with soft expression and powerful neck into strong forequarters. Balanced body of good depth. Free moving with drive.

PG – 1 Crutwell & Carter’s Ashbyglen Enchantee JW (Golden) 22 month old cream bitch. Feminine head with well set neat ears. Good length of neck into soundly constructed body. In full coat and fine condition with good pigmentation she moved well on tight feet; 2 Sewell’s Quattrozampe Chuffed T’Bits. (Cocker) 2 year old bitch. Pretty head and good length of neck into well made and balanced body. Sympathetically handled and beautifully presented.

O – 1 Sewell’s Wintonia Hidden Gem at Quattrozampe. (Cocker) 6 year old blue roan bitch with pretty head and good length of neck into well made and proportioned body. Beautifully presented and in hard condition.

AV Veteran Gundog

1 Fawsett’s Helenwood Cool Breeze, 7 year old blue roan Cocker. Masculine head of the correct proportions with strong neck into well laid shoulders. He has good depth of body and is balanced with pleasing rear angles. He was very well muscled and moved well; 2 Bryant, Bryant & Hollis’ Phenset Firefly (Eng Setter) 7 year old, pretty bitch with pleasing head a good length of neck. In great coat and condition, she was sympathetically handled.

Gundog Group – G1 GSP; G2 American Cocker; G3 Spanish Water Dog; G4 Lab

Puppy Group – PG1 Lab; PG2 WSS; PG3 Cocker; PG4 Pointer