• Show Date: 12/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mike Forbes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lancashire Heeler Club


I would like to congratulate the Officers and Committee of the Lancashire Heeler Club for organising a really efficient and friendly Show and all the Exhibitors for the fantastic high standard of the entry with no piglet tails, no floppy ears and good movement. The only thing seeming to be going out of fashion are thumbprints, but most had nice deep tan and proper face and chest markings, which I feel is so fundamental to the character of the breed. I was really pleased with the quality of the youngsters, which bodes well for the breed which seems to have lost its way elsewhere. Thanks also to the two excellent hard working stewards who kept everything running smoothly.

PD (1) 1 Hughes’ Poolheywood BPD RBPIS. At just over 6 months, he was enjoying his day out. Nicely proportioned body with level top line. Correct bite and well set and alert ears. Good front with thumbprints. Head needs to fill out a little. A promising ambassador for the breed.

GD (1) 1 Mcbride’s Utthanshavan Wolf Moon Man. Correctly proportioned head with good stop. Attentive ears well placed. Neck well laid into shoulders. Level top line held on the move. Close coupled. Good hindquarters.

LD (2) 1 Dobson’s Malanis Black Bear. Another good head with almond shaped eyes and nicely marked. Level scissor bite. Muscular hind quarters. Strode out well. Good tail set, correctly carried on the move. 2 Rigby’s Arenite Sundance Kid. Pleasantly balanced overall with well sprung ribs and close coupling. Strong hindquarters and level top line. Good use of ears and nicely carried tail. A lively lad, very affectionate to owner.

OD (2) 1 Swann’s Ch Taigwynion Johnny’s Boy At Swanndale . BD BIS A strikingly powerful, sturdy dog who could easily do a day’s work. Very typey with correctly proportioned masculine head with dark almond shaped eyes and correct bite. Good use of ears. Strong neck well laid into shoulders. Excellent front with amply boned forequarters and pleasingly parallel forearms. Firm level top line. Moved with ease with a purposeful, smart gait. Tail carried high over back. Has an engaging “Heeler” gaze. 2 Thwaite & Hayes’ Ch Ribblespride Crakemoor RBD. A very smart bright eyed dog, well presented. Flat skull wide between well used and alert ears. Dark almond eyes, set well apart and correctly positioned stop. Firm lips and correct dentition. Well sprung ribs leading to a nice tuck in the underline. Well let down hocks and good angulation. Close coupled with a pleasingly compact balance and ramrod straight top line held easily on the move. Text book scimitar tail.

VD (3) 1 Lord’s Ch Foxthyme Bradley BVD. A little out of coat but very sound underneath. Classic head with dark almond eyes. Parallel front and rear legs with well let down hocks. Elbows tight against well sprung ribs. Neat, nicely carried tail. Moved well with brisk and cheerful gait. 2 Fairest’s Ch Henson Fairest Lad. A substantial dog but everything in proportion. Very muscular and amply boned. Strode out well. Nice head with attractive eye. Correct dentition. Deep chest helping his commanding voice, which works well. Good, straight front and level top line held well on the move. I can see him being the pack leader. 3 Dawes’ Welshmoor Bobbysox.

PB (2) 1 Thwaites’ Ribblespride Revelation BPB BPIS. A charming young rascal that doesn’t miss a trick. Excellent, well-proportioned head with good markings and correctly spaced, alert ears. Good front and level top line. Well-muscled rear end. Moved well with scimitar tail held high. 2 Wiseman’s Foxthyme Tilly. Another really nice, attentive youngster with a lovely, balanced profile. Good head with level planes and dark almond eyes. Wonderful cheerful expression. Good use of ears and pleasing markings. Energetic, natural movement. Both these puppies should go far.

JB (1) 1 Creasey’s Vittador Gold Dust For Leyeside. Really smart in profile with superb head having equal level planes with a moderate stop, pleasing eye and erect ears set wide apart. Moderate length of neck and level top line. Moved freely.

GB (2,1) 1 Lord’s Foxthyme Libby. Dark liver and tan with distinct thumbprints. Good angulation and nice front. Typey, balanced head with correct, alert ears set nicely apart. Good angulation front and back Moved well.

PGB (1) 1 Erwin’s Lady Dora Delight. Another attractive head with almond eyes and pleasing skull tapers and planes. Firm lips and level scissor bite. Good use of ears., Well-muscled hindquarters. Nice tail carriage and smart movement.

LB (2) 1 Erwin’s Hoscar Border Breaker * Good mouth with strong jaws and scissor bite. Pleasing, balanced head with erect, well-spaced ears. Graceful neck well laid into shoulders flowing into a level top line. Well sprung ribs and close coupled. Muscular hindquarters with well turned stifles leading to excellent, easy movement. A happy girl with an ever wagging tail. 2 Davies’ Taigwynion Freya Sadie In Ronleydon. A rich liver and tan with appealing markings. Very striking profile with good proportions. A lovely feminine head with nice tapers, a flat skull and correct stop. Level scissor bite. Well angulated front and rear with a level top line. Moved briskly carrying a nicely held tail.

OB (4) 1 Jones’ Ch Madincrowd Mercy Chant BB RBIS BOS. A really outstanding lady that ticks all the boxes and was a delight to go over. Splendid hard, top coat in good condition. Superb feminine head with flat skull and nicely tapered. Good stop, strong jaw and correct level scissor bite. Dark, almond shaped eyes set wide apart. Alert, well used ears. Excellent front with good angulation. Neat feet. Elbows held firm against well sprung ribs. Close coupled with level top line. Amply muscled hindquarters with well-turned stifles. Easily covered ground with a smooth gait. Could easily be BIS on another day. 2 Thwaite & Hayes’ Ch Ribblespride Ladytron RBB. Another really attractive breed-typical lady. Appealing, balanced head with level planes and good stop. Wonderful expression with dark oval wide-spaced eyes and well-spaced alert ears. Sturdy neck well laid into shoulders leading to a perfectly level top line. Well sprung ribs and close coupled. Tight elbows and nice forehand. Well-muscled hindquarters, good rear angulation, hocks well let down with vertical rear pasterns. Energetic tail set on high and correctly carried over the back. Overall, a very pleasing profile. Moved out powerfully with a brisk gait. 3 Lords Ch Foxthyme Special Memory. Res Dobsons Ir Ch Hoscar Penny Black At Malanis *

VB (3) 1 Hucks Ch Leyeside Miss Bonnie BVB BVIS A mature, eye-catching lady with lovely profile. Beautiful head with dark almond shaped eyes, firm lips and good dentition. Skull flat and wide between alert ears. Excellent front with parallel forearms and well-padded feet. Elbows firm against well sprung ribs. Good top line and correct tail set. Splendid rear angulation. Nice brisk movement. 2 Davies’ Black Rose In Ronleydon A very happy lady with an attractive feminine head having good tapers. Lovely dark almond shaped eye. Scissor bite. Good use of well-carried, ears. Medium stop, positioned correctly. Neat feet with thumbprints. Level top line. Nice tail set. Moved well. 3 Irvine & Wilcock’s Coogans Mistress Of Shadsdale.

 Mike Forbes (Rosepip)