• Show Date: 14/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michelle Mitchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Kirkintilloch Lenzie & District Canine Society

Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and District Canine Society.

Open show Saturday 14 January 2023.

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge one of my favourite open shows where I have had some lovely wins over the years.

Well done to all the hardy exhibitors and exhibits who had to cope with a change of ring and thanks to my stewards who kept everything running efficiently.

Australian Shepherd – Open

Lovely class to start the day with

1st Bothwell - Norcis Summer Truffle, BOB wow what a feminine beautifully presented red merle 8 month bitch puppy. So well balanced from all angels for one so young and covered the ground with light effortless steps.

She had lovely expressive eyes, neat ears, and lovely moderate bone with tight feet.

2nd Pugh - Aussiepride Veni Vedi Vici at Shloyan (imp Rom) A Handsome tri male, with a masculine head and expression. Everything in the right place for his age he has a nice arch to his neck leading into well-muscled body, he came into his own on the move, striding well maintaining his topline. Unluck to meet one today but I am sure they will change places often.

3rd Heggie - Talard Welcome to the jungle

Finnish Lapphund - Open

1st Meikle & Henderson - Ch Marymead Muskateer, BOB What a character and joy to judge this gorgeous brown boy at 11 years old showing no signs of ageing.

Beautiful head with well-defined stop, dark eyes and neat ears which provided the most melting expression. Well balanced throughout with no exaggeration, presented in profuse coat, he powered around the ring and did everything his handler asked. Best of Breed.

Shetland Sheepdog – Junior

1st R Hodson - Degallo Elsa Bliss at Roschri NAF 6 months sable and white baby at her first show and was reluctant to be handled, move or show of her virtues hopefully she will gain in confidence with time.

Shetland Sheepdog – Graduate

1st Brodie & Raithel - Shanaburn Strawberry Wine, this lovely sable bitch appealed instantly for her femininity and breed type. Lovely, refined head with nice dark eyes giving a very sweet expression, she moved well in all directions.

Shetland Sheepdog – Open

1st Brodie & Raithel - Shanaburn La Ve Est Belle, BOB Fully matured bitch presented in beautiful sable and white coat. Balanced head with correct stop and dark almond shaped eyes, ears perfectly tipped and erect given a sweet soft expression. Lovely body shape with good length of back, she excelled on the move covering the ground with the minimum lift.

2nd Whitelaw - Katiedale Kingsman 7 year old shaded sable male. He was built on good lines under his wealth of coat, nice length of back and level topline. Head is balanced with good stop and flat skull. Not as positive on the move and 1.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) – Open

1st McColl - Unita Mentale Ernesto (IMP) This was a charming male at 8 months old must have a very bright future ahead. He captivated me with his lovely eyes giving an exquisite intelligent expression, from a beautifully proportioned head, ears of good size. He is totally balanced throughout with correct length of body, well sprung ribs, with broad deep chest, well angulated at rear with lovely straight hocks he moved well in all directions, driving well from behind for one so young.

German Shepherd Dog - Graduate

1st McGrath & Boyd – Mascani Shandor BOB, 8 month old bitch who appealed for balance and size. Feminine head and expression with a good bite and well set ears providing an intelligent expression. Her body is developing along good lines, she was handled well to get the best out of her on the move and standing. Presented in a good hard straight coat.

2nd Brown & Brown - Rochelles Hawk Warrior almost 2 year old male of good size masculine head with well-set ears. He had a good length neck and depth of chest, was a bit full of himself on the move.

German Shepherd Dog - Open

1st Blair- Starkherz Valko at Ceannard This male presented a well balanced outline with good angles and flowing topline. Had a good head with a nice eye, well set ear providing with a masculine expression. He was erratic on the move and would have benefited from a bigger ring.

2nd McGrath & Boyd – Mascani Denva a nice young bitch just needs to mature and fill in frame now, she had a good reach of neck and balanced angulation front and rear.

Bearded Collie - Graduate

This was a lovely class of bearded collie, and all deserved a place.

1st Goodbrand - Braesnobel Salt ‘N’ Pepper, 16 month young bitch who appealed for her positive movement in all directions, beautifully presented lovely feminine head with a moderate stop and broad flat skull. She has a lovely dark eye giving a enquiring expression. Correct body proportions with correct length of rib and short loin with curves in all the right areas, she was well muscled and moved with excellent reach and drive.

2nd Robertson - Heather Mist Miss Tillietudlem at Quouthquan (imp Swed) another bitch who covered the ground well. Nice head and expression, lovely reach of neck flowing into good sloping shoulders.

3rd Gamble - Capelaw Celeste gorgeous puppy.

Bearded Collie - Open

1st Johnson - Cormist Fashion Star BOB , this bitch was gorgeous she appealed instantly on entering the ring and did not disappoint on handling. Her head was in perfect proportion to her size, she was balanced throughout with a muscular arched neck that she held proudly and demanding attention.

Correct length of back, well bent stifle and low hocks that covered the ground with ease, handled well to get the best out of this quality bitch.

2nd Goodbrand - Braesnobel Looney Tunes this was a close call between these 2, this is a quality male, was masculine throughout and, strong head, he had a kind melting expression. Good neck and shoulders, good depth of chest with correct rib to loin ratio. He moved freely in all directions.

3rd Arranbrae Laird of Quouthquan JW.

Border Collie - Graduate

1st Heggie – Locheil A Good Heart - a 8 month old male, with a masculine head, he is developing along the correct lines, his head is balanced and good stop, he had a keen alert expression coming from nice dark eyes and well set ears. He has good length of neck and level top line he moved well for one so young.

2nd Walker – Ravenskirk Pretty In Pink attractive feminine bitch she had good angles and good length of back she covered the ground well and was in good muscular condition.

3rd Kempton – Clan-Abby Fly Me Over to Borderbrook

Border Collie - Open

1st Rettie – Sashdan Diamond Deeva in Glenfound (imp Aus) BOB This bitch appealed for her lovely outline, she was not in full coat therefore nothing was hidden, she is so well made. Such a feminine head with a sweet expression from dark eyes and neat ears. She has a good reach of neck into a good lay of shoulders and lovely front. Good hind angulation and well let down hocks. She moved well on all directions and could certainly do a day’s work.

2nd Kempton Borderbrook Winter Sunset This was a very pretty bitch with a sweet head and expression. She was lighter framed than 1, but balanced throughout with the correct construction, level topline and angulation moved well.

3rd Heggie – Janbell One Step Beyond.