• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michelle Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/10/2023

Cornwall Gundog Club

Cornwall Gundog Club

30th September 2023

My results and critique.


Thank you to Cornwall Gundog Club committee for this appointment and their hospitality, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you to my excellent and efficient ring steward Mary Trotter, and to the exhibitors for your entry. I was delighted with my principal winners and proud to see my BOB shortlisted to final 8 for BIS, and my RBOB go Best RBOB in show.

PUPPY (4,0)

1st Lussac April Shower (S May) - Best Puppy

A pretty 6-month-old black female with happy outgoing disposition. She is well balanced for her age with a lovely one piece well moulded head and dark almond eyes and mischievous expression. Good reach of neck and super front construction with lovely oval bone and neat well arched feet. She has a good depth of chest and gradual spring of rib with short square loin, and level topline. She is a baby and therefore still needs to strengthen in her hind quarters, however that said she moved beautifully around the ring with reach and drive once settled.

2nd Tikkidui Life is but a dream (E Hollingdale)

Feminine 8-month-old female with good head and dark eye. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder, strong level topline and well-set tail. She has strong, well-muscled hind quarters, good bone, and feet. She makes the most of herself when standing with constantly wagging tail but would prefer more drive on the move, and not quite as accurate as the first.

Junior (0,0)

Graduate (2,0)

1st Ruddlebrry Phoenix Flames (S Thompson & J Lewis-Thompson)

A 2-year-old black female with lots to like, although would benefit from additional trimming to ears and feet to complete the picture. She has an elegant and racy outline with a feminine classical one-piece head, dark almond eyes and a sweet expression. Her neck is of good length, into well laid shoulders, has a strong level topline and correctly set wagging tail. She did not give her handler an easy time, and was initially a little erratic on the move, but once settled moved with a lovely long stride.

2nd Aylawbrook Noon’s Perfect (E Hollingdale)

A 2-year-old female, with a beautiful dark thick liver coat. A kind and gentle expression, although I would prefer a little more refinement to the head and a slightly darker eye. She is carrying a little bit of weight at the moment which makes her look a little short in neck, but hands on confirms that she does have a good length of neck and well laid shoulder. Her ribcage is of the correct depth, with gentle spring and of the correct length and strong well-muscled hind quarters. Moved well with constantly wagging tail.

Limit (5,0)

1st Lussac Yawl of Percuil (H Ford) – Res Best of Breed & Best RBOB in Show

Feminine 2.5-year-old black female of correct size and type. Her head is of good length and is well moulded with a dark eye, and a soft expression. Well laid shoulders, flowing into a strong level topline, short square lion and well-set wagging tail. She has good depth of chest and moderately sprung rib. Her hind quarters are moderately angulated with good width of thigh and well-muscled. She has good tight feet although I would like to see slightly stronger bone. Moved beautifully in profile.

2nd Llanthruss Tea for Two at Fairwinds (S & M Lewis)

A 3.5-year-old workman-like female of correct size and type. She has a lovely dark almond shaped eye and alert expression, although I would like a little more refinement to her head. Her outline is balanced and clean, with a super topline which is level with good depth and sprig of rib and short loin. Moderately angulated hind quarters which are well muscled and is presented in good hard condition. Moved very well in profile, although she does carry her tail high which spoils the overall picture.

Open (2,0)

1st Ronevorg Dark Angel at Lussac (S May) – Best of Breed

An eye catching 3-year-old male who grabbed my attention as soon as he entered the ring, moving with drive and elegance, covering the ground well with a showman like attitude. He has a lovely one piece well moulded head with dark eye and alert expression. He is very well balanced with a strong and good length of neck which flows into well laid shoulders and short lion. Lovely length and return of upper arm, quality oval bone and the most gorgeous cat like feet. His ribcage is of good length and depth. He has strong moderately angulated hind quarters and is presented in good condition. Watching him move around the ring was a delight, and I was proud to award him BOB

2nd Tikkidui Showman’s Dream (J Hayman)

A 6-year-old black male. His was presented in super coat and condition. Classical head with dark eye and soft kind expression. He is racy and elegant in outline with good quality bone and lovely tight feet. Very attentive to handler and moved well.

Michelle Brown (Anushka)