• Show Date: 07/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michelle Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Anglian Gundog Society

East Anglian Gundog Society

7th April 2023

My results and critique.


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at such a lovely well organised show. Sincere thanks to my two exceptional stewards Sarah Phipps-Barker and Geraldine Dodd who ran the ring smoothly and efficiently. Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entries and for allowing me the privileged of judging some lovely dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was also delighted to see the Best Puppy in Breed achieve Group 3, Hugh congratulations to the owner.

PUPPY (4,1)

1st Gemswin Goody Two Shoes (Mrs S, Mrs G & Mr M Knight & Jacobs) - Best Puppy & Group 3

A lovely 10-month-old liver female of correct size for age and with a correct bite. Lots of attitude and clearly enjoyed herself in the ring which is so important in a puppy. Super one piece feminine head with kind eye. She is well balanced, with well-made quarters with good angulation. Spring of ribs developing nicely and loin well proportioned. Balanced and even action on the move. Straight and true movement both coming and going. Really liked her and was delighted to award her Best Puppy in breed and see her go Group 3.

2nd Shashkrox Raise Your Glass ((Mr P & Mrs S Holliday)

10-month-old black female. Pleasing head with dark eye. She is of good size and is well proportioned with a good neck and well laid shoulders which flowed into level topline which she kept on the move. She has excellent quality bone and stands on tight feet. Presented in good coat and condition. Well handled. Moved ok but preferred the front extension and rear movement and drive of one both in profile and when coming and going.

Junior (1,0)

1st Bitcon Alliance with Bluewaters (AI) (Mrs J Wild)

A handsome 12 month-old black male with correct bite. This young boy has an attractive one piece head with kind expression and a dark almond shaped eye. He has a good clean outline with good length of neck, well placed shoulders, and a level top line. He is at just the right stage of development for his age with deep rib, short loin, and moderately angulated rear. He covered the ground well on the move maintaining a lovely outline. Straight and true both coming and going. Although he stood alone, he very much deserved his win.

Post Graduate (8,3)

1st Candidacasa True Feeling (Mrs K E Menzies) – Best of Breed

An elegant 19 month-old female with correct bite. This young lady caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring and oozed quality and type upon examination. She has a beautiful feminine one-piece head with dark almond eye. She is not overdone in any way and is without exaggeration and exceptionally well balance through-out. She is clean through the neck which leds into well-placed shoulders and a good return of upper arm. Stands on quality bone and neat feet. Good depth to her chest, well ribbed up, leading into a firm short loin. Quarters developing well, stifles moderately bent, and hocks well let down and tail straight of her back. She came alive on the move and had super profile action. I was delighted to give her BOB and look forward to watching her career.

2nd Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez (Mr A J Wilson)

A handsome 2 year-old black male with correct bite. He has a nice masculine one piece head with dark eye. Good clean reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders and a firm well held topline which was kept on the move. Presented in good coat and condition. Lovely depth to the ribcage, with a strong short loin. Wide and muscular hindquarters. He moved well but not with the fluidity or accurately as one. Certainly, didn’t give his handler an easy time today!

Open (5,2)

1st Hameldowntor Music of the Night (IMP) (Mr A J Wilson) – Res Best of Breed

An lovely 6 year-old female with correct bite. An appealing feminine in head, of good shape and proportions. Lovely eye shape and colour with kind expression. I found her balanced throughout. Clean through the neck which led into well-placed shoulders and a good return of upper arm. Stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Good depth to her chest, well ribbed up, leading into a firm short loin and well-developed rear quarters. On the move she had good footfall and moved with both accuracy and drive. Was pleased to award her RBOB.

2nd Blacklake Isabella (Mr g & Mrs J Goodman)

A 6 year old bitch of the classic type which shows in her lovely long, well moulded head with kind expression. She is well balanced with strong hindquarters to match her front with a level topline and good tail set. She moves soundly and accurately. Just preferred the flowing movement of one.

Michelle Brown (Anushka)