• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dukeries [Notts] Gundog Club

DUKERIES GUNDOG CLUB – 18th February 2023

JUDGE – Michael Blay (Longbarrow)


Min Puppy 4,2

1. O’Neill – Ramsayville Gigi at Taligal (AI). Black, feminine head of good proportions, correct through neck and shoulder, good rib for age, level topline which she held both stood and on the move, strong behind and moved well. Found her in good coat.

2. Grummitt – Manorwell Rag Doll Another black bitch with a good shape when stacked, clean front and correct angles behind, just not the movement of 1 on the day, just needs time to settle and grow in confidence.

Puppy 6,0

1. Bambrook – Winsleywood Waghorn at Ravoakar. Yellow male of good type, liked his head, broad across the skull and of a good size without being coarse, correct neck and good front assembly, well off for rib and strong loin, level topline and good tailset, strong rear quarters and well turned stifle, found him in good coat, held everything together well for his age on the move. BP and pleased to watch him go BPiS3

2. Bailiss – Tissalian Crepe Suzzette. Liked this yellow girl just unlucky to come across 1 today, super shape when stood, feminine head again no sign of any coarseness, strong bone and straight front legs, well sprung rib and short strong coupling, well muscled behind, another with good tight feet, moved well, but just preferred 1 on the day.

Junior 9,4

1. Bailiss – Tissalian Just in Time. Yellow boy who was pleasing on the eye, correct shape and size to him, good head shape with soft expression, strong neck and well placed shoulders, found him in good coat, correct rear quarters which he used to his advantage on the move.

2. Lambert – Mattand Margaux. Black bitch with a lovely head shape, liked her shape when stood, 4 square on strong legs and tight feet, level topline and strong behind, with good tailset, just found the coat a little wavy today compared to 1, moved well.

Special Yearling 5,3

1. Hall – Handialla Lockdown Girl. Yellow bitch loved her shape and size, nothing overdone, super head with kind expression, good neck and shoulders, stood on straight front legs and tight feet, well sprung rib and strong level topline, muscled rear quarters, moved well going away but a slight pinning in coming towards just held her back from top honours.

2. Thorpe – Thorpewillow Sand Martin. 4th in strong junior class, pleasing shape when stood, need to settle down on the move, clean head, strong neck and well muscled behind.

Graduate 7,4

1. Mclennan – Saranden The River. 2 Lovely young yellow girls to head the class, both of a type, liked the head shape of this bitch, good neck and well placed shoulders, straight front legs of good bone and tight feet, good rib, level topline which she held on the move, strong rear and good angulation, good tailset and good coat, steady on the move.

2. Thorpe - Taph Hippolyta. Another nice bitch, liked her head and overall shape, well off for bone and good coat, moved well would just prefer tighter feet.

Post Grad. 5,3

1. Mclennan - Wynfaul Resolution for Saraden JW. Super smart black bitch who stood out in this class, loved her kind eye and feminine head, strong neck of good length and well laid shoulders, clean front and well off for rib, level topline and strong loin, strong behind with nothing over exaggerated, good tailset and presented a beautiful picture when stood, nothing flashy on the move, but everything in the right place, showing an ease of movement, pleased to give her BOB and watch her get shortlisted in a strong Group.

2. Reynolds – Carromer Classy Road. JW. Black bitch who was unfortunate to meet 1 today, pleasing head, found her a little loose around the throat , not the coat of 1 showing a slight waviness, good shoulder and correct well sprung rib, well muscled behind and moved ok.

Limit 6,0

1. Mclennan - Wynfaul Happy New Year for Saranden JW. Litter sister to PG winner, very much of a type I like, loved her shape and size, good head shape, correct front and good rib, plenty of bone without going over the top, held topline both stood and on the move, super hammy quarters, correct tailset and found her in good coat, clean and tidy on the move, RBOB

2. Deane – Abbeystead Giamour at Tanronens. Yellow girl, good head shape, clean strong neck and good shoulders, liked her presence when stood, clean outline and strong behind, just not the drive of 1 today on the move.

Open. 5,3

1. Mclennan – Saraden Pensacola. Chocolate, found out after he was the father of my PG and Limit winners, liked his shape when stood, pleasing head showing no coarseness, good neck and well placed shoulders, clean front, and good rib, level firm topline, strong loin and good tailset, good coat, well muscle behind and well turned stifle, liked his movement, straight lines both going away and coming towards. Pushed hard for top honours.

2. Ayres – Hannabee To Hull N Back with Musubi. Nice shape to this Black boy, pleasing head slightly heavier set in head than 1 , good neck and shoulder, good topline, and well developed rear, moved well, found in good coat, just preferred the type of 1 today.


Puppy 1,0

1. Millward – Martava First Edition. Excitable young boy with plenty of growing up still to do. Liked his head shape with his gaunt noble look, good neck and found his rib developing nicely for his age, strong loin and well muscled behind, good tight feet and found him correct coat, still at the wriggly stage when going over him, needs to mature on the move, but showed flashes of his driving action when he settled down. BP.

Junior 5,3

1. Bradley – Ambravittoriya Art of Love for Marghele (Imp Rus). Larger cast than 2, good head and expression, well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung and with good topline and strong loin, well muscled rear and well turned stifle, held herself together better on the move than 2, good head carriage and good drive going away.

2. Porter Manning – Roughshoot Quintessential Among Wallaroo. Finer type than 1. Sweetest of head with soft expression, good shape when stacked and found her in good coat with that greasy feeling to the touch, moved ok, but preferred 1’s head carriage on the move.

Post grad 3,1

1. Green – Oakswarren New Beginnings for Viszaset. Sweetest of bitches with super noble head, moderate length to neck with slight arch, good fore quarters, well sprung rib and correct topline, stood atop tight feet, well muscled rear and good angulation behind, preferred her steadiness on the move to 2

2. Medley – Hookside Labda At Csucspont. Another nice bitch of a good type, classic head shape with good neck and shoulder placement, liked her proportions when stacked and plenty of muscle to her rear, just not the movement of 1 today.

Open 4,2

1. Bradley - Marghele Smooth as Statham. Heavier set dog than 2, good type to him, liked his head shape and expression, good neck and well laid shoulder, good shape to body and with level topline and strong loin, well developed rear with good turn to stifle, showed more about him on the move than 2, good reach and plenty of drive, found him in good coat. BOB

2. Shooter - Sh Ch Nevedith Nyari Gail. liked this bitch, but just not the movement of 1 on the day, just needed to settle down, lovely shape and size and has Vizsla written all over her, just preferred movement to 1.


Puppy 2,0

Junior 3,0

1. Tasker – Zoldmali Ezmi (Imp Serb). Mature dog who I liked a lot. Classic head shape with adequate beard, good eye, good length to neck and clean through front and shoulder, good length to body being slightly longer than high, well muscled throughout, moved with a good drive to him.

2. Cooper – Hazean Donetsk to Deifstock (Ikc). Absolutely loved this young bitch, just a shame she wouldn’t settle when going over her, sweetest of heads of a good shape and size, loved her shape and body proportions when stacked, strong loin and well developed rear with super turn of stifle, moved well, but just lacking the maturity of 1. Found in good harsh coat.

Post Grad 3,0

1. Cooper – Hazean Donetsk to Deifstock (Ikc). 2nd previous class

2. Cooper – Deifstock Duffy. Good head of classic shape and not over done, clean neck, good rib and good body proportions, good angles behind when stood naturally, but feel she needed to be stretched out a bit when stacked, moved ok but just preferred 1 today.

Open 2,0

1. Spillane – Belatarr Jupiter. 2 different types on display both correct, 1st was this imposing male, good head and front assembly well of for rib and good topline, strong loin and good angles behind, moved with ease, driving from behind when going away and straight and true on the return, lovely coat with a harshness to it. BOB.

2. Cooper – Defistock Desert Rose. Very feminine in type, liked her overall balance and shape, found her in super coat, well muscled thoughout and moved ok, but just not the look at me attitude of 1.