• Show Date: 17/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

East Anglian Cocker Spaniel Society

EAST ANGLIAN COCKER SPANIEL SOCIETY 17th Sept 2023 - Judge Mike Blay I would like to thank the hardworking committee for the invitation to judge this superbly run Club show. I was very pleased with my entry, both in numbers and quality, the atmosphere was exactly how it should be, warm, friendly, and every class result received with applause. Thank you one and all. Minor puppy dog. 4, 1 1. Warrington – Zakova Wise Guy. A good start to the day with this lovely black dog, liked his overall shape when stacked, clean head with square muzzle and melting eyes, moderate neck set on well placed shoulders, good rib for age and correct topline, short coupled and good behind, loved his movement for his age, still a baby, but plenty of promise. 2. Brown – Popebel Follow Your Dreams. B/W ticked pup still very raw, just not the shape or movement of 1, pleasing head good front and good topline, straighter in stifle than 1 and although still a pup looser on the move than 1. 3. Bindza – Laurellakes Hunky Dory. Minor Puppy Bitch. 4,0 1. Brown - Popebel Limited Edition. B/W loved her shape, beautiful head and expression, good neck and well laid shoulders, good amount of rib for age, correct topline and liked her width behind and good tailset, good angles behind with well let down hocks, animated on the move showing drive and purpose. 2. Bindza – Laurellakes Little Wonder. Dark blue Roan, another super shaped youngster, sweetest of heads, good neck and good front, good amount of rib and another with a well shaped rear end, just a tendency to pace on the move which swayed my decision. 3. Rushforth – Campionfield Class Act. 4. Pocock – Forendeem Toot Fruity. Puppy Dog. 2,1 1. Warrington – Zakova Wise Guy. Puppy Bitch. 2,0 1. Kettle – Lujesa Laurellakes Angel Whisper. Black girl with the most feminine of heads, super expression full of warmth, moderate neck of good length set on well laid shoulders, enough bone for age and good amount of rib, well sprung and brisket down to elbow, firm level topline and as my note say a “lovely fat bum”, liked her tail set, pleasing angles behind, but wouldn’t want any more turn to stifle, on the move showed the typical merry movement synonymous with the breed, found her in good coat, pleased to award her BP 2. Bindza – Laurellakes It’s a miracle. Another lovely black youngster, super head and expression good front, just dropping her topline behind when stacked, strong rear quarters and good movement, in good coat. Junior D/B 3,1 1. Hackett & Sheridan – Lindridge Star Attraction. D. Blue roan, smart young boy, clean head with good muzzle and kind eye, good ear set, strong, moderate neck and good shoulders, found him well off for rib and good topline (the deciding factor in this class), short coupled and good tailset, liked his angulation behind, showed good drive behind on the move. 2. Griffin – Griffial Make It Count. B. Mid blue roan, lovely feminine head, good front to her, well sprung rib, short coupled, just a slight rise over her loin, well set tail, muscular behind, steady on the move showing good straight lines, would just like a bit more animation to her. Yearling D/B 2,0 1. Hutson - Stobytill Bootylicious. B. Blue Roan, good head, square muzzle with good stop, well set ears and strong neck, good front assembly, well sprung rib and short loin, correct topline and well place tail set, good amount of width across her rump, good thigh and well let down hocks, found her with a lot of coat today, moved well with good drive. 2. Bindza – Aisza Figaro For Laurellakes. D. heavier set liver male, good head shape, strong neck and well off for rib, good topline and short strong loin, good angles behind, moved ok, but just too heavy a type for me today. Maiden D/ B 0,0 Novice D/B 1,1 Graduate D/B 4,1 1. Remington – Rozamie Black Pearl Jessremjul. B. beautiful black girl with sweetest of heads, good neck, good front with good forechest and excellent rib, level topline with a slight slope over the croup to tail set, liked the angles and strength to her rear, found in good coat, preferred her movement over 2, showing plenty of drive and reach. 2. Kidd – Laurellakes Dream come True With Freestone. B. Another who could have won on the day, feminine head of correct shape and size, clean neck and well placed shoulders, good topline and good tailset, merry on the move, but not quite the drive of 1. 3. Brown – Reemif Blue Velvet at Popebel. B. Post Grad D/B 3,1 1. Driver & Walker – Brackenjack Bit of Allsorts at Beckaby. B. blue roan, beautiful expressive face, loved her head shape, clean neck and well placed shoulders, well sprung rib and short coupled, level topline and good tailset, another with a good “fat bum” good width to thigh and well let down hocks which allowed her the freedom of movement she showed when powering around the ring. In good coat. 2. Anderson & Foster – Zakova Sundance Kyd at Sabaloo JW. D. black boy with masculine head, strong neck and good front, well off for rib and correct topline, underneath his abundance of coat, good rear quarters and a well turned stifle, moved well, just preferred the head of 1 today. Bred by Exhibitor. 7,1 1. Warrington – Zakova Sunburst. D. Golden boy who headed this strong class, oozes quality, super head shape and kind eye, strong neck of correct length, well laid shoulders and best of fronts, good forechest and well sprung rib, correct level topline and a good width across his loin, strong well muscled rear with a good turn of stifle, loved his “merry” action on the move and showed good drive and reach both in the up and down and in profile, found him in excellent coat and in the challenge I couldn’t deny him the ultimate honour of BIS. 2. Blackley & Salero – Wightroche The Bee JW. B. loved this young black bitch in the past and unlucky to come across 1 today in such form, super head and loved her front assembly, set on tight feet, good amount of rib and level topline, enough width across her loin and good angles behind, lovely movement when settled. 3. Kidd – Freestone Chances Are. B. 4. Bindza – Laurellakes It’s a Miracle. B. 5. Griffin – Griffial Make it Count. B. Not Bred by Exhibitor. 3,1 1. Kidd – Laurellakes Dream come True With Freestone. B. grad 2nd 2. Driver – Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby JW. D. blue roan of lovely type, liked his head and expression, good rib, just a slight roach on back when stacked which he carried into his movement today, good angles behind and well off for coat. Special Tryers. 3,0 1. Griffin – Griffial Make it Count. B. 2nd Junior 2. Pocock – Forendeem Toot Fruity. B. sweet 7mth old bitch, very immature still, sweet head of a good shape and size for age, correct through neck and shoulders, good topline, but needs to be stretched out more when stacked, gives the appearance of being a bit to scrunched up, moved ok, but showed her immaturity 3. Rushforth – Campionfield Class Act. B. Clipped Off 3,2 1. Hutson – Stobytill She Bangs. B. B/W/Tan. Love the principle of this class, what you see is what you get, lovely head and expression, good neck sat on well laid shoulders, lovely shape to her when stacked with good angles behind, just found her topline a little bouncy on the move today. Open Dog. 4,1 1. Blackley & Salero – Cooleela Operation Dynamo Wightroche. D. Black dog I’ve done well for in the past, Absolutely loved him in the class and unlucky in the challenge in what was a very hard final decision. He has everything the standard requires in a top cocker, smart stacked with super topline, super head shape and best of expressions, good ear set, strong neck of moderate length and well placed shoulders, plenty of rib and good front, short coupled and the best of toplines, good amount of width across his rump and found him in lovely coat and condition, well angled behind which showed in his free flowing movement, nit picking in the final challenge and pleased to award him Res BIS. 2. Wildman – Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo ShCM ShCEx. D. Blue roan, liked his shape when stacked, heavier type than 1, good head shape and clean though neck and shoulders, plenty of rib with deep brisket, short strong loin, well rounded behind with good angles to stifle, in good coat, moved well, but preferred type of 1 on day. 3. Hutson – Stobytill After The Storm. D. Open Bitch. 4,2 1. Kotanen – Fi Ch Triplet Queen Of Queens (Imp Fin). B. Only 2 in the class, but doesn’t diminish its quality, 1. This lovely blue roan bitch presented a lovely picture when stacked, good head shape with alert expressive eyes, good neck and shoulders, correct amount of rib and level topline, good width across her loin and well shaped rear quarters, preferred her driving action today over 2. 2. Driver - Annilann Miss Magicstar at Beckaby. B. another blue roan, beautiful shape stacked, nothing in exaggeration, clean feminine head, moderate neck and well laid shoulders, in plenty of coat and another with a “fat bum” good tailset and strong through thigh and good bend to stifle, moved wel,l but on the day just preferred drive to 1. Veteran D/B 1,0 1. Driver – Beckaby Blueberry Muffin. B. Sweet oldy who has a lovely shape in profile to her, shaved off for retirement, but doesn’t distract from her qualities, lovely head and expression, good amount of rib and level topline, good angles behind, could perhaps benefit from losing a couple of lbs, but won’t hold it against her at her age. Moved well. Vintage D/B. 2,1 1. Pilkington – Molkara vuvuzela ShCM VW. B. Black 13yr old who I was informed I’d given BOB to as a 2yr old. Found her in super condition for age, full coat and still full of beans, loved her shape when stood, best of heads and super conformation in front, good width to her and moved like a teenager (in dog years) no hesitation in awarding her BVIS.