• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chichester & District Canine Society

Chichester & District Canine Society

March 26th 2023

Judge Mike Blay.

Irish Setters

Junior 0 Entries 0 Abs

Post Grad 2,0

1. Pine – Seowns Snoops, D. 2 nice males to start the day off, good head shape to 1 and clean through front, liked his shape when stacked liked his tail set and found him in good muscle tone, good coat to him and moved well with a good flowing action. Pleased to award him BOB.

2. Lake – Bluesprings Blarney, D. another with a pleasing head, just not the straight front leg of 1, liked him in profile when stacked found him well off for bone, another who moved soundly.

Open 1,0

1. Byrne, Edwards & Howlett – Konakakela Just Meant to be Siochanna. B. Sweetest of heads, good neck and shoulders, clean front and well off for rib, good topline and good angles behind, in good coat, moved well, but just preferred PG winner in the challenge.


Junior 7,1

1. Hazeltime, Razzell, Drake & Welch – Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past for Corotine. D. young raw B/W dog, well put together and presented a pleasing picture when stacked, good head, set on a long muscular neck, well laid shoulders and enough rib for age, good topline and a strong behind with well turned stifles, still a bit loose on the move, but lots of promise for this 9 mth old. BP and pleased to award him PG2

2. Welch, Drake & Hazeltine – Clamerkin Jubilee Surprise at Hookwood. B. B/W bitch from the same litter as 1, lovely shape to her when settled, good head and correct front, well muscled rear quarters, just not the steadiness of 1 on the move.

Post Grad 3,0

1. Mulryne – Millpoint Diamond Solitair Avec Frenetbull. B. O/W classic head shape, not too lippy, good neck, but found her ever so slightly upright in front when stacked, good rib and good topline, well developed rear end with well turned stifle, moved well in profile showing good drive behind.

2. Perren & Welch – Evaluna Chasing Rainbows with Hookwood JW. B. B/W squarer in muzzle than 1, good shape in profile when stood, good angles behind, just prefered the movement today of 1.

Open 6,1

1. Norbury - Heartbury Belacqua. B. Very feminine L/W bitch, super shape and size, clean classic head shape, good neck and well placed shoulders, good rib and lovely straight front legs when viewed from front on, strong loin and correct topline with good tailset, liked her angulation behind, nothing over exaggerated, super outline in profile on the move, straight and true going and coming towards, pleased to award her BOB and then a well deserved G3

2. Welch – Hookwood Starman JW. D. B/W heavier set dog than 1, all male, strong head, but not showing coarseness, good neck and shoulder, deep, well sprung rib and short strong loin, well off for muscle behind which he used to his advantage on the move, just preferred the type and size of 1 on the day. RBOB

Flatcoated Retriever

Junior 3,0

1. Tagg – Oiyou Double Espresso. B. Loved this naughty puppy the moment I saw her, still a raw baby, but shows loads of potential, super shape and size when she eventually settled, clean head shape showing no coarseness, good neck and shoulders, enough rib for age, clean topline and a well set tail that never stopped wagging, super movement when she settled and couldn’t deny her BP, RBOB and PG4

2. Durrant – Glenturret Gyspy Tart. B. Liver bitch who was unlucky to come against 1 on the day, pleasing head and expression, kind eye, good length to neck and well place shoulders, good shape when stood, and found her in good coat, moved ok, but just not the drive of 1 today.

Post Grad 3,1

1. Knight – Blacklake Nerisa. B. Very Feminine bitch of a good size and shape, good head shape, strong neck and well laid shoulders, straight front legs and well ribbed, good topline and well muscled behind which were evident with her fluid movement.

2. Slade – Hightyne Fly Me to the Moon. D. Heavier set dog than 1, well off for bone, just found him a little unbalanced for me on the day. Good head shape and strong neck and good shoulder, plenty of rib, well developed rear, moved ok, preferred type and size of 1 on the day.

Open 4,0

1. Tagg - Empire Glory Black Brianta at Oiyou (Imp Cze) JW SGWC KCWGC. B. super 4yr bitch who took my eye as she came into the ring, super head shape, not coarse in any way, best of front assemblies, well sprung rib and super topline which she held all the time, strong well angulated rear, moved ok just would like more Ooopmh about her on the move. Still showed enough to win her the class and BOB.

2. Durrant – Glenturret Lucy Charm. B. liked her shape in profile, but would like a few less pounds on her, good head and expression, good topline when stood and good rear with a correct turn of stifle, found her in good coat, moved ok.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy 9,1

1. Bailiff – Oroshaza Be Be at Cazadorado. B. Hun Viz. lovely young bitch with classic vizsla head shape, lean and noble and beautiful kind eye, good neck and shoulder, best of toplines, level back, short strong loin and good angulation behind, moved well for one so young, still a baby, but so full of promise. No hestitation in awarding her BP and PG1

2. Searles – Cravessa’s Bottoms Up. D. SWD. Loved this Spanish when he walked into the ring and didn’t disappoint when I got my hands under his well corded coat of super texture, lovely head and expression, short powerful neck set upon well laid shoulders, good body proportions and excellent rear end, moderately angled but with enough muscle to power him around the ring.

Junior 6,1

1. Rackett – Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia. Hun Viz. D. Another Viz of super shape and size, lovely head and soft gentle expression, well made front and excellent rib and body, good proportions to him, liked his solid rear and had a steadiness about him on the move showing drive behind and reach in front.

2. Bunker - Winterwell Little Itch. GSP. B. Have given this bitch BP before and unlucky to come against 1 today. Gets steadier with age, sweet head and lovely eye, good neck and front assembly, liked her body shape when stood and her rear is strengthening nicely, another who for her age is so steady on the move, Still think she has a big future ahead of her.

Post Grad 9,2

1. Bailiff – Oroshaza Iren At Cazadorado. Hun Viz. B. Feels like a vizsla sort of day. Not much to choose between the first 2, loved this bitch shape when stacked, noble head and melting expression, good neck and shoulders, correct topline and good body proportions, strong backend with good angulation, another who moved well, straight and true both going away and coming towards.

2. Rackett – Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia. Hun Viz. D.

Open 11,2

1. Busby – Sh Ch Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby JW. IWS. D. wow what a class, top of the pile had to go to this Irish Water Spaniel, Super head and expression, correct in front with characteristic barrel rib, lovely topline and put down in excellent coat, Super rear quarters, Really stood out on the move, effortless yet full of power with distinctive rolling motion, couldn’t deny him Bob and G1 then watch him go RBIS.

2. Upton-Lovett & Upton – Sh Ch Gunalt Lustrous With RoyDack. Weim. B. another lovely example of the breed, so full of breed type, lovely head shape and soft expression, good body shape being slightly longer than tall, strong through loin and well muscled behind, just not the movement today of the winner.

A.V. Imported Reg. Gundog

Puppy 0,0

Junior 0,0

Post Grad 1,0

1. Dando – Stormdancer Romance. Slov Roughaired Pointer. B. Lovely balance to this bitch both stacked and on the move, very feminine head of good shape, good proportions to body and found her well muscled, liked her angulation behind, in good harsh coat, steady on the move showing enough about her to allow me to award her BOB.

Open 1,0

1. Kaye, Byrne & Barclay – Bryanelly Woody Among Nizzana. Portugese Pointer. Dog I’ve been over behind, unfortunately he had his mischievous head on today, good head and expression, correct through shoulder, but had tendency to have front legs slightly 10 to 2. Good topline when stretched out and strong powerful rear quarters, showed a free moving stride when he finally settled down on the move. RBOB

A.V. Veteran Gundog 11,3

1. Osburn – Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW. Field Span. B. Beautiful black bitch who lit up a strong group of veterans, very noble looking head, good eye colour and soft expression, strong neck and under her good coat lay well placed long sloping shoulders, ample rib and level topline, loin well muscled and good angulation behind, unfussy movement showing excellent drive when going away. BV.

2. Welch – Ir Sh Ch Oxfordacres Trinity By Hookwood JW ShCM. Pointer. B. B/W lovely shape and balance to this bitch, liked her head and gentle expression, good front and correct through topline, well muscled hind quarters, freeflowing movement cemented her 2nd place.

Gundog Group

1. Busby – Sh Ch Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby JW. IWS. D.

2. Blackley & Salero – Cooleela Operation Dynamo Wightroche. Cocker. D. Black dog who I’ve done well for in the past, lovely outline when stood, clean head of good size and melting expression, strong neck and correct shoulders, straight front legs and tight feet, good rib and level topline with good width across the loin, correct tailset, liked his well muscled rear with good turn of stifle, moved with good drive and a lovely correct merry action, again found him in super coat.

3. Norbury, Adams & Upton – Heartbury Belacqua. Pointer. B.

4. Osborn – Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW. Field Span. B.

Gundog Puppy Group

1. Bailiff – Oroshaza Be Be at Cazadorado. Hun Viz. B.

2. Hazeltine, Razzell, Drake & Welch – Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past for Corotine. Pointer. D.

3. Henson – Cinderbank Move it. Golden Ret. D. Lovely youngster of good size and shape, clean head not coarse in anyway, good front and good rib for age, good angles behind and found him in good coat, balanced on the move, steady for his age.

4. Tagg – Oiyou Double Espresso. Flatcoated. B.