• Show Date: 19/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

Huntingdonshire Canine Society


19th Aug 2023 Judge Mike Blay

I would like to thank the Secretary and her hard working committee for running a super show, The weather

was challenging with the heat, but all the dogs coped admirably. Thanks must also go to the exhibitors for

accepting my decisions graciously and with sportsmanship.


Puppy No Entries.

Junior No Entries.

Post Grad 1 Entry 0 Abs.

1. Johnston, Johnston, Johnston & Boxall – Ludstar Maccabee at Glenquin (Imp Ita) D. Strong headed

dog, pleasing shape to body when stacked good angles to front, deep chested, good topline and

strong loin, muscular thigh and good turn of stifle, held tailset well on the move, but just needed to

settle down.RBOB

Open 6,4

1. Upton & Upton – Roydack Portrait of a Lady. B. Lovely feminine bitch in size and type, not as heavy

set as 2, classic head shape, slightly rounded skull with good stop and correct muzzle to head ratio,

good length to neck and well placed sloping shoulders, and good front to her, deep in brisket and

well sprung rib, liked her level topline and good tailset, strong behind with good angles to well let

down hocks, flowing movement showing enough drive about her, found her in good coat. BOB

2. Johnston – Glenquin The Patriot. D. Heavier in head than I would normally like, good neck and

shoulders, well sprung rib and correct topline, strong loin and strong rear although I found him

slightly over angulated in his rear pasterns, a handful on the move, but showed good straight lines

and drive when he eventually settled.


Puppy 3,1

1. Harris – Melverly Amy Dorrit with Costalglows. B. Super class headed by this black and white bitch,

super head shape, kind expression and oozes quality, loved her stacked and didn’t disappoint when

I got my hands on her, correct through neck and shoulders and enough rib for age, liked her topline

which she held on the move, good angles behind and a steadiness on the move that belied her age,

couldn’t resist giving her BOB, BP then watch hr go PG1. Definitely one to watch for the future.

2. Weyman - More Than Amazing Wanna be a Gangster at Spuffing. D. A Tri Boy who shows a lot of

promise, just 6 mths old and unfortunate to come across 1 on day. Liked his head and soft

expression, good neck and shoulders, held topline well for age, liked his shape when stood and well

made rear quarters, move wel,l but just not the maturity of 1 today.

Junior 3,1

1. Harris – Melverly Betsy Trottwood with Costalglows. B. litter sister to my puppy winner, and cast

very much from the same mould, super type to this L/W bitch, lovely head and expression, good

proportion to the head, clean neck without any throatiness and well laid shoulders, and good front

assembly, rib coming on nicely for age, nicely balanced when stacked, mature for age on the move,

steady and showing good drive.

2. Frusher & Slack - Chanangel When You Believe at Shersona. B. Nice head shape and good eye, clean

through neck well sprung in rib, just found her looking a little longer in the body when stacked

compared to 1, good rear angulation, would like to see a bit more oomph on the move.

Post Grad 4,0

1. Weyman – Spuffing Processo. B. l/w bitch, lovely shape to her and a nice balanced outline, super

head set on a good length neck and well placed shoulders, good spring to rib and short coupled,

well off for muscles behind which allowed her to freely stride around the ring, found her in good

coat today. RBOB

2. Simmons - Dexbenella Frivolity. B. another nice bitch who will swap with 1 on another day, liked

her head shape and clean lines when stood, good shape and muscle to rear, moved ok, but

preferred the drive to 1 today.

3. Frusher - Dexbenella Fenella at Shersona. B.

4. Boole – Plaiglen Raggs to riches of arramow. B.

Open 3,1

1. Osbourne – Pendarlow Peter Pan With Braego. D. pleasing shape when stood, liked his head shape

and good neck and shoulders, well off for rib, would prefer a more level topline, good angles

behind, Tended to pull his owner on the move unbalancing him, but showed enough to allow me to

award him the class.

2. Wallis – Pendarlow Tiana. B. found this bitch a tad overweight on the day. Liked her shape when

stacked but preferred 1’s head shape, in good coat and moved well.


Puppy 1,0

1. Caldwell & Levy – Cerysan Limited Edition. D. Liked his head shape and soft expression, good neck

and correct shoulder placement, good topline and body developing nicely for age, good angles

behind and found him balanced on the move with good rear action. BP

Junior 1,1

Post Grad 1,0

1. Stevenson – Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway JW. D. lovely balance to this male, classic head

shape and kind expression, good front and well sprung rib, short coupled, if I had any fault I would

like a little more rise over his hind quarters, well muscled and moved a dream, gleaming coat in

excellent condition. Showed enough about him for me to award him BOB

Open. 5,0

1. Gaylor & Robertson – Heniveruce King of Brewers. D. lovely shape when stood, super head and

good eye, correct ear set, clean neck and well place shoulders, good front to him and well off for

rib, good topline and short strong loin, clean lines to his rear and found him in good coat moved

well both to and fro and in profile.

2. Thomas – Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious. B. finer type than 1, lots of quality to her, sweetest of heads

with soft kind expression, good neck and well laid shoulders, pleasing shape when stacked, short

loin and good hind quarters, lively on the move, but good straight lines when she settled.

3. Caldwell - Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan AW(B). B.

4. Woodward - Hinxwood Fire and Ice. B.

5. Caldwell & McDowell – Bowdonia only the Brave for Cerysan. D.