• Show Date: 19/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

19th July 2023

Judge - Michael Blay (Longbarrow)


Puppy dog. 1 entry, 1 Absent

Junior Dog. 1, 0.

1.Bambrook – Winsleywood Waghorn at Ravoakar. Yellow male who I’ve had the pleasure of going over before, liked his head shape without being coarse, correct neck and good front assembly, good rib and strong loin, level topline and well set on tail, muscular rear and well turned stifle, found him in good coat, good driving action behind and maturing nicely, pleased to award him BOB.

Post grad dog. 2,0

1.Manning – Marchurch Imperal Topaz JW. Nice looking yellow male when stood, good head shape, not coarse, strong neck and well laid shoulders, good straight front legs set on tight feet, well sprung rib and good topline, short strong loin and muscular rear quarters which he used to his advantage on the move. 2.Hill – Kimbajack Full Golden Monty of Waggador. Clean head of good type, good neck and shoulders, straight front legs, but found him a little flat footed today, good rib and straight topline, good angles behind, but unfortunately out of coat on the day. Moved well with good drive.

Limit Dog. 2,1

1.Sadler – Talifen Gentleman Jack. Another yellow male, square shape when stood, showing good topline and strong quarters, liked his head proportion and strength to neck. Found him in good coat, unfortunately on the day there were too many scents on the ground to distract him, which unbalanced his movement, showed enough to win the class, but couldn’t do anything for him in the challenge.

Open Dog. 3,1

1.Bambrook – Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar JW. Yellow male well off for substance, pleasing head, broad across, with good stop and good muzzle to depth of skull ratio, strong neck and good front, slightly hare like feet, good depth and spring to rib, level topline and well set otter like tail, strong rear quarters, moved well showing straight lines going and coming towards, just preferred the type of my junior in the challenge. 2. Maffia – Jenberry Furlough. Black, finer in type the 1, correct through front and good depth to chest, slight fall away to tail and not the hammy thighs of 1, straight lines on the move just not the power of 1.

Puppy Bitch. 4,2

1.Boulden – Rumhill Bossy Boots. Chocolate girl with pleasing feminine head, good neck and well placed shoulders, good straight legs set on tight feet, good rib for age, but with a slight dip to topline, short coupled leading to a well set otter like tail, liked her well developed hind quarters and well turned stifle, just out of coat today, but showed enough about her movement to allow her to win the class and BP 2. Lapper – Tomative Annabelle. Black bitch, another with a pleasing head and expression, found her slightly stuffy in neck, good shoulders and front, level topline and well set tail, good angles behind, but not the movement of 1 today,

Junior Bitch. 1,1

Post Grad Bitch. 4,3

1.Manning – Baileydale Harmony of Marchurch. Yellow girl, lovely size to her not over exaggerated or coarse in anyway, liked her shape when stood, good head of correct size, clean but strong neck and well placed shoulders, good front, good width and depth to chest, short coupled and level topline, good tailset and strong quarters behind, just found her a little bouncy on the move today, but showed enough for me to award her RBOB.

Limit Bitch No Entries.

Open Bitch 2,2


Puppy 3,1

1.Whincup – Coriend The Adjudicator by Partisky. B. Two super examples of the breed, both showing the distinctive “long and Low” shape of the breed, super head on this bitch, prick ears with plenty of feathering, good length to neck set on broad well set shoulders, good depth and length to rib for age, short strong loin and correct level topline, liked her angles behind and found her with adequate coat for her age. Straight and true action on the move allowing her plenty of freedom and drive and maturity for one so young. BP, RBOB and PG4 2. Holt – Coriend Let’s do Justice. B. Sister of 1 and from same mould, just preferred front of 1, another who looks a picture when stacked with good shape and size, in good coat, moved ok, but would prefer more oomph about her.

Special Yearling. No entries

Limit. No Entries

Open. 1,0

1.Whincup – Gleanntan Look at me at Partisky (Imp USA). B. Dark grey bitch of excellent type, good substance and correct shape when stacked, the words long and low kept reverberating in my head when going over her and she has this in abundance, super head and with an alert yet kind expression, another with correct shaped prick ears, good neck and well laid shoulders, good front and well off for rib, good length to body and correct height to length ratio, found her in good coat of reasonable length with a good undercoat. Liked her angles behind and movement that flowed effortlessly around the ring. BOB and G4


1.Stirk - Stanegate Hey it’s Bianca JW. IWS. B. Young water spaniel with plenty of energy, super head shape with alert expression, strong neck set on well placed shoulders, good front with plenty of heart room within her barrel shape rib, good topline and strong through loin, loved her angles behind which allowed her to move around the ring effortlessly with the distinctive rolling gait for the breed, in the best of coats, dense and tight ringlets with sufficient covering all over. 2. Haffenden & Wood – Nasebe Play the Game. ETT. B. Very much the little and large show with this little cracker following up the rear of the water spaniel, hard to believe she’s only 10 months old, super head with a wedge like shape and slight stop, lovely dark eye and alert expression, long powerful neck in proportion to her body, excels in front assembly and this follows through to her compact body again with everything in proportion, smart rear quarters with a good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, Jaunty movement yet still showing good straight lines both moving away and coming towards.


1.Shepherd – Ch Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW ShCM ShCEx. Whippet, D. Loved this male the moment I saw him enter the ring, has that look at me attitude. Excels in head and soft melting expression, super body shape when stacked with no exaggeration, clean lines and muscular throughout, perfect footfall on the move, powerful drive going away yet still graceful, couldn’t resist him. 2. Simms – NL Ch Snowmist Isaac at Articskies JW ShCM (Imp Can) Benelux W18. Siberian Husky D. another male of excellent type, fox like head of good size showing no sign of coarseness, like his body shape and size and once under his excellent coat, you could feel the muscle that allowed him to propel himself around the ring without any sign of him faltering, close, but just preferred the whippet’s near perfect footfall on the day.