• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/11/2023

East Kent Canine Society

EAST KENT CANINE SOCIETY – 5th November 2023

JUDGE – Michael Blay

AVNSC Terriers

Puppy 2 Entries 0 Absent

1.Turner – Matrixstaff Moon Dancer At Tidestaff. SBT. B. young bitch with a lot of promise, broad across

skull, with short foreface and distinct stop, strong neck and well laid shoulders, good amount of rib for age

and muscling up nicely, strong behind with a good turn to stifle, still raw on the move, but only a pup still.

BP and PG4 2. Bishop – Ulmo Bohemia Hauteurs De La Sole At Kyntilly NAF. Cesky Terrier. D. young dog who

was a little overawed by the occasion, had a little trouble going over him, but once settled he presented a

good shape and size, not the movement of 1, unsettled and pulling his owner,

Yearling 2,1

1.Burrage – Komidion Sonata For Sametova JW. Cesky Terrier. B. Beautiful bitch whom I’ve judge before,

best of heads with soft expression under her full facial furnishings. Good neck and shoulder, correct rib and

good topline, strong rear quarters allowing her to propel herself around the ring with a typical driving


Limit 5,2

1.Coe – Kimmi A Coestar. Cairn Terrier. D. Have watched this boys progress from afar and have to say he’s

come on leaps and bounds, super head shape and alert expression and good ear carriage, good neck, well

set shoulders and good shape to him when stacked, level topline and good rear with just enough bend of

stifle, found him in good coat, smart and tidy on the move. 2.Bishop – Moraira Abel At Kyntilly. Cesky

Terrier. D. Nice shape to this dog when settled, good head and correct though neck and shoulders, good rib

and correct topline, muscled behind with good turn of stifle, just found him a bit skittish on the move today.

Open 7,3

1.Dukes & Rogers – Ch Placido Musical Miracle At Runiks. Cesky Terrier. B. 2 dogs I’ve judged before and

love them both, again a class of fine margins, love this bitch’s shape and correct head, well placed shoulders

and good spring to rib, correct topline with it slightly rising over a broad muscular loin, came alive on the

move, straight and true with good tail carriage. Pleased to award her BOB then Terrier G1, then watch her

go RBIS 2. Burrage – Ch Komidion Prima Donna of SameTov ShCEx. Cesky Terrier. B. Super example of the

breed and unlucky to come across 1 today, loved her shape and size, good coat, correct topline and good

angles behind, full of drive on the move just prefer the tail carriage of 1 today. RBOB

Airedale Terrier

Puppy 1,0

1.Hall – Muliebrity Purple Princess Avec Tonerrier. D. Lovely raw youngster who shows a lot of promise,

square in shape and full of breed type, good proportion to head with correct skull to muzzle ratio, clean

neck and liked his body shape, short backed with good tail set, good length to thigh and well let down

hocks, still raw on the move. Found him in good coat. BP and PG2

Post Grad 2,1

1.Rust – Jokyl Power Lady. B. Liked the first impression she gave as she came into the ring, liked her head

shape and good dark eye, strong neck and well laid shoulder, straight front legs and good amount of well

sprung rib, short backed and well muscled loin, liked her angles behind and free flowing movement, super

harsh, wiry coat BOB

Open 0,0

Border Terrier


1.Parsons – Arunmere Artemis. B. smart young girl of good size and shape, pleasing head and alert

expression, strong neck of moderate length and well laid shoulders, good body shape spanned well and

found with a good harsh jacket on her, liked her rear quarters and plenty going for her on the move, straight

going away and back towards. BP and PG3 2. Hughes – Arunmere Nighthawk. B. litter sister of 1 and

stamped from the same mould, darker grizzle, liked her shape and size and in good coat, just preferred the

front movement of 1 on the day as she wasn’t quite as true coming back, still a raw youngster so would

expect her to tighten up.

Yearling 3,1

1.Hughes – Arunmere For Fox Sake. D. rangier dog than I would normally like, good otter head and alert

expression, good front assembly and good through rib and body, spanned ok and found him in harsh coat,

racy behind and moved well. 2. Feeney – Starmix Candy. B. liked her shape and size, but just found her a

little flat footed on the day, good coat and moved well, but tended to flag her tail at a faster gait.

Limit 2,1

1.Nettle – Ceilloch Griffin At Onziemehurst. B. sweetest of heads, found her in full winter coat, clean head

and strong neck, deep chested, but still able to span, good topline and liked her angles behind, moved well

with straight lines to and fro.

Open 1,0

1.Nettle - Onziemehhurst Milly Earhart JW. B. Liked her shape and size, clean otter like head and kind

expression, good neck and good front assembly, good ribs and spanned easily, correct topline and found her

with a good pelt and harsh jacket, racy behind and gaited well, BOB

Jack Russell Terriers

Puppy 4,1

1.Witmond – Tiltser Fortuna. B. Sister and brother from same mould, lovely type and can see them change

places on another day, today I chose the bitch who was steadier on the move and just a bit more mature on

the day, loved her head and when stood showed good height to length ratio, good front and level backed,

good rough coat and liked her angulation behind, more together on the move than her brother, with a good

stride pattern. Pleased to award her BP and PG1 2.Witmond - Tiltser Tuscany Tan. D. liked the type of these

2 and this dog very much in the same stamp, just not as settled today, good head shape and liked his

overall size and shape, muscling up nicely behind and moved ok, but just not the steadiness of his sister.

Post Grad 3,2

1.Hughes – Britanic Shine a Light for Kabu. B. Smooth coat “old fashioned” type, good head and pleasing

shape, found her a little thick around the neck, good body shape but shorter on the leg than I would

normally like, good topline and correct tailset, well muscled rear and moved well with straight lines to and


Open 2,1

1.Witmond – All Jacks To Tiltser With Love (Imp Ita). B. Another of a good type, clean head shape and good

eye and ear carriage, strong neck and good shoulder placement, enough leg to give a balanced look to her

when stacked, good rib and level topline, good rough coat of correct texture, strong well muscled thighs and

good well turned stifles, jaunty, but straight and true, on the move, BOB and G4

Scottish Terrier.

Puppy 0,0

Post Grad 2,0

1.Greenwood – Petmon Royal Gift JW. B. Lovely size and shape to this bitch, good proportions to head, not

coarse, dark eye and well set ears, strong in neck and well laid shoulders, good bone to legs and deep in

brisket, ribs carried well back and short strong loin, level topline and good tailset, found her in super harsh

double coat, liked her brisk movement with the impression of power going away. BOB and G3 2.Knight &

Poolton – Orrscot Mod De Baliol with Russalan. B. good head and well set neck and shoulders, deep rib and

well sprung, preferred the topline of 1 on the day, strong rear quarters, but would prefer more oomph

about her on the move.

Open. 3,2

1.Knight & Poolton – Russalan Martha Rosa JW. B. good head of correct shape and size, well furnished, with

good ear set, moderate neck set on long sloping shoulders, straight front and good amount of rib, short

backed and freeflowing RBOB

Soft Coated Wheaten

Puppy 0,0

Post Grad 1,0

1.Munn – Snowmeadow Treacle Toffee. B. Good head shape, moderately long with well defined stop under

her well coated muzzle, unfortunately nursing a scab on her cheek today, good neck and shoulder, found

her a little bunched up today and found her coat a bit rough today, moved ok, but would like more oomph

about her RBOB

Open 1,0

1.Munn – Ch Snowmeadow Suzy Sixpeence. B. good head shape with correct proportions, well coated,

strong neck and long well laid shoulders, good amount of rib, well sprung and deep, level topline and well

muscled behind, needs to calm down on the move, but did enough to warrant her BOB

West Highland White Terrier.

Puppy 1,1

Post Grad 1,1

Open 4,2

1.Foster & Foster – Thozow Master of the House. D. liked his shape when stacked, good head, well

furnished and with good ear carriage, sufficiently long neck and good shoulders, front straight with short

strong boned legs, good shape to body, level topline and well muscled loin and rear quarters, found him in

good coat, harsh and double coated, liked his movement, freeflowing with good reach at the front and

plenty of drive behind BOB and G2 2.Newcomb – Comdale For Your Eyes Only. D. another of good shape

when stacked, good head, correct shoulders, preferred front of 1 today, deep chested and level topline, in

good coat, strong behind moved well but preferred drive of 1. RBOB

Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Puppy 2,2

Yearling 1,0

1.Mitchelson – Amahle Red Hot Zephyr At Voortrekker. D. good head with broad skull, good expression, well

set ears, clean neck and good through shoulders and front, good amount of rib, deep in brisket and

moderately well sprung, good topline with correct clearly defined ridge along the back, well muscled behind

and moved well in a small slippery ring.

Limit 1,0

1.Storey & Piehl – Kiromol Tip Toe and Go (AI). B. feminine bitch of good size and shape, clean head with

soft intelligent expression, good neck and shoulder, well balanced front end with no exaggeration, good

amount of rib, level topline with correct ridge, well muscled behind with good turn of stifle, another who

coped admirably on the difficult surface.

Open 2,0

1.Storey, Storey & Piehl - Ch Kiromol Heaven Can Wait (AI). D. All Male, could see his quality the moment

he entered the ring, clean head of good shape, strong neck and well laid shoulders, super front assembly,

good rib and well balanced body, correct topline and correct double crowned ridge, strong loin and well

defined muscular rear, powered around a small ring and pleased to award him BOB and the Champion

stakes class. G2 2.Storey & Piehl – Kiromol Mandolin Wind. B. feminine bitch of lighter colour, lovely shape

and size, well balanced head and good neck and shoulders, liked her rear quarters just not the presence of 1

on the move.

Champion Stakes. 35, 15

1.Storey, Storey & Piehl - Ch Kiromol Heaven Can Wait (AI). Ridgeback. D. 2.Simms – Nl Ch Snowmists Isaac

At Atricskies JW ShCM (Imp Can) Benelux W18. Sibe Husky. D. Super head and expression, strong neck and

good front assembly, good topline with level back strong behind and found him in full coat, lovely free

movement, light on his feet and graceful, shame to come across 1 in such form.

Keith Starkey Mem Members stakes 26 , 13

1.Barlett – Cwnhapus Celestial Beauty JW. Border Collie. B. Loved her shape and sleek lines when stood,

good head shape and full of alertness, clean neck of good length and good though shoulders and front,

straight front with slightly sloping pasterns, well sprung rib and level topline which she held on the move,

correct body height to length ratio and super rear quarters, which she used to her advantage with a free yet

powerful gait, straight and true, found her in super coat. 2.Warrington – Zakorva Aria. GSP. B. Lovely young

bitch who shouts GSP all over, clean feminine head, good neck and correct through shoulders and front,

well sprung in rib and correct level topline with a slight falling away from the croup to the tailset. Well

muscled behind and moved with ease on a slippery floor, found her in excellent harsh coat.

Terrier Group

1.Dukes & Rogers – Ch Placido Musical Miracle At Runiks. Cesky Terrier. B. 2.Foster & Foster – Thozow

Master of the House. WHWT. D. 3.Greenwood – Petmon Royal Gift JW. Scottish Terrier. B. 4. Witmond – All

Jacks To Tiltser With Love (Imp Ita). JRT. B.

Terrier Puppy Group

1.Witmond – Tiltser Fortuna. JRT. B. 2.Hall – Muliebrity Purple Princess Avec Tonerrier. Airedale. D.

3.Parsons – Arunmere Artemis. Border Terrier. B. 4.Turner – Matrixstaff Moon Dancer At Tidestaff. SBT. B.