• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meriel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/01/2024

South West Essex Canine Association

South West Essex Canine Association Open Show 26th August 2023

Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at their Show.


Puppy 2. (1.) abs

Neasby. Starpins Frozen for Ulani

 9 month old,Min Pin puppy. A lot to like about this young girl.

Her head is of the correct proportions. Elongated and narrow without any cheek formation. Skull flat when viewed from the front. Nose black and muzzle strong.Eyes black. Ear seton high, small and erect.

Correct scissor bite. Neck strong with a slight arch, Good lay of shoulders.Square body and good spring of rib. Correct hindquarters and cat like feet.Tail set on correct and she moved so well.

Res Best Toy Puppy.

Special Yearling.3.

1st Brooks. Thistlesweet Atreyu (Imp Hugary)

Havenese Male of 16 months. Shaded Black. Loved his overall shape. Small and sturdy.Head of correct proportions. Nose and lips solid black. Eyes are dark and almond shape with a lovely expression. Ear set on correct set on just above eye level.

Correct scissor bite. Neck of medium length leading into well laid shoulders.Well sprung rib with a good tuck up. Feet were small and tight with a hare foot. Tail set on high and carried over his back. Profuse coat and super movement.

2. Crouch. Cobbets Cameo Peach with Kassan,

17 month old Blenheim Cavalier Bitch. She has a lot of breed type. Lovely head od correct proportions. Her eyes are dark and round and ears are set on high. Body is short coupled with a good spring of rib. Good hind quarters and tail set on good. Unlucky to meet my winner today.

3. Street & Page.Luphenex Highland dancer.

Post Graduate, 2.

1st Brooks. Thistlesweet Atreyu. (Imp Hugary)

2nd Dawson, Luphenex Highland Fling, 2O month old cavalier bitch. There is a lot to like about her. Correct head with skull almost flat between the ears. Shallow stop Nostrils black and muzzle well tapered. Eyes dark and round and high set ears. Correct scissor bite. Good body and tail set on correct. Unfortunately, she was not together on the move today.

Open 6.

1st Swinge,Balthazar Supersonic.

Red Rough male of 3 years. His head is fairly large in comparison to his body. Rounded but in no way domed and moderately wide between the ears. His nose is black with good open nostrils and a definite stop. Wide muzzle and neat lips. His eyes are dark and round of a moderately large size. Ear set on high. Mouth is slightly undershot and neck of medium length, Chest was rather wide and deep with legs that are straight and of medium length.Short backed and a good spring of rib. Feet are cat like and correct set on of tail. Good free movement and he went round the ring like he owned it. Well handled. Toy Group 1 and Res. B.I.S

2ND Brooks. Thistlesweet Atreyu. Havenese.

Chihuahua Long Coat

Special Yearling.1 abs

Post Grad. 1.

1ST Pitts. Mystic Legion Margarita.

2 year old bitch. She is lovely for breed type.Her head is well rounded with and her muzzle is moderately short. Eyes are dark and round. Ear set on correct large and flaring. Correct scissor bite and good body.Moved well

Open. 3 (1)abs.

1st Pitts. Mystic Legend Kahula.

Super bitch and so typical of the breed ,Correct head proportions and large flaring ears.

Correct scissor bite. Neck slightly arched leading into well laid shoulder. Good body and moved well. B.O.B. Group 4

2nd Pitts, Chihohit Favourite Sensation at Dappledale NAF.

Cream Bitch and a lot of the same applies but she is a little on the larger size.

Smooth Coat Chihuahua.

Special Yearling 1, abs

Post Graduate no entries

Open 1

1st Davdison-Poston, Davixity Bruhn Spinillons. 4 year old male and he oozes breed type.

His head is of the correct proportions with large flaring ears. Good Body and correct scissor bite. Moved well. B.O.B


Special Yearling. 2

1st Davidson-Poston Elena Kolekcja Szuwarka Spinillons (IKC)

What a cracking puppy bitch. Her attitude belays her age. 6 months old and super confidant.

Her head is of the correct shape. Skull slightly rounded between the ears. Muzzle is finely pointed with a well defined stop. Her eyes are of a medium size,dark.

Ears are large and mobile with rounded tips. Correct scissor bite. Neck of medium length leading into well laid shoulders. Chest is rather deep and elbows close to chest. A good spring of rib for her age and good hindquarters. Feet are fine,fairly long,hare like. Tail set on high and free flowing movement for a youngster. BPIB and Toy Puppy Group 1.

2nd Last. Melangel Miss Dollymix.

2 year old Bitch. She has a lot of my winner’s attributes,but not as true in movement as my winner.

Post Graduate 1.

Dipprose. Lilacrosse Touch of Talent.

2 year old bitch with a lot of good breed attributes, She has a good head and correct ear set. Correct scissor bite. Good body and tail set on correct. Movement could have been better.

Open. 3

1st Davidson-Poston. Dual Ch Sky Butterfly Elven Cron Prince Spinillons.Sk winner23(IMP Russia)

What can one say about this young man that hasn’t been said before. Stunning! He has all the attributes in the right place.Moved so well and beautifully presented. Toy Group 3 and B.V.I.S


Special Yearling. 5 . 1 abs)

1st Holman, Altina Alabama True Romance.

14 month old Red Sable.

His head is of the correct proportions. Skull slightly flat. Nose black and eyes of medium size. Correct scissor bite. Neck is rather short, leading into well laid shoulders. Short compact body. Fine boned hindquarters. Feet small and compact. Tail carried flat over back. Moved well

2nd Ellen. Klassna Magic Touch. 9 month old Orange Sable. Much of the same applies, he moved well but looked a baby,

Post Graduate 5.1abs.

1st Ellen, Klassna Man of Mystery.

Red sable male. There is a lot to like about him.Correct size and head is correct. Eyes of medium size, Ears relatively small.carried erect. Correct scissor bite. Neck is rather short and well set into shoulders. Shoulders clean and well laid back. Body short and compact. Well ribbed and chest fairly deep.

Hindquarters fine boned with medium angulation.

Small compact feet and tail carried flat over back.

Free movement.

2nd Holman. Altina’s Viva Las Vegas, 6 month old Red. What a little superstar at his first show.

So much to like about him, but he was very much a baby,but moved well


1st Holman Ch Altina’s Henry Higgins.

Orange male and what a cracker. It is not very often I say that I could have taken him home. But yes I could. He is the epitome of a Pomeranian for me. I could write so much about him,but it probably has been written before. B.OB. and Group 2

2nd Sharhazlah Luvs a Dare Devil.

Orange Sable male. Lovely for breed type.Good head and ear set on correct. Correct scissor bite . Compact body and good hindquarters. Moved well .


Special Yearling. 2.1 abs

Truelove. Nijacpugs Hot & Bothered,

13 month old male. What a character. Typical pug so happy. When I could get my hands on him, he did not disappoint. His head is relatively large and is in proportion to his body.Round with no indentation of his skull,Muzzle relatively short. Nose black with fairly open wide nostrils. His wrinkles are clearly defined. His eyes are dark, round in shape. Ears are thin and the flap folds forward. Slightly undershot mouth. Neck strong and thick. His legs are strong and straight of moderate length.Short cobby body with a broad chest. Well sprung ribs with a level topline. Strong hindquarters and he moved with drive, once settled.


Post Graduate 4(3 abs)

1st Truelove.Nijacpugs Hot as Hell.

Litter brother to my Special Yearling and he was just playing his handler up. His name is apt,but much of the same applies to him.

The litter brother just had the edge today.

Open No entries.

a.v Toy Veteran.5

1st. Ch/IR/NL/Int Ch Spinillons Rebel.

12 year old male in superb condition. Head is of the correct proportions and ear set on correct. Good mouth and neck of medium length.

Good lay of shoulders and body fairly long with a level topline. Good turn of stifle and correct hare feet. Moved well. Best Veteran.

2nd Masters. Esquimax Skin Deep. 7year old Chinese Crested. In superb condition. Hairless male who has all the breed attributes.

His head is slightly rounded with and elongated skull. Clean cheeks slightly chiselled lean and flat. His eyes are dark and ear set on correct,highest pointof base of ear,level with the outside corner of the eye.Correct scissor bite. His neck is long and sloping into well laid shoulders.

Good body and moved well.

M L Taylor (Judge)