• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Melanie Reekie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Perthshire Canine Club

Perthshire Canine Club 13th May 2023

I would like to thank the officers and committee members for asking me to judge at your beautiful show. It was a lovely day which always makes a difference when you are outside.

Thank you to the Scottish Rottweiler Club for supporting my breed classes. There was a lovely entry and thank you to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs along. Finally thank you to my lovely stewards for keeping the ring flowing.

Rottweiler Puppy (2)

1st - Grozier’s Vonkassel Mamba - pretty 10mth old bitch with a striking coat and lovely outline. Beautiful head that was of medium length with nice dark almond shaped eyes. Ears set high and lying nicely. Good depth of chest and lovely tan markings. Back straight leading to Good Hindquarter angulation with nice muscle which allowed her to drive when on the move. A very promising youngster and very pleased to award her BPIB and then later watch her be awarded Puppy Group 3.

2nd - Hislops Olearia Queen Of Clubs - Another promising 7mth old bitch. She has a lovely calm gaze and sweet nature. Head is developing nicely and has lovely dark almond shaped eyes. Ears pendant in shape lying close to the cheek. Shoulders laid back with nice angulation. Showing a good outline when on the stance. Just preferred the movement of 1 on the day.

Rottweiler Junior (2)

1st Carmichael & Yardley’s Stairvale Gisele. 13mth old bitch that shows a lot of potential. On the stance showing a striking outline with so much to give. Beautiful rich tan markings and a beautiful black coat. Dark brown almond shaped eyes and full dentition. Head was medium length and in proportion to the dog. Nice black nose and cheeks well boned. Well laid back shoulders and well sprung ribs. Back was stright and and tail carried over when on the move. She moved with drive and power around the ring. One I will definitely be keeping an eye on as she gets older.

2nd Bennett’s Jantavia Rebel Rebel. 14mth dog who was very excited to be in the ring. Medium length head with a broad skull between the ears. Dark almond eyes and full dentition. Ears set close to the cheek and lying flat. Strong and muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders. Hocks well angulated. Moved well around the ring but I preferred the movement of 1 on the day.

Rottweiler Graduate (3,1ab)

1st & BOB Carmichael’s Kayshillblue Zeus Of Lorayla JW. This 21mth old boy demanded my attention in the ring. On the stance he looked powerful and showed courage. I was not disappointed when going over him. His head was of medium length with ears pendant in shape, set high and wide apart on a broad skull. His dark brown almond eyes showed calm gaze. Muzzle fairly deep and full dentition. Neck was strong and muscular leading into well laid back shoulders and forelegs straight and muscular. Chest was broad and deep with well sprung ribs. Back was straight and strong. Upper thigh strong and hocks well angulated. Tail was strong and carried over on the move. He moved around the ring with endurance and strength. I was pleased to award him Best of Breed and later see him shortlisted in the working group.

2nd - Bunton’s Seittor Look Of Love. 20mth old boy who on another day could have won this class. His head was of medium length and had dark brown almond shaped eyes. He has tan markings above the eyes and side of the cheeks. Cheeks well boned and muscled. Strong forelegs with pasterns sloping forward. Good depth of chest and strong back leading to a nice tail set when on the move and on stance. He moved well around the ring but again I preferred the movement of 1.

Rottweiler Open (5)

1st Bunton’s Seittor Moment In Time. A 3 year old dog that caught my eye in this class. He was a little excited on the move when moving all together but was more settled on the triangle. He is certainly a powerful dog. Head of medium length with the skull broad between the ears. Occipital bone well developed. Dark brown medium sized almond eyes. Nose black with a full dentition of teeth. Shoulders well laid back with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. Back straight and strong. Hocks well angulated. Moved with drive around the ring.

2nd Grozier’s Jantavia Private Commando At Zorgs. 10 year old dog who was clearly here to enjoy his day out. Saying that he looked good on stance and proved age is just a number. Dark Almond shaped eyes and pendant ears set high on a broad skull. Cheeks well boned and black nose. Neck strong leading into well laid shoulders. Forelegs straight and strong with plenty of bone and substance. Well sprung ribs, back straight with good hindquarters. Moved well round the ring with the tail carried over.

3rd Thomson’s Tikaram Veronica


Melanie Reekie