• Show Date: 04/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meaylee Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/01/2024

Torquay & District Canine Society

Torquay & District Canine Society General Open Show Saturday 4th November 2023 The Matford Centre, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8FD Judge: Meaylee Lewis (Fairwinds) Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge and your lovely hospitality throughout. The quality of both dogs and handling was excellent. My stewards were lovely and did a super job - thank you. Retriever (Golden) Puppy (5, 4a) Garbitt’s SANTANDORE TOSCANINI. 7 months and looking typical of her age in lovely gold coat. Very feminine head with dark pigment, well set on a good reach of neck. Ribs well-sprung with short coupling, she has a level topline and good tail set. Well balanced with moderate fore and hind angulation. Moved freely. BPIB Special Yearling (8, 3a) Bardossy’s DEWMIST DREAM WEAVER. Cream dog of 12 months with more coat to grow but nothing to hide. Loved his overall balance. Masculine in his head well set into his strong neck of good length, with nicely laid back shoulders. Correct forechest and depth, with his elbows close fitting. His hindquarters are well muscled with a good bend of stifle. Stands straight all round on strong, round feet. Moved effortlessly with drive. Pike’s TREBELL THEA INTO ENTHRAL. 12 month old bitch in cream coat. Well-chiselled head with soft expression. Correct reach of neck flowing into her level topline. Balanced in her angles both fore and aft. Ribs well-sprung with short coupling. She stands on straight legs and strong feet. Moved freely with good footfall. Post Graduate (9, 2a) Bardossy’s DEWMIST DREAM WEAVER. 1st in SpY. Coad’s TINKLERSROC BON BON. 2 year old dog in dense gold coat. He has a well balanced heat with dark pigment. Good reach of neck, flowing nicely into his well back shoulders. He had a tendency to dip his topline when standing but held it level on the move. Good substance all through with strong hindquarters and neat feet. Tail nicely set and carried level. Moved with reach and drive. Limit (6, 3a) Bardossy’s DEWMIST DREAM WEAVER. 1st in SY & PG. Thomas’s SANTANDORE BLONDE OVER BLUE. 4 year old dog in cream, wavy coat. Nicely balanced head, well-chiselled. Correct reach of neck. Strong, level topline flowing nicely into his correct tail set. He’s short coupled with well sprung ribs and moderate angulation. Moved steadily. Open Dog (4, 2a) Bardossy’s SHAMROCK PRINCE OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS. 3 year old dog in dense gold coat and hard condition, full of enthusiasm. Handsome, balanced head with kind expression and dark pigment. Good substance all through. Well-sprung ribs with good depth of chest and level topline. Correct bend of stifle, nicely balanced with his forehand construction. Straight legs with strong feet. Moved powerfully with drive, good footfall when settled. RBOB Thomas’s SANTANDORE BLONDE OVER BLUE. 2nd in L. Open Bitch (8, 3a) Porter’s SHEARSTONE RIFF RAFF JW. 5 year old, well-balanced bitch in dense, light gold coat. Feminine in head, nicely chiselled with dark pigment. Clean neck of good length. Lovely front construction with well laid back shoulders, correct forechest and good return of upper arm. Deep through the chest. Level topline and correct tailset. Stifles are well-bent and hocks well let down. Strong, round feet. Moved soundly with accurate footfall. BOB Pike’s TREBELL THEA INTO ENTHRAL. 2nd in SY, 3rd in PG. Retriever (Flatcoated) Today was the funeral of the late Trevor Pennington, who was well known and loved by his fellow Flatcoat people in the Southwest. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Puppy (4, 4a) Graduate (6, 3a) Legg’s RUDDLEBERRY PHEONIX SONG. 2 year old black bitch. Lovely moulded head with dark eyes, nicely filled. Strong neck of good length into well lead back shoulders. Good depth through her chest and well ribbed. Slight rise over the loin as desired. Moderately bent stifles and standing true all round. Moved freely and accurately. RBOB Vanderstegen-Drake’s MOITY HAVOC. 2 year old black dog with good bone. Masculine head, a little broader than I prefer, nicely set on his long neck. Well ribbed with short coupling and good depth of chest. Tail well set and carried level. Hindquarters strong with moderately bent stifles. Flowed well around the ring. Limit (2, 1a) Knight’s OLLIEARTS ENCHANTRESS. Nearly 5 year old black bitch with a lovely balanced profile and wagging tail. Super one-piece head with dark eyes, nicely set. She has a clean, long neck flowing well into her shoulders. Correct forechest and tight elbows. Well ribbed through with short coupling. Tail well set and hocks well let down. Looks her best on the move where she flows around with ease, holding her tail level with her topline. Feet could be neater with shorter nails. BOB Open (3, 3a) German Shorthaired Pointer Open (1) Powell & Tarrant’s NEWTONBRIAR PURE BLISS. 13 month old bitch, feminine in head, clean cut and sufficiently broad. Strong neck of good length flowing well into her shoulders. Good depth of chest with well sprung ribs and nicely bent stifles. Well-off for bone, standing straight all round on compact feet. Moved effortlessly. BOB Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) Post Graduate (2, 1a) Palfrey’s EUSANIT WILD ATLANTIC WAY. 3 year old dog with a masculine, clean-cut head of typical slight wedge shape with alert expression. Good length of neck and shoulders well laid back. Stands straight all round. Short back with level topline and well-bent stifles. Positive springy movement with drive. RBOB Open Dog (1) Ward’s MELANITTA PALMATA JW. 5 years old and in a good double coat, well feathered. His head is slightly wedge shaped with a friendly expression. Good length of neck and ribs well-sprung with deep chest. Stifles well-bent and muscled. Moved with good footfall. Open Bitch (3, 1a) Hipkiss’s AFONBACH FIRST SIGN O’SPRING AT DELTANDAMBA JW. 3 year old bitch with a feminine, clean head and of slight wedge shape. Ears set nicely back on her skull and she has a strong neck of good proportion to her body. Well-sprung ribs with level topline. Hindquarters well muscled with well-bent stifles in balance with her forehand. Stands on tight feet. Moved with good spring and drive. BOB Phelp’s REDFOXTOR BLYSTRA BAY. 4 years old feminine bitch. Pretty head, nicely tapered with intelligent expression. She has well laid back shoulders and holds a level topline. Stifles well-bent and hocks well let down. Stands true all round on strong feet. Moved with good drive, single tracking as she built speed. Retriever (Curly Coated) Graduate (2) A class of two really lovely siblings with very little to separate them. Courtier’s MAYCOURT TAKE ME TO THE TOP. A very steady 10 month old black bitch with quality substance all through. Wedge shaped head with dark eyes. Clean reach of neck flowing well into her shoulders. Strong, level topline with her tail flowing nicely into her tail. Her hindquarters balance well with her forehand. Effortless movement on the roundest of feet. RBOB & BPIB Courtier’s MAYCOURT COVER SHOT. Liver, litter sister to 1. Lovely feminine, well-balanced head. Very clean neck of good length. She stands on straight legs, well under her body, on strong feet. Level topline and correct depth of chest. Moderate bend of stifle. Moved freely with good extension. Will tighten up on the move with maturity. Open (1) Edworthy’s MAYCOURT HEARTBREAKER. 3 year old black dog of good substance. Masculine, wedge shaped head with dark eyes. Muscular neck flowing nicely into his shoulders. Chest deep with ribs well-sprung. Topline held level throughout with his tail well set. Stands straight all round on round, strong feet. Moved powerfully with no effort needed and good footfall. BOB Hungarian Vizsla Graduate (6, 3a) Sage’s BOURNEHOUSE REFLECTION AT GRAYLACIER. Very promising bitch of only 6 months. Her head is lean and feminine, set on a strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. She held her topline level and her forehand is well balanced with her hindquarters. On the move she covered the ground with ease. Pleased to see her awarded in the puppy group. BPIB, Puppy Group 3 Milner’s IVYVIZBRIDGE JUST THOMAS. 15 month old dog with a masculine, noble head. Good reach of neck in balance with his proportions. Short backed with his tail nicely set. Stands foursquare on straight legs and rounded feet. Moved accurately. Limit (4, 2a) Milner’s IVYVIZBRIDGE JUST THOMAS. 2nd in G. Hughes’s Listerlo Mr Magoo. 15 month old dog. Lovely masculine head, well set on his strong neck. Shoulders well placed and he has the correct depth of chest with well sprung ribs. Well-muscled hindquarters. Stands square on tight feet. Moved elegantly in profile. 3rd in G. Open (4) Roe’s RAROG RUDA SZATA FOR PIROSPOINT (IMP POL) JW. An eye-catching 2 year old dog for his overall balance and breed type. Lean head with moderately wide back skull. Clean reach of neck flowing well into his level topline. Tail set low, carried level on the move. His chest is deep with a good spring of ribs. Well muscled, moderate hindquarters. Moved gracefully with good footfall. BOB Challis’s VIZSLANYA CSIBE JW. 2 year old bitch with lots to like, close up to 1. Feminine, clean head with a clean, strong neck. Withers well set with correct depth of chest. She held her topline level throughout. Moderate hindquarters. Stands straight all round. Covered the ground very well. RBOB Spaniel (Cocker) Graduate (5, 1a) McCabe-Bell’s ZHERIDONS ZEPHYRANTHES AT GRANDTULLY. A very pretty bitch of 20 months with dark eyes and a gentle expression. Lovely sloping shoulders and level topline with slight slope to her tail set. Her well muscled hindquarters enabled her to drive around the ring enthusiastically. RBOB Parkhouse’s FEDERICO HOABROE HEART FOR SHIVANI (IMP RUS). A 2 year old dog with a handsome, well-chiselled head with a distinct stop. Moderate neck into good shoulders. Compact body with well-sprung ribs. Very merry chap who covered the ground soundly. Miller’s EDDESWARREN EMERALD CITY. A lovely 6 month old dog I believe at his first show. Showing lots of promise for the future, holding his own confidently and moving with drive. BPIB Post Graduate (2, 2a) Open (4, 1a) Dean’s SANDLAUGA SHERBERT PIP WITH TISABELLI. Nearly 3 year old bitch who has so much breed type. Love how compact she is with a very pretty, cleanly chiselled head of good proportions. Good reach of neck with well laid shoulders and level topline. Deep through her brisket with well-sprung ribs. Strong hindquarters with a good bend of stifle. Moved accurately with drive around the ring. BOB McCabe-Bell’s GRANDTULLY ELIZA DOOLITTLE. 6 year old bitch in great condition. She has an intelligent expression and well developed skull. Strong neck, neatly set into her shoulders. Her firm topline slopes gently into her tail set. Good catlike feet. Well muscled hindquarters, used well to drive her around the ring. Spaniel (Field) Post Graduate (4, 2a) Adams & Lewis’s IRISBEL A MILLION DREAMS. A well-balanced bitch of 7 months. Expressive, well-chiselled head with moderate stop. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Strong topline, flowing gently into her low tailset. Moved well on long strides. RBOB & BPIB Adams & Lewis’s CEBEN DARRIN AT IRISBEL (IMP SWE). A 7 month old dog with a masculine head and a cheeky expression. He has a good layback of shoulder and a well developed chest. His stifles are moderately bent and hocks well let down. Moved ok but needs time to settle. Open (3, 1a) Willcock’s DYNARKARAKY DEUCES ARE WILD. 4 year old bitch with a very noble presence about her. Well balanced with good breed type. She had a feminine head with dark eyes set on a long reach of neck. Shoulders well laid back, topline held level throughout. Strong hindquarters with a moderate bend of stifle. Covered the ground on long strides. BOB Houseman’s FLYENPYG FIRST SIGHT. 2 year old dog with a lovely masculine head, well-chiselled with slight stop. Strong neck leading into good shoulders. Ribs well-sprung with deep chest. Stands square on tight, round feet. Moved on good strides. Weimaraner Graduate (4, 3a) Burgess’s GAMEPOINT ZOOM BY HANTZBURG. 6 months bitch with a clean outline. Feminine in head with moderate stop. Her neck is long and clean, leading nicely into her forequarters. She held her topline level with a slight slope over her croup. Well-muscled hindquarters with well-turned stifles. Moved accurately, holding her profile. RBOB & BPIB Open (1) Burgess’s GUNALT VETTEL TO HANTZBURG. 4 year old dog who holds his own. My notes say ‘nothing is overdone’. Lovely masculine head of good length with clean neck. Well-ribbed with short loin and level topline. Hindquarters well-muscled with hocks well let down. Stands straight all round on compact feet. Covered the ground effortlessly. BOB Junior Handling 6 - 11 Years (9, 4a) THOMAS TAYLOR aged 11 handling a Scottish Terrier. A very good young handler who kept an eye on my position throughout the class, readily listening out for my instruction. He stacked his dog calmly and showed me all three sides of the teeth clearly. On the move, Thomas kept his dog in the middle of the mat, using the space well. He also kept control of the lead tidily which completed the picture. Well done. ANASTASIA VOUTSIS aged 7 handling a Coton De Tulear. Another smartly dressed handler who was very neat in all she did. Very little separating 1 and 2 here. Anastasia made sure her dog was between her and the judge and held the lead neatly. She stacked her charge accurately and did the pattern work as I’d asked really well. Well done. 12 - 16 Years (4, 4a) Adult Handling 17 - 39 Years (7, 3a) STACIE NICOLL handling a Golden Retriever. Stacie handled her Golden in a gentle, calm and collected manner. Her lead was always well under control and out of her way. The ring was quite tight for the larger dogs to turn a tight corner but Stacie gave her dog the space he needed. She moved at a good pace and I had a very clear view of all three sides of her dog’s teeth. Well done. KITTIANA FRENCH handling a French Bulldog. Another great handler, Kittiana knew where I was throughout the class and gave her dog lots of quiet encouragement. I was shown the teeth very clearly and Kittiana moved at the right pace with a tidy lead. On the day, 1 made more use of the ring space on the move but otherwise pretty inseparable - well done. 40+ Years (11, 6a) ANNE POULTNEY handling a Bedlington Terrier. Seamless handling by Anne, quietly accurate. Her dog was always stacked perfectly and Anne showed me the teeth efficiently. Anne kept her lead tidy and moved her dog at a good pace, using the ring space. Dressed to complement her dog. Well done. ANN-MARIE TAYLOR handling a Border Collie. Great communication between handler and dog meant the movement was seamless. Good use of the space, tight corners and a neat lead. Ann-Marie stacked her dog efficiently and showed the teeth clearly and calmly. Well done.