• Show Date: 29/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meaylee Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coalville & District Canine Society

Coalville & District Canine Society

Open Show 29/01/23

Critiques for Flatcoated Retrievers

Judge: Miss M Lewis (Fairwinds)

Firstly, thank you to the committee for their lovely hospitality! And thank you all for bringing such quality dogs - every class winner was seriously considered for BOB. I had just lost one of my Flatcoats earlier in the week but all of yours definitely put a smile on my face!

Puppy (3, 1a)

Egginton & Davis’ Pajanbeck One Moment In Time (Meayl

Just 6 months old but this bitch made me think wow! She has super balanced proportions with substance. Lovely one-piece head with dark eyes, strong neck flowing into her level topline and good tailset. Stood true all round and moved freely with drive so accurately. Hope to see her have a great future. BPIB

Turner’s Angel Undercover Take My Breath Away. 

Another lovely puppy bitch at 9 months old. Like 1, she’s well balanced with a feminine head. Great reach of neck into a well constructed front. Well ribbed with level topline. Moved accurately but preferred the drive of 1.

Junior (8, 3a)

Warrington’s Woodavens Frozen Flame.

Impressive young bitch of 15 months. On the first move around she stood out. Beautiful typical head, correct reach of neck into her super front construction, matched with her strong hinquarters. Good spring of rib and level topline. She has an eye-catching profile with her tail carried straight off her topline and straight limbs. Everything came together on the move so well for a junior. Another I look forward to watching in the future.

Stevenson’s Feldkirk Rose N’Roses. 

A bitch of 17 months who I judged about 6 months ago. Of course many of the same comments apply. Today she was in well muscled condition, not the best of coats but that didn’t retract from her accuracy on the move and overall balance. She held her topline level and stood straight all round on neat feet.

Graduate (6, 3a)

Wilson’s Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez. 

2 year old dog with a masculine, well balanced head an dark eye. Correct reach of neck flowing into a strong topline. Well ribbed with short coupling and moderate hindquarters. Carried his tail well on the move. Moved soundly with drive and accuracy. Would prefer a little more upper arm.

Warrington’s Woodavens Water Valet.

15 month old dog 3rd in Junior, brother to 1st in Junior. He’s at the stage where he’s got it all there but it now needs to hold together on the move. Super classic head, on a strong neck. Great substance all through. Balanced front and rear, well muscled. Moved with reach and drive.

Post Graduate (2, 1a)

Barnett’s Steelriver Echo Beach At Annbecks.

A 4 year old bitch who deserved her win. She is classically feminine all through. She has a one piece head with dark eyes with a good reach of neck. Well laid back shoulders into a strong topline. Well ribbed with correct depth and well angled hindquarters with a good bend of stifle, used to drive herself around the ring. Not quite the forechest of my BOB and reserve.

Open (4, 0a)

Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Blue Moon (Meay

6 year old dog in top condition. He has a one-piece head without an ounce of coarseness. Good reach of neck, with correct forechest and well laid back shoulders. He has a good depth of chest and spring of rib with short coupling. His hindquarters balance his forequarters and he stands straight all round. I do wish he wouldn’t drop his topline when standing but his accuracy and drive on the move whilst holding his profile (with his topline held level) outweighed this. BOB

Davis’ Go With The Flow Dynamic Faithful. A 7 year old bitch also presented in great condition. Very typical Flatcoat in defying her age - she certainly shows the youngsters how to move with her ‘get up and go’ reach and drive. Lovely feminine one-piece head with dark eyes. Balanced all round from head to toe and stands on straight legs. Pushed 1 hard today, I just preferred the coat of 1 with the fuller feathering. RBOB.