• Show Date: 22/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mary Neil Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Carlisle & District Canine Society

Carlisle & District Canine Society

Saturday 22nd April 2023

 Thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at your 80th-anniversary premier show. Thanks also to my stewards who kept the ring organised and things moving in a timely manner.

 Pointer Puppy 3(1)

1. Lewis Kanix Snapdragon At Fallowfield

Very smart lemon & white male, 6 months old. Super outline although would prefer slightly less length in loin. Handsome masculine head with plenty stop with a kind expression. Long muscular neck, well-laid shoulders, plenty of heart room and strong topline. Well muscled throughout. Moved out well for a youngster. BP

2. Robertson Fleurfield Rags To Riches

Another lovely puppy. Black & White bitch with a balanced outline. Loved her sweet head with a kind eye. Super assembly with clean lines, good bone, deep in the chest, firm topline. Just preferred the movement in 1 but very close decision.

Graduate 4 (1)

1. Radcliffe Sniperay Mattiboo Killer Queen

Cracking 12 months old lemon bitch. Lovely clean lines on this bitch. Super head with good chiselling and kind dark eye. Nicely put together with a slightly arched strong neck, well laid shoulders, and strong topline. She held her shape on the move showing a real attitude with lovely strides.

2. Bush Piasharn Demelza

Balanced liver & white bitch of a pleasing type. Feminine head with pronounced occiput, dark eye and nose pigment. Flowing lines with good angulation fore and aft. Moved well.

Open 4(1)

1. Mason Morgan Van Freebreeze (Imp NLD)

Really liked this mature, balanced lemon bitch. Classic head with the kindest of eyes, soft lip and good dentition. Well-muscled clean neck, well-laid shoulders, good depth through brisket and standing on well-boned limbs and good feet. Balanced angles fore and aft and in hard workmanlike condition. Scored in movement as she powered around the ring. BOB

2. Radcliffe Sniperay Edge Of Glory JW

Nicely proportioned lemon and white bitch with a super head with a kind eye. Balanced angles fore and aft with plenty of heart room, strong short couplings. Moved very well with smooth, powerful movement.

Hungarian Vizsla Graduate 3(1)

1. Krupinska Shilla Line Uma

Lovely compact 14 month old bitch displaying type, elegance and balance. She has the most feminine head with the correct shape and eye colour , good dentition. Well off for bone and good feet. Lovely layback of shoulder from her clean neck, level topline and perfect tail set. Short through the loin and super well-muscled hindquarters. She moved very tidily with an economical length of stride. Nothing exaggerated about this neat little bitch. I was delighted to award her BOB and Group 4.

2. Murray & Parker True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly (Imp Hun)

Very close up to 1. Really liked this 14 month male. Another with a neat, clean typical outline with no exaggeration. Super masculine head with correct eye shape & colour. He stands on well-boned limbs with good feet. Excellent rib and super topline held whilst moving. Not as tidy on the move as 1 but he still has much maturing to do.

Open 3(0)

1. McCormack Roughshoot Onboard

Mature bitch of sound quality. She appealed greatly for her typical Vizsla type and temperament. Feminine head, reachy neck, good shoulders, and hindquarters in hard musculature condition. Strode out well covering the ring with a driving action. My only regret is her coat colour which could have been a few shades darker. Lovely bitch though.

2. Gloudeman Shilla Line Oscar

Pleasing mature male. Masculine head with good eye shape and colour and depth of muzzle and pronounced stop. Correct feet standing on well-boned limbs. I would have preferred a better forehand placing his front legs further under his body. Good depth through the heart, and tight elbows. Short, muscled loin. Well-angled hindquarters in good condition. He moved exceptionally well. A sound boy but for my ideal, I would prefer a bit more of him all over for a male.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Graduate 2(0)

1. Stait Afonbach Balerion

These two were litter mates and the contrast between male and female was striking. Taller and rangier than his sister but balanced nevertheless. Really liked his quizzical expression, good neck length, and well laid shoulders. His topline was strong both static and on the move. Sound on the move showing his cheeky attitude, and very attentive to his handler.

2. Adshead Afonbach Syrax

I’m sure these two will swap places in future battles. She is as feminine as he is masculine. Balanced picture, really appealing. Sweet feminine head, good proportions throughout. She too moved out well and held herself together when going around.

Open 2(0)

1. Adshead Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW

Very soundly made male of a good type displaying plenty of breed appeal. Presented in super coat and condition. Stands four square on tidy feet. Balanced layback and hind quarters. Well-muscled and moved very steadily and soundly. BOB

2. Stait Acadiabyrne The Baker’s Son

Smaller male, not quite got the balance of 1. Super head with a kind eye, good shoulder placement, and balanced rear angles. In good overall condition and moved soundly.

Curly Coated Retriever Graduate 3(0)

1. Barber Tonispada Vuori Vincent By Blanshard

What a cracking prospect this young dog is. Very nice type, produced today in spanking form, clean and fit! His head appealed greatly with that correct wedge shape and dark, intelligent eyes. He stands on super-boned limbs with good feet. Strong clean neck, correct shoulder placement, well ribbed, and strong topline. Correct curl to his dense coat with an obvious undercoat. Very tidy on the move with super ground-covering action. BOB & BPIB

2. Wynne-Jones Crimblescurl Wildotter

Liver mature bitch. Feminine head with dark intelligent eyes. Good neck, and well-placed shoulders. Good depth through the heart. Well-muscled hindquarters. Just preferred the more positive movement of 1.

Open 2(0)

1. Wynne-Jones Crimblescurl Cherry

Mature bitch displaying type, soundly constructed throughout. Good balance of feminine skull with dark eyes and neat ears. Moderate angles both fore and aft. Strong topline held static and going around. Well handled.

2. Valentine Ravenho Tallow Tango At Pattonia

This young man was a bit of a handful and gave his handler some attitude. However, when settled he has many breed attributes and presents a balanced overall picture. Compact with clean lines from muscular neck, well-laid shoulders, level topline and correctly angled quarters. Once settled, he showed sound movement with accurate footfall and good paces.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Graduate 2(0)

1. Graham Don’s As Bold As Brass With Nyliram (Imp Swe)

Scored here for his super balance and breed type. Presented today in such sound form, hands-on it was evident this dog is well exercised and his coat shines with vitality. Masculine, intelligent head with a kind eye, good dentition. Long muscular neck, well-laid shoulders, sound strong topline. Well-boned limbs and neat feet. Super movement with great ground-covering action using his short hocks to drive off. Res BOB

2. Mole & Knox Jennifer Our Loyal Welsh At Edincraw (Imp Ndl)

My notes say pretty bitch with such a sweet, gentle expression. Lovely reach of neck and correct forehand placing her feet well under her body. Well-proportioned throughout and in lovely condition. Once she settled, she moved with drive.

Open 4(1)

1. Graham Sh Ch Nylicram Telling Tales JW

Quality in spades! My star of the day and she filled my eye completely. Stunning bitch so beautifully balanced. Turned out today in spanking form, coat gleaming and in hard working condition. Superb construction from her feminine head with such a gentle expression, through her well-proportioned, clean compact body displaying symmetry and balance. Topped off with the movement that her construction dictates allowing her to power around the ring with such an ease of stride. No hesitation in awarding her BOB & later Group 1.

2. Mole & Knox Zara Florence Our Loyal Welsh At Edincraw (Imp Ndl)

Another smart bitch of a good type. Balanced throughout and in super coat and condition. Super head with a kind expressive eye. Clean neck with well-laid shoulders. Strength in topline and super backend with neat short pasterns used to advantage.

English Springer Spaniel Puppy 1(0)

1. House Gleadsbury Destiny Belle

What a little cracker she is. Stood alone in this class but it would have taken something special to have beaten her! Just oozes quality. This was her first outing and what a super future she must have. She epitomised what a soundly made, balanced, strong without losing femininity puppy should look like. Super head with such a kind eye, good depth to muzzle and well set on ears. Good length of neck cleanly on to well-laid shoulders. Plenty fore chest, good bone and neat rounded feet. Ribs well sprung and short, strong loin. Super backend with short well let down hocks which she used to advantage on the run-around. What a happy confident puppy she is. Beautifully and sympathetically handled. She must have a bright future, and awarding her BPIB & Gundog Puppy Group 1 was a pleasure.

Open 1(0)

1. Watson Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder

She is a cracking bitch at 81/2 and no surprise she has her title. She appealed greatly and I must say she was one of the soundest movers I’d seen all day. Hands-on tells the story. Textbook construction from the tip of her very pretty feminine head with such a kind eye, through her super shoulder assembly, neat well-rounded feet, clean flow of neck from ear to tail set and topped off with such economic easy action going around. She was a joy to watch, and her strength of movement belied her years. BOB

Cocker Spaniel Graduate 5(1)

What a lovely class. I was really taken by both of these youngsters.

1. Davies Annaside’s Star Turn

This Black bitch appealed greatly for her balanced proportions and breed type. She was presented in an immaculate coat and condition. She has the sweetest head with a glint of mischief in her eye!! Super bone and feet, well-laid shoulders placing her legs well under her body. A clean sweep of the neck onto well-sprung ribcage. Short strong loin. Her backend complimented in balance to her front with well-muscled thighs and short straight hocks. Her movement was sound with loads of drive and typical Cocker enthusiasm. BOB

2. Sinclair Claramund Mercury Rising At Duclarus

This Blue Roan dog did make me smile. What a naughty character he has. However, behind the naughtiness lies a youngster brimming with quality. He also displays lovely balance to his body proportions and was presented in tip-top condition. His head is masculine without a hint of coarseness with a twinkle in his kind eye. Super bone and feet with a deep brisket and tight elbows. He was short and cobby with well-sprung ribs and a strong muscular loin. He tried his best to play the fool but once settled his movement was sound and accurate.

Open 2(1)

1. Davies Annaside Winter’s Moon

Another very soundly put-together Cocker from this kennel. Blue Roan mature bitch of excellent quality. In lovely coat and condition. Feminine head, good depth to muzzle, correct ear shape & set. Stands on neat well-padded feet and straight well-boned limbs. Super reach of neck loved the cleanness from shoulders to tail. Well-muscled rear with short hocks she used to advantage on the run-around.

Irish Water Spaniel Puppy 1(0)

1. Williamson Finchsmill Secret Surprise.

11 months old bitch showing obvious breed type. She has lots to like and although still very much a baby she has it all there ready to mature. Cracking front assembly with super layback. Good neck with a clean sweep on to dead level topline held well on the move. Super head with that kind of expression I like. She moved very soundly for a youngster. BP

Graduate 2(1)

1. Taylor Springbank Life

Mature bitch today in lovely coat and condition throughout. Kind head with correct eye shape. She stands on tidy feet and is well-boned. Super front assembly allowing her feet to stand well under her. Plenty of depth of heart, well ribbed, super topline and set on of tail. Hindquarters were well muscled. Her movement was sound and accurate, covering the ground in a very easy stride. BOB

Weimaraner Graduate 2(1)

1. Murray Silberstern Rumour Has It Around Rachmor

7 months old bitch of lovely quality. Well up to size but balanced throughout. She has a feminine head with a kind, intelligent expression. Clean neck of good length, super depth through the chest with prominent forechest, correct forehand, and layback. Ribbed well back and short, strong loin. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. This young bitch comes alive on the move and gave a fantastic performance on the run around with such easy strides. Well handled BP

Open 2(1)

1. Balmer Mabanika Omega

Mature bitch of good breed type. For proper balance, I felt she was slightly over angulated behind. Super head with correct shape and colour eye. Clean neck, good forehand, layback, solid topline. Tight clean elbows and plenty of depth through the heart. Well ribbed and short in loin. Moved well despite a change of handler. BOB

Italian Spinone Graduate 1(0)

1. Duncan Diggmere Struffoli At Larhuly

Smaller, compact mature Orange & White bitch of a pleasing overall quality. Super bone and feet, good lay of shoulder, short, strong loin. Moderate hind angles. Moved very steadily and was a joy to see this partnership. Expertly and gently handled by her very young handler. Delighted to award them BOB

Open 1(0)

1. Duncan Diggmere Strawberry Heart At Larhuly

Mature Brown bitch of a good overall breed type. Liked her head and expression. She stands on good bone and feet, has excellent shoulder assembly and depth through the heart. She is well ribbed back, but I felt she was slightly longer in the loin than her kennel mate.

Large Munsterlander Graduate 2(1)

1. Turner Kamaze Dream With Your Feet At Gilnockie

13 months young bitch of super overall quality. In super coat and condition throughout. Feminine head with reachy neck and best of shoulders. Held a muscular topline static and moving. Well-muscled hind quarters used to advantage to propel her effortlessly around the ring. BOB

2. Weber Dita z Miketova Dvora Taf (Imp CZ)

Another lovely bitch, slightly longer cast than 1 for an accurate balance. This bitch too was in super condition. Loved her feminine head with a kind expressive eye, good shoulder assembly, neat feet, well-boned, super topline. Moved well.

Irish Setter Puppy 1(0)

1. Nevitt Joaodawns Stargazer.

 Stood alone but thoroughly deserved her class win, BOB & BPIB. Just a baby but undoubtedly a star in the making. Full of mischief as they should be as puppies but once settled, her sound body proportions and sound movement were evident. She has the sweetest of heads with such a soft, gentle eye. Loved her long sweep of the neck, well-laid shoulders, good depth of chest, neat feet and well-boned. She has an ease of movement that eats up a ring. Good luck in the future.

 Gordon Setter Puppy 3(0)

1. Gray Kattandale Blac Hawke’s Bay At Birniehill (AI)

Bitch of good overall quality. Pretty head with such a kind intelligent eye. Clean lines throughout. Well-arched feet, strong in bone, well-laid shoulders, well sprung in rib. Broad, muscular hind quarters with a moderate bent of stifle and short, neat hocks. Moved extremely soundly for a youngster with steady even strides. BPIB

2. Pallini Krisada Not In Kansas

Young dog and very close up to 1 in terms of overall quality and breed type. 1 just pipped it with a slightly better shoulder placement. In super coat and condition with a lovely gleaming coat and hard muscular condition. Well-constructed throughout and on the runaround he demonstrated an ease of movement.

Graduate 1(0)

1. Hogg Gailiech Nyalyod

I liked this handsome mature lad. Super all-male head with an intelligent eye and good depth through the muzzle. Balanced, clean outline standing on well-boned limbs. Super front assembly allows the front legs to be placed well under the body. Good depth through the heart, well ribbed and carrying a level topline. Well-bent stifles and in hard condition. Steady and powerful movement on the runaround carrying the tail level off the back. BOB

 English Setter Graduate 4(0)

1. Smettem- Minson Lucksharay Zenith Of Fame At Chywoon (Imp Rus)

I was taken with this upstanding Blue Belton male especially his overall quality and honest breed type. Clean outline with lovely reach of neck sweeping on to super lay of shoulder. Standing on well-boned limbs and neat padded feet. Masculine head with a kind and expressive eye. Well-ribbed back and firm-level topline. He used well-muscled hindquarters to power around the ring with such ease. Loved his head carriage & happy temperament. BOB

2. Thomson Maursett Morganite For Caspellwynd

My notes say super quality male; unfortunate to meet 1 today. Preferred his head to 1 as it was more masculine with better depth of muzzle. Super clean outline with good front and rear assembly. He wasn’t as positive in movement as 1.

Open 2(0)

1. Thomson Bushbane Rathlin Caspellwynd

Liked this boy. Presented today in full dripping coat and lovely muscular condition. Masculine head with a super depth of muzzle and kind, expressive eyes. Good clean neck and best of fronts with tight elbows and correct lay of shoulder. Strong level topline held both static and whilst moving. This dog can cover the ground when moving with super reach and drive. Well handled.

2. Taylor Kanietter Kocoa

Stood reserve in the graduate class. Blue mature dog with a kind masculine head. Best of feet standing on well-boned limbs. Unlucky to meet 1 as he didn’t match for quality or ring presence.

Irish Red and White Setter Graduate 1(0)

1. Skene Rubethan Cake It Or Leave It

I thought this young bitch was rather nice. Ultra feminine head with a kind eye. Good clean neck into well-placed shoulders. Short in loin and well-muscled hind quarters used to advantage. She moved very soundly both up and down and run around with a confident gate. Well handled.

Open 2(0)

1. Tait Sh Ch Talintyre Winter Shadow

Balanced mature male of fabulous breed type and quality throughout. He’s just a thoroughly sound dog in terms of his construction and movement. Well-balanced body proportions with front and rear complimenting each other. Loved his kind masculine head with dark, intelligent eyes. He comes alive on the move and is an example of forward reach and propulsion from strong hocks behind. BOB

2. Rubethan Cake It Or Leave It

 AVNSC Gundog Open 3(2)

1. Taylor Sh Ch Elgert Take A Bow With Tayowen JW

8 years old Field Spaniel and every inch the Ch he deserves to be. What a super dog and he does enjoy his showing. Still carries such a balanced outline with a perfect level topline and super head carriage. He has attitude and pizzazz and commands attention on the run-around. A credit to his owner. Best AVNSC

Gundog Group

Group 1 Welsh Springer Spaniel Sh Ch Nyliram Telling Tales JW

Group 2 English Setter Lucksheray Zenith Of Fame At Chywoon (Imp Russia)

Group 3 Pointer Morgan Van Freebreeze (Imp Ndl)

Group 4 Hungarian Vizsla Shilla Line Uma

Gundog Puppy Group

Group 1 English Springer Spaniel Gleadsbury Destiny Belle

Group 2 German Shorthaired Pointer Thorscrag Hades

Group 3 Curly Coated Retriever Tonispada Vuori Vincent By Blanshard

Group 4 Weimaraner Silberstern Runour Has It Around Rachmor

AV Gundog Puppy 11(5)

1. McCafferty Thorscrag Hades

Super young GSP male. Brimming with quality and has a very clean and promising outline….when settled! Balanced throughout with super angles front and rear and construction that allows his lovely reach in front and ground covering drive behind. A dog to watch in the future, good luck.

2. Barber Tonispada Vuori Vincent By Blanshard

Smart young curly male showing real promise. Super clean outline with balanced body proportions. In super condition and carrying the correct amount of weight. His coat was of the correct texture and curl. He was in hard musculature condition which allowed him to move with ease. Handled very quietly.

AV Gundog Graduate 11(7)

1. Phillips Shebelta Sweet Soul Music

12 months old pale-coated male Golden Retriever. Super overall quality. He was in hard condition but his coat was beginning to come out. However, it did not detract from this nicely put-together youngster. Appealing masculine head with good eye colour and shape. Lengthy clean neck onto well-placed shoulders. He stands on neat feet and is well-boned. Short over the loin and powerful hindquarters with good thigh width and neat rear pasterns used to advantage. He was light on his feet on the runaround and his easy action covered the ground with ease. Well handled.

2. Smith Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me At Flyenpyg

Tidy little chocolate Lab bitch of a pleasing type. Sweet head, ample neck, solid topline. Good angles fore and aft and in super hard workmanlike condition. She covered the ground well with plenty of drive, and loved her attentiveness to her handler.

AV Gundog Open 9(7)

1. Balmer Mabanika Omega

AV Gundog Veteran 14 (8)

Saved the best for last.

1. Radcliffe Sniperay Jhambiri

What a gem. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to lay my hands on this superb 7 years old Pointer male. Without question my best mover of the day. Oozing breed type and brimming with quality. Loved his masculine head with gentleness and intelligence. Well-proportioned boy with correct front assembly and balanced rear. In super hard workmanlike condition, this coupled with his correct construction allowed for flawless movement. A joy to watch and I was delighted to see he won BVIS later in the day.

2. Watson Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder

Another gem to finish the day. Super 8-year-old English Springer bitch with quality and breed type in abundance. Cracking head with kindness and intelligence. She has super angles and her driving movement could show some of her younger counterparts a clean pair of heels. It is so pleasing to see our older dogs still enjoying their showing.

Judge: Mary Neil (Moloko)