• Show Date: 19/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Martyn J Rees Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/11/2023

Hunt, Point & Retrieve Gundog Association

My sincere thanks to Victoria Wilkins and her committee for this super invitation. Such a well run and friendly show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. The icing on the cake was two of my Best of Breed Winners winning Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show respectively. A great thrill. Most importantly thank you to all those who brought their dogs forward for my consideration. I was very honoured.


Puppy (1) 

1st Hawkrise Unsung Hero (Aitkin): 8 months old and still very babyish. Has good square balanced outline. Head developing well. Neck of correct length. Well ribbed. Needs to come on more in hindquarters and settle in movement but has plenty of time and I would urge his owner to persevere with him. BP

Post Graduate (2)

1st Bonapartist Temptress At Laurremar (Poole): Quality bitch with excellent overall balance. True head of correct proportions. Clean and correction dentition. Neck of correct length. Well made forequarters with good length of foreleg. Big ribcage with short loin. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved on a brisk stride.

2nd Rochus Starburst (Holt). Good overall balanced. Preferred the head of the winner. Good depth of chest and well sprung rib cage. Well muscled hindquarters. Not quite the briskness of movement of the winner.

Open (6, 1)

1st Bonapartist Snow Goose (Slack). Stunning bitch from any angle and having judged her before I feel she is coming to her best. Beautifully balanced all through with correct square outline and good length of foreleg. Excellent head of correct proportions and well set ears. Clean neck into exemplary forehand construction. Chest of good depth and ribcage well sprung. Short loin. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved out well on a brisk stride. In excellent coat and condition. Presented and handled to perfection. Won a very strong class followed by BOB and I was delighted to hear that she ultimately won BIS under one of our most revered Gundog Judges - Mrs Di Arrowsmith.

2nd Sh Ch Bonapartist Pickpocket (Graham & Yarrow). Another top quality dog who is well worth of his title. To be picky I would prefer a fraction more length of foreleg. Well balanced all through. Excellent head of correct proportions. Clean and correct dentition. Strong neck. Correct forehand assembly. Big ribcage with short loin and well muscled hindquarters. Another that was presented and handled to advantage. RBOB

3rd Sh Ch Bonapartist Truffle (Yarrow). Completed a trio of top quality dogs whom it was a great honour to judge.

German Wirehaired Pointer

Puppy (2, 1)

1st Bareve Bananarama (Pinkerton). Nicely balanced bitch of almost 9 months. Correct head with strong muzzle and well placed ears. Dentition clean and correct. Very good length of neck leading to excellent forehand assembly. Excellent depth and width of chest. Quality bone all through with tight feet. Well ribbed back into moderate loin. Nicely turned stifles. Just needs to tighten on the move but a quality puppy none the less.

Junior (1)

1st Bareve Best Bon Jovi (Pinkerton). Litter brother to puppy winner and many of the same attributes apply. Extremely well balanced. Beautiful head shape with well set ears and strong jaw. Denition clean and correct. Excels in his neck and forehand assembly. Chest of good width and depth. Ribcage correctly sprung into short muscular loin. Moved extremely well both fore and aft and showed good extension when viewed in profile. Excellent coat texture. BP and shortlisted for BPIS

Post Graduate (3, 2)

1st Tickencote Teach Me Tonight For Gerstenfield JW (Jenkins & Warner). Stood alone but worthy of her win. Just slightly at the in between stage that dogs of this age inevitably go through post puppy and prior to adulthood. Well balanced all through maintaining good breed outline. Well shaped head. Good length of neck leading to correct forehand construction. Well ribbed back. Loin of option length. Good coat density. Moderate hindquarters free from exaggeration. Moved out well.

Open (8, 3)

1st Sh Ch Kimmax Koz I Kan (McCullough). Top quality bitch whose ease and precision of movement won her this strong class. Excellent overall balance. Typical head with well placed ears and strong jaw. Clean neck leading to copybook forehand construction. Well ribbed back. Moderate hindquarters with good second thigh. Well muscled all through. Excellent coat texture. Her movement really was a joy to watch and I was thrilled that having awarded her BOB she went on to Reserve Best in Show. 

2nd Ch Kimmax Coming Home At Gerstenfield ShCM VW. (Jenkins). A very worth title holder who is a credit to her owner. I still can not believe she is 9 years old. Beautifully balanced all through. Scores in head. Excellent of neck leading to well laid shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm. Correct width and depth of chest. Well ribbed back. Excellent, well muscled hindquarters. Super coat texture. Pushed the winner hard. A well deserved RBOB

3rd Kimmax Who Kares Wins JW (Donnelly)

AV Import Register Breeds

Puppy (3)

1st Achouffe Siva Sila (George-Ainscough & Hodgkinson ) (SRHP). Well balanced bitch of 8 months who scored in coat quality and texture. Well made all through. Correct height to length ratios. Clean head. Good length of neck. Well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters. Moved accurately in all planes which won her the class. BP

2nd Parkbalk Ariel Dianeli (Broughton) (Braque D’Auvergne). Well balanced bitch of 11 months old. Lean head. Clean neck. Well made forequarters. Good depth of chest. Well ribbed back. Nicely turned stifles. Moved soundly.

3rd Stormdancer Bit By Bit (Gray) (SRHP)

Junior (1)

1st Achouffe Siva Sila. Repeat 1st puppy.

Post Graduate (2, 1)

1st Achouffle S Summer Magic At Cavalmist (Moore) (SRHP). Excellent for overall balance and type - a very quality exhibit. Scores in head, neck and forehand assembly. Good length and spring of ribcage. Well made hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Excellent bone and feet. Super coat texture. Moved out very well.

Open (5)

1st Swiss Sh Ch Achouffe Philanderer ShCex (Adams( SRHP). Having judged this dog on several occasions I think this is the best he has looked to date. He has fulfilled all his early promise. Excellent overall balance. Super head. Clean neck leading into well laid shoulder and corresponding length of upper arm. Correct depth of chest and length of rib. Well made hindquarters. Quality bone and musculature all through. Excellent coat texture. Moved out well both fore and aft and demonstrated excellent side gait when viewed in profile. Presented and handled to perfection. BOB and short listed down to the final 5 for Best in Show.

2nd Swiss Sh Ch Gameglow Playmaker WW23 (Cooper) Braque D’Auvergne. Another quality dog who gave the winner a run for his money! Well balanced all through and free from exaggeration. Masculine head. Clean neck leading to well made forehand assembly. Good depth of chest and length of ribcage. Strong hindquarters with well placed hocks. Moved out well. RBOB.

3rd Multi Ch Igor VD Wielervelden At Fidelix (Blair) Korthals Griffon

Open Dog Stakes (7, 2)

1st Owlspoint Trouble Again (Sanderson) (Bracco Italiano). Very well balanced dog with correct breed outline. Has come on a lot since I last judged him. Excels in head. Short neck. Correct forehand assembly with good depth and width of chest. Well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters. Well boned throughout. Moved accurately on all planes demonstrating true breed specific movement.

2nd Sh Ch Quintana Diamond Dust At Friarsbelle JW ShCex Osw (Dymond) (GSP). Another top quality dog whom I have done well in the past. Pushed the winner hard today. Excellent outline demonstrating a short back standing over a lot of ground. True head. Clean neck leading to correct forehand construction. Well muscled hindquarters with nicely stifles and good width of second thigh. Good bone. Correct coat texture. As always presented and handled to perfection.

3rd Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Kimmax Knock Yourself Out JW (Donnelly) (GWP)

Open Bitch Stakes (19, 7)

1st Bonapartist Snow Goose (Brittany). Repeat Open Brittany

2nd Sh Ch Vilanya Vivmany By Highforce JW ShCM (Bradley) (Hungarian Vizsla). Another I have judged well before and she never disappoints. Now 9 years old but certainly doesn’t look it. Well balanced all through. Excellent head with well placed ears. Clean neck. Good forehand construction. Well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters. Excellent bone and feet. Moved out soundly and well.

3rd Quintana Luna Eclipse (Nixon) (GSP)

Martyn J Rees