• Show Date: 15/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society


15 JAN 23


VD 2(1)

1. Hearthfriend Top Withens. Tri dog with good body proportions, lovely head shape and proportions to muzzle, round eye, enough neck, top-line could be more level but is well ribbed with excellent tail set and carriage, good depth and moved very well for age, BVD.


MPD 4(0)

1. Avalcier Ace. Tri dog with lovely balance and proportions, flat skull, round eye and lovely expression, good neck, top-line, well ribbed, keeps lovely clean outline standing and moving, good feet and lovely elegant dog, very promising puppy.

2. Llapsttam’s Sir Prize. Black and tan dog, 8 months, clean outline and very clean on the move, nice eyes but needs to fill out a little underneath, good neck, excellent top-line, very nice dog, just preferred tail carriage on 1st and slightly better filled head.

3. Hearthfriend Trafalgar.


PD 2(0)

1. Cavallibrook George Ezra. Blenheim, masculine yet elegant, proportions are excellent and he is very sound and free moving, lovely expression and balance to his head, good neck, excellent top-line and tail set, excellent rear, depth to chest and well ribbed, BD, BPD, RBIS, BPIS.

2. Hearthfriend Trafalgar. Blenheim, a shade longer cast but he has an excellent flat skull but his muzzle could have a little more strength, lovely eye colour and expression, good neck, top-line is ok but he has an excellent tail set and carriage, needs to fill in front a little but has a nice clean outline in profile.


JD 2(1)

1. Carsan Red Rebellion Ruby, flat skull, good ears, nice strength and length to muzzle, moderate neck, excellent top-line and good tail set but reluctant to use it on the move, well ribbed, deep chest, good feet, nice profile movement, a little close behind but overall nice outline standing and moving.


GD 2(0)

1. Hearthfriend Just William. Tri colour, good leg length but could be a little more compact in body, nice flat skull but eye could be darker, good neck and front, top-line slopes off a little but moves well with nice carriage.

2. Cassandy Bruce Banner. Excellent proportions of height to length, flat skull with good ears but his cheeks could be a little cleaner and his eye could be larger, good neck, moderate, top-line ok with good depth, rear could have a little more strength but he moves ok but could just be a little more fluid.


PGD 3(0)

1. Ellemich The Hunted at Kailyflee. Clean outline and construction and balance, if a shade long, in excellent muscular condition, flat skull, could have more fill under the eye just to soften the expression, good neck, top-line and tail, has a nice outline standing and moving and moved well with balanced reach and drive.

2. Whats It All About Finjaro. Lovely proportions but just a shade too masculine but he is very well constructed but carrying too much weight, good eye, expression and top-line and good outline standing and moving with strong rear.

3. Bowfort Bo Jo.


Sp LD B/T/Ruby 1(0)

Carsan Red Rebellion. Repeat


OD 3(1)

1. Wimberley/Newman’s Trishine’s Celestial Dream with Finjaro. Good proportions and balance of body and head, good eye and expression, clean outline in profile if a shade long, he has enough neck but has a good tail set and carriage and a steady easy mover.

2. Honeybet Heads Up. He has excellent body proportions of length to height, lovely eye colour but muzzle is fine and needs fill under the eye, could have more angulation in front and a little steep in croup but has good depth and is in excellent body condition.


SpOD BBE 2(0)

1. Calonlan Grand Royale. Tri, clean dog, very well constructed, lovely and masculine yet refined head with large dark gentle eye, good neck, top-line and excellent tail, lovely outline standing and moving in profile, pins a little in front but is a very nice dog, RBD.

2. Whats It All About Finjaro. Repeat.


VB 3(1)

1. Honeybet Justa Minute. Tri, good proportions, body and head, good expression, neck, top-line and depth, croup a little steep and loses top-line on the move but has a nice carriage and has good reach and drive, BVB & BVIS.

2. Finjaro Celestial with Trishine. Shade overweight and wide in front but she holds her outline well in profile and has nice large round eyes, good tail set.


MPB 4(0)

1. Rabymar Maggie May. Ruby, good proportions, just needs to lose a little weight on the shoulder, good head shape and expression, good top-line and balance, she is moderate, unexaggerated and a very steady, easy mover who is well constructed, BPB.

2. Conabec Lady Madonna. Lovely head and eye but a little long and low in outline, hopefully she will come up on leg a little but she has a a lovely clean outline and moves well.

3. Lyndabelle Jubilee Angel.


PB 6(1)

1. Rabymar Maggie May. Repeat.

2. Cavallibrook Ophelia. Blenheim, very raw and playful but she has a nice elegant outline when she settled.

3. Llapsttam’s Eunice.


JB 6(1)

1. Verheyen Isabelle at Cassandy. Good proportions and outline, pretty head and expression, could be tidier in front movement but she has a nice look and clean outline standing and moving with a nice easy stride, RBB.

2. Calonlan Tri Mai Chai. I preferred her head and eye but she is a shade longer in body and does not hold her top-line so well, moves well in profile with purpose but needs to firm up a little in front.

3. Laurami Comfortably Numb.


NB 6(0)

1. Elkjen Layla May. Blenheim, of lovely proportions, pretty head and eye, her overall outline is typical with good top-line and tail set and carriage and moved well in profile.

2. Rabymar Razzle Dazzle. Sound with clean outline and good balance, lovely expression, good neck, just loses her top-line a little on the move, she has good depth and well ribbed back with good tail carriage.

3. Bowfort Rosie Posy of Pepyswood.


GB 2(1)

1. Verheyen Isabelle at Cassandy. Repeat.


PGB 3(1)

1. Honeybet Freedom. Nice balance and pretty head with large eye, good neck and top-line, croup is a little steep but has a nice clean overall outline and moves well in profile.

2. Dorable Dreamer at Bowfort. Blenheim, a shade long but she has a lovely eye and good feet, she has good depth and well ribbed.


Sp LB Blenheim/Tricolour 5(0)

1. Embeth Saint Maria Tusculana. Blenheim, pretty head and expression, nice outline but more focused handling would have settled her to look even better, good neck, tail and balanced front and rear on the move.

2. Calonlan Bloom. Very together on the move but would prefer more length of leg and a compact body, muzzle is too short but she has a good top-line, tail set and shows well.

3. Into The Sunshine at Trishine.


SpLB Black & Tan/Ruby 3(1)

1. Rabymar Razzle Dazzle. Repeat

2. Peters Cavalier Naomy Black Magic. Clean outline but a little long, large round eye but it falls away a little underneath, excellent top-line with good depth and well ribbed.


OB 2(1)

1. Arrowbien Salome. Excellent proportions and clean outline, she has a very pretty head and expression, good neck, front and corresponding balanced rear, she is well muscled, holds a typical outline both standing and moving and showed very well and never put a foot wrong, BB & BIS.