• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/08/2023

Border Counties Gundog Club

BORDER COUNTIES GUNDOG 14 MAY 23 IRISH SETTER PD 1(0) 1. Sloane’s Ferasheen Hot Proper Tea. 7 months old, lovely clean outline with good balance, good head and expression, neck and top-line, good bone and feet, good croup, good width to rear for age and moved well holding outline, BP. GD 2(0) 1. Walker’s Gwendariff UCant Touch This JW. Good proportions, good head and expression, neck ok, top-line, good depth and ribbing, moves sound enough with balanced reach and drive but could just hold top-line a little firmer, BD. 2. Green’s Glencarron Show Must Go On. Nice long head, clean and lean but could have a little more detail, good neck, front ok, excellent top-line and tail, very good proportions but needs to develop with maturity, short stepping a little on the floor today. LD 2(0) 1. Murchison’s Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin. Very honest balanced dog, good head, eye, top-line, bone and feet, moved well, moderate balanced dog with good reach and drive, could be a little tidier in front. 2. Walker’s Glendariff Flags Are Flyin. Excellent feet, a little strong in skull but good neck, front could have a little more angulation but is balanced with rear, good top-line but croup a little too flat, tail needs to settle. OD 2(0) 1. Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer for Corphin. Good proportions, excellent neck, top-line and tail, racy, balanced front and rear, head is ok, moves well in profile but could be a little tidier up and down. 2. Boyd-McNeil/Edwards’ Gwendariff Beam Me Up Scotty. Would prefer more length of leg and a better shoulder, well developed in forechest, strong rear. PB 1(0) 1. Sloane’s Ferasheen Pop The Champers. Beautiful head and eye, racy and elegant, good top-line, depth and width for age, very classy looking just very raw but very promising. LB 3(1) 1. Sturrock’s Forfarian Tickles Your Fancy. Honest, feminine with substance, balanced, lovely head and eye, good neck, shoulder, top-line ok, good depth and ribbing, racy and elegant with enough strength, good tail, feet are ok, moved soundly if a shade close behind but has lovely light, typical profile movement with balanced reach and drive. 2. Sloane’s Gwendariff The Purple Star. Heavier built bitch, good neck and shoulder, carrying a little too much weight and could just have a little more balance between her front and rear. OB 1(0) 1. Sturrock’s Forfarian Soo Lush JW. Lovely classy bitch, good outline, proportions, lovely head, eye, neck, shoulder and front, good top-line, front set under her nicely and she has nice low hocks and moves well, lovely clean typical balanced outline standing and moving, BB & BOB. RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) PD 3(0) 1. McDonald’s Lamancha Time Traveller. 6 month male, excellent proportions and balance, good neck and shoulder, tail, strong rear but a little heavy boned, holds his outline standing and moving and very collected and steady mover for age. 2. McDonald’s Lamancha Take A Chance. Lovely expression, proportions good, 6 months and very raw but he has balanced, moderate outline standing and moving and has good leg length. 3. Webster’s Kulawand Skies of Blue over Benjcroft. GD 5(2) 1. Gerhold’s Navilis Vivat Vivaldi JW (imp UKR). Honest, compact, could be a little cleaner through the neck but has good bone, depth, ribbing and top-line, steady sound mover, head ok. 2. Robertshaw’s Akenscales Beau Baron. Bigger dog whose head could be a little cleaner, dark eye, good top-line, steady mover with good top-line and tail. 3. Wallis’ Lamancha Roll On Good Times. LD 2(0) 1. Wallis’ Blue Gemstone Katrina. Masculine dog, strong, good bone and feet, lovely expression, enough neck, front good, a little longer in body but firm, top-line slopes a little to rear and could have a little less angulation behind but keeps his outline on the move. 2. Bates’ Akenscales Waterloo. Finer dog, lovely expression, good neck and top-line, front could have a little more angulation, a little out of coat, nice steady mover. OD 4(2) 1. Gerhold’s Navilis Nouveau Venu JW (imp UKR). Lovely head and expression, proportions and outline, good neck, top-line, excellent depth and ribbing with good bone and coat, feet are excellent, good tail, holds outline standing and moving and has excellent powerful movement with reach and drive keeping outline at all times, BD & BOB. 2. McGuffie’s Milltimber Moonriver. 8½ years, good ears, dark eye, good top-line, good bone, lovely temperament and moves steady. PB 4(1) 1. Clarkson’s Drumkilty Yours Truly. Lovely feminine bitch with substance, balanced outline, lovely head and expression, excellent neck, top-line and balanced front and rear, liked her a lot, just between coats at the moment but this shows her outline and she is a free, powerful mover with strength and femininity, BB & BP. 2. Rodgers’ Ambersun Passione of Odarla. Lovely head and eye, a little front heavy, good depth and ribbing, moves ok, just a shade less compact than 1st. 3. McDonald’s Lamancha Tango. GB 1(0) 1. Evans’ Mardargold The Look of Love NAF. Good proportions, head, eye, good neck, tail a little too gay, could have more width in front but is well ribbed and a nice steady mover. OB 3(0) 1. McDonald’s Lamancha Question The Truth. Feminine with substance, good head and eye, enough neck, good top-line and leg length, could have a little more angulation in front and a little upright in pastern but has a good rear with strength and moves well in profile. 2. Shaw/Robertshaw’s Akenscales Nordic Star. Lovely type bitch but just a shade overweight which spoiled her underline a little, good neck, top-line and tail and moves well. 3. McGuffie’s Milltimber Moondust. RETRIEVER (CHESAPEAKE BAY) J 2(0) 1. Boyles’ Pixiesrock Mr Tumnus by Bleyos. Young raw dog with good balance, lovely head and neck, excellent bone and feet, good front, enough depth for age, good top-line and coat, moderate rear and sound mover, BOB. 2. Murray’s Muireatai Miracle of Dreams. A little unsettled, feminine bitch with good eye and expression, between coats but good tail just a little apprehensive. G 3(1) 1. Boyles’ Pixiesrock Mr Tumnus by Bleyos. Repeat. 2. Murray’s Muireatai Terris Love. Fit, active, masculine dog, nicely constructed, tail a shade gay and coat is ok but nice type with good outline standing and moving. O 3(1) 1. Murray’s Takota Nathan. Masculine, powerful, fit and in excellent hard body condition, good coat, strong neck, good chest, moved well in profile. 2. Rigby’s Chesepi Waco. Excellent coat, nicely balanced and constructed, just needs to stop pacing as otherwise a very nice typical dog. WEIMARANER J 3(2) 1. Murray’s Silberstern Rumour Has It Around Rachmor. Very raw 9 month bitch, attractive head and eye, just a little square in outline, good depth and ribs, good tail, moves well with reach and drive, BP. G 1(0) 1. Robson’s Kalimor Nancy at Robricci JW. Good proportions and balance, nice length of body and head but skull could be a little cleaner, good neck, top-line, well angulated front and rear and moves well keeping outline standing and moving. O 3(2) 1. Robson’s Sh Ch. Nemrac Connie at Robricci JW ShCM. Well proportioned body and head, good neck and top-line, good depth, well ribbed, moves well for 8 years of age keeping her outline standing and moving, BOB. AV VULNERABLE NATIVE BREEDS GUNDOG J 7(1) 1. Ferndel Starry Eyes. WSS. Lovely head and expression, good neck, top-line and depth, she is feminine with enough strength for her age, lovely clean outline and balance and nice steady, sound mover. 2. Tonispada Vuori Vincent by Blanshard. IWS. Lovely 7 month puppy, very raw but very typy with good head, neck, top-line and coat and moves very well for age. 3. Moorbrook Mogul of March. G 9(4) 1. Dearham Dilys of Cadehill. WSS. Could have a fraction more leg but is a lovely nice type with excellent top-line and moves well in profile. 2. Kendenner Louisa at Cairteila. IWS. Strong and feminine, could have a little more angulation in front but moves very well. 3. Stonelea Williams Charm. O 9(5) 1. Yennadon Benriach JW ShCEx. Gordon Setter. Masculine and strong but not overdone, strong neck and balanced front and rear and very nice sound, steady mover. 2. Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid. Sussex Spaniel. Proportions are nice and balanced, good top-line, well ribbed and moved well, lots of strength. 3. Dalreavoch Northern Caper. MARK COCOZZA