• Show Date: 22/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/08/2023

Okehampton & District Canine Society

OKEHAMPTON AND DISTRICT CS 22 APR 23 RETRIEVER (LABRADOR) P 2(0) 1. Menadue Should Be Dancing. Compact, feminine, good head and expression, nice sound mover, good coat. 2. Farrar’s Henissy Here We Go Again. Chocolate, would look better a little leaner, head could be a little stronger, good bone and feet, overall quite nice but a shade longer than 1st. G 4(0) 1. Moys’ Smacom Cream Honour. Lovely proportion, yellow bitch, she is feminine with substance, lovely head and expression, strong compact top-line, good bone and feet and moved well from all angles, BOB. 2. Farrar’s Henissy Truffle Trifle. Nice black dog but a little raw, moved very well, keeps his top-line standing and moving, just a little steep in croup. 3. Hughes’ Menadue Spinning Around. OD 2(1) 1. Fitz-Hugh/Jackson’s Llanstinan Hero. Chocolate dog, excellent proportions and masculine, strong, front could be a little tidier, excellent coat and moved well keeping his outline. OB 3(0) 1. Moys’ Smacom Cream Honour. Repeat. 2. Menadue Keep Dancing. Chocolate bitch with good head and top-line, good coat and tail, moves ok but could have a little more strength in muzzle. 3. Farrar’s Donamick Crests of Waves for Henissy. POINTER PG 3(0) 1. Williams’ Teisgol Hot Shot. Black and white dog, nice type, good tail, nice curvy outline with good proportions, front could be a little tidier, BOB. 2. Osman’s Fleurfield Hidden Depths via Marissolo. Good eyes, ears, nice steady mover with good rear, head could be a little more detailed and refined. 3. Tregaskis’ Pencaire Sandpiperwith Moenfair. O 2(0) 1. Tregaskis’ Moenfair Sanguineum Luna JW. Nice dog, good proportions and balance front and rear, front could be better, good neck, top-line and depth, BOB. 2. Osman’s Fleurfield Fire Thorn at Marissolo ShCEx. A little longer in body but keeps a nice profile standing and moving, head a little stronger than 1st. GORDON SETTER O 3(2) 1. Leonard’s Painted Lady at Tregarrick. 2 year old bitch, feminine with substance, good head and body proportions, top-line, rear, feet are ok, needs to fill in front with maturity but moves well, BOB. WEIMARANER O 4(2) 1. Jefferies’ Silbermeer Annie Get Ya Gun. Nice ears, lovely top-line and good temperament, BOB & BP. FINNISH LAPPHUND O 2(0) 1. Cooper/Critchlow’s Ch. Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM VW. 8 year old dog with good proportions and outline, good head, ears, excellent coat and tail, keeps outline standing and moving, BOB. 2. Treasure’s Infindigo Emmi ShCM VW. Lovely for 11 years, feminine, good top-line, coat ok, ears lovely shape but just a little low, very easy on the move with strength for 11 years of age, RBOB. BRIARD O 3(0) 1. Sweet’s Arundall Ebony. Black bitch, 4 years old, feminine with substance and proportions, good neck, top-line, coat and balanced front and rear, BOB. 2. Gardner/Hillier’s Charson Carrie Oakey. Lovely very raw baby, excellent head and expression, excellent neck, shoulder, top-line, very raw but very promising puppy, RBOB & BP. 3. Jacobs-Pearce’s Arundall Mithra. BEARDED COLLIE O 3(0) 1. Patterson’s Eltimaris Jubilee Hoorah. 10 month bitch, good head and expression, nice clean outline standing and moving and moves well in profile, BOB & BP. 2. Webb’s Eltimaris Hip Hip Hooray. 10 month old dog, similar outline to 1st and similar comments with good head and eye but could be a little tidier up and down on the move, RBOB. 3. Altendorff’s Eltimaris Street Party. SAMOYED G 4(0) 1. Willcock’s Ti Amo Boschi Vecchi for Dynar (imp ITA). Lovely 13 month old bitch with good proportions, balance, coat and tail, lovely head and expression, excellent ears, lovely profile, outline standing and moving, RBOB. 2. Turner/Meakin’s Plyushka South Star. Nice typical outline and balanced front and rear, good eyes, ears, top-line and tail. 3. Willcock’s Dynar Viennese Whirl. BP. O 4(0) 1. Willcock’s Mishka Na Severe Jam N’ Honey for Tea at Dynar (imp RUS). 18 month bitch, excellent outline, eye shape, ears, good neck, top-line and tail, front could be a little tidier, moved very well, BOB. 2. Willcock’s Dynar First Love RSM JCh BE JCh NL JCh BJWNL’19. Similar outline but feet could be better, good neck, top-line, a little out of coat but overall very nice. 3. Prout’s Jackson Maltayed at Furzeland (imp PL). COLLIE (ROUGH) PG 5(2) 1. Morey’s Brookynut Gem Stone. Sable bitch, good head, eye and ears, good neck, top-line, depth and rib, good feet, moved well, RBOB & BP. 2. Patman’s Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl (imp ROM). Ears a little low but is lovely in muscle tone and body condition with very sound rear. 3. Scamp’s Aaronwell Allure in Black NAF. O 5(0) 1. Patman/Grainger’s Samhaven Sound Effects. Feminine bitch, good head and eye, good top-line, nice sound rear, good coat, BOB. 2. Scamp’s Stregato The Maleficent at Marketdene. Good head, eye and ears, neck, bone and feet, just preferred movement on 1st. 3. Morey’s Brookynut Storm’s Gift. SWEDISH VALLHUND O 1(0) 1. Hackney’s Starvon All About Me. 7 year old dog, strong and sturdy with good eye shape, good ears and neck, top-line ok, very nice steady sound mover, BOB. WELSH CORGI (CARDIGAN) G 2(0) 1. Lee’s Chrishama Magic Apprentice for Amenbury. Masculine, good top-line and tail, good depth, coat, feet, nice strong dog, RBOB. 2. Lee’s Chrishama Ice Diamond for Amenbury. Very raw puppy but nice with excellent ears, tidy front but could have a little more drive, BP. O 1(0) 1. Lee’s Wildcard Spot Check for Horcrux. Excellent outline, excellent ears, neck, top-line and feet, good depth, well ribbed, tidy mover keeping outline standing and moving, BOB. POLISH LOWLAND SHEEPDOG O 1(0) 1. Burdett-Coutts’ Leon Astarte Gold Ame Me at Chrevle (imp POL). Masculine rugged dog with good proportions and balance, good head and eye, top-line, coat texture and good steady mover, BOB. WELSH CORGI (PEMBROKE) O 2(1) 1. Lee’s Balletcor Godric Gryffindor for Horcrux. Masculine dog, good ears, neck and top-line, good forechest, good depth, sound and steady mover, BOB. OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG O 1(0) 1. Wileman’s Lindisfarm Hope Redeemed. Lovely feminine bitch with substance, head strong, enough neck, good top-line, bone and coat and strong muscular rear, very true and typical movement, BOB. AV PASTORAL IMPORTED REGISTER O 3(2) 1. White Swiss Shepherd. Good ears, neck and top-line, good bone and feet, moved well. PASTORAL GROUP G1​Lee’s Wildcard Spot Check for Horcrux. G2​Wileman’s Lindisfarm Hope Redeemed. G3​BSD (Tervueren). G4​Willcock’s Mishka Na Severe Jam N’ Honey for Tea at Dynar (imp RUS). PASTORAL PUPPY GROUP PG1​Gardner/Hillier’s Charson Carrie Oakey. PG2​Patterson’s Eltimaris Jubilee Hoorah. PG3​Australian Shepherd. PG4​Willcock’s Dynar Viennese Whirl. AV PASTORAL P 3(1) 1. Patterson’s Eltimaris Platinum Pudding - Bearded Collie. Beautiful bitch in excellent condition, she has strength, correct proportions, lovely outline with good head, expression, top-line and coat. 2. Altendorff’s Eltimaris Street Party - Bearded Collie. V 9(1) 1. Patterson’s Corimist Musical Soul at Eltimaris - Bearded Collie. 2. Lee’s Louis Blanchette at Amenbury - Australian Shepherd Dog. 3. Cooper/Critchlow’s Ch. Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM VW - Finnish Lapphund. PUPPY STAKES 1. Ricox I Love My Mini Me. 2. Zhora-Viper Vanenbikhoeve (imp NLD). 3. Skin’s Deep Mint Condition. MARK COCOZZA