• Show Date: 25/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newark & District Canine Society


25 FEB 23


P 10(3)

1. Allen’s Timouron’s Olimpio. Compact yellow dog with excellent proportions, masculine with no coarseness, kind expression, good coat, top-line and tail, excellent bone and feet, good depth, well ribbed, moved well for his age and kept his outline both standing and moving, BOB & BP.

2. Milner’s Mattand Bonne Chance. Black bitch, 10 months old with nice clean outline, feminine, a shade longer cast than 1st but she has a good neck, top-line and bone, feet are ok, moved well.

3. Ives’ Ivyraines Storm In A Teacup.

J 8(1)

1. Charlton’s Foxrush Jane Ayre. Very typy yellow bitch, liked her a lot, excellent bone and substance, good neck, excellent front, top-line and excellent tail, she moved very well, look forward to seeing her when she is not between coat as I am sure she is destined for the top, RBOB.

2. Young’s Potterzuri Aramis. Very nice black dog, just not as compact as the winner, good neck, strong top-line, lovely head and moved well from all angles.

3. Allen’s Calvin Klein Warm Heart of Friend with Timouron (imp UKR).

PG 5(3)

1. Clarence’s Harvest Sundance. Nice dog, very honest, could have a little more angulation in front but he moved well, good top-line, good depth, could just fill out a little all over and could be a shade more compact but held a very nice outline at all times.

2. Hall’s Handialla Lockdown Girl. Proportions are good, good bone and feet, excellent coat and tail, could just have a little more fill under the eye but his eye colour is good.

3. Young’s Apollo Daydream

L 5(3)

1. Clarence’s Harvest Sundance. Repeat PG.

2. Young’s Optimist Vision. Liked his type and his balance and substance but he did not like the floor and he was unsure himself moving.

O 3(0)

1. Ayres/Jackson’s Hannabee to Hull N Back with Musubi. Nice shaped masculine dog with good outline, he was nice and tidy on the move with good leg length and good proportions, feet were ok and he moved well, excellent tail set and carriage, masculine with substance but could be better in head

2. Allen’s Tylersgreen Narsil at Timouron. Similar outline to 1st. I preferred the head on this dog but 1st was a little tidier on the move otherwise a very close decision.

3. Young’s Potterspiney Killian.


P 4(0)

1. Stewart/Dewar’s Gwendariff Lavendar Lashes. Very elegant and racy feminine bitch, good leg length and proportions, good depth, very strong rear with good width for age, strong hocks, enough fill in front for her age, excellent bone and feet, when settled showed lovely promise and scope in profile, BP.

2. Leach’s Riverbrue Ophelia Jubbly. She is nicely proportioned and balanced but was a little uncooperative moving and could not get herself settled, more mature with good top-line and nice outline.

3. Stewart/Ellrich’s Gwendariff Purple Power.

J 2(0)

1. Milligan-Bott/Bott’s Thendara Big Love. Masculine handsome dog who has good proportions and balance, lovely eye and expression, masculine head, good top-line, depth, tail set and carriage, good feet, well ribbed, moved well in profile keeping his outline standing and moving.

2. Walker’s Trefaine All That Jazz. Lovely expression, feminine, moderate balanced outline, moved ok.

PG 5(0)

1. Longbottom’s Gwendariff We’ll Be Phame Us (IKC). Nice honest bitch with very good proportions and balance, nice type and overall balance, good top-line and tail, good neck, feminine head balanced with her body which has nice substance yet is still feminine, good bone, feet could be a little better, moved well but could have been a little tidier coming towards you, RBOB.

2. Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight JW. Nicely balanced feminine bitch with similar outline to 1st but just in a slightly smaller package all over, liked her overall look and style, moved well but just preferred eye colour and fill in front on 1st.

3. Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows.

O 3(0)

1. Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW. Really liked her overall outline, proportions and balance, lovely head, expression, ticks all the boxes, moves soundly with nice carriage and typical movement in profile and very clean coming and going holding her outline standing and moving, BOB.

2. White’s Paduan Easter Blessing. Nice feminine head, good neck, good top-line, feet could be better and could just have a little more angulation but is balanced and moderate front and rear.

3. Walker’s Casachared Keepsake for Trefaine.