• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/10/2023

Wolsingham & Wear Valley Agricultural Society

WOLSINGHAM AND WEAR VALLEY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY 03 SEP 23 NEWFOUNDLAND J 5(3) 1. Blackburn’s Disaranto A Perfect Match (imp POL). Clean outline, attractive head, good top-line, balanced front and rear and moved well, just needs to fill out a little in the middle with maturity but very promising. 2. Morgan’s Newfangled Confidential. Feminine with substance, nice body, excellent coat and good tail, just a shade unsettled but still a puppy and shows good promise, BP. PG 4(1) 1. Steels’ Nurburgnewf Ironman. Brown dog, excellent clean outline, masculine and powerful with no coarseness, good head, eye could be a shade darker but has a lovely, powerful, easy stride. 2. Turner’s Newfangled Roodimental at Torbenpaws. Attractive head and expression, excellent coat, good top-line, short, strong loin and moves well. 3. Russell’s Zentaur Fizzical Damage. O 4(0) Very close decision, both very nice dogs for different reasons. 1. Crosier’s Nurburgnewf Cayman. Clean, compact outline with good neck, excellent top-line, very powerful, strong rear holding his top-line standing and moving, BOB. 2. Duff’s Titanbears Vainglorious JW ShCEx OSW. Lovely type and free mover, just preferred slightly more compact body but he has a lovely clean outline which he holds on the move and with maturity will only improve, very good mover. 3. Steels’ Nirburgnewf Beamer. ALASKAN MALAMUTE O 3(2) 1. Butler’s Kaytoo Antarctic Anko. 11 year old bitch, feminine head, good ears, good top-line and tail, good depth, well sprung ribs, moved well, BOB. LEONBERGER O 1(0) 1. Brown’s Jantonely Solar Eclipse. Good proportions, masculine head, holds his top-line well moving, could have a little more width in front but otherwise moves well and nice shape, BOB. RETRIEVER (LABRADOR) P 3(2) 1. Bishop’s The Girl Is Fun from Linjor. Yellow bitch, 11 months, lovely head and expression, good neck, top-line, bone and feet, moves steady in profile and keeps nice clean outline at all times, BP. J 3(2) 1. Bishop’s The Girl Is Fun from Linjor. Repeat. PG 5(3) 1. Ball’s Tarnedge Madeline. Black bitch, well ribbed, moves steady. 2. Ball’s Bridgehill Duke. A little longer cast and carries tail a bit high but is in lovely muscled condition with a good neck. L 4(3) 1. Mullett’s Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore. 7 year old black dog, masculine, excellent bone, neck and top-line and excellent tail, very sound steady mover and holds a nice typical outline standing and moving, BOB. RETRIEVER (FLAT COATED) O 3(2) 1. Whitaker/Kilsby’s Evening Mist Black Brianta (imp CZE). 5 year old black bitch, lovely clean outline, in very good condition, good head, neck, top-line and depth, lovely profile standing and moving, very good mover, tail could be a little better, BOB. GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER PG 1(0) 1. Ellerker’s Ennerdale Georges Lass. Good proportions and balance, good neck, excellent top-line and tail and very good rear moving. POINTER PG 8(4) 1. Whitham’s Sedgekirk Ever Been Had. Lovely and curvy but very raw with good proportions and elegant, attractive head and holds himself well on the move. 2. Radcliffe’s Sniperay Mattiboo Killer Queen. Nice mover but not quite as shapely standing, just a little steep in croup but nice and elegant with substance. 3. Smith’s Isla Rose by Fydal. O 6(1) 1. Radcliffe’s Sniperay Edge of Glory JW. Shapely, feminine bitch with good head, eye, neck, top-line and tail, nice curvy outline with good depth and lovely profile movement, BOB. 2. Whitham’s Brent Ever Blazing at Sedgekirk. Stronger but still feminine, good outline, top-line and tail, moves well in profile but a little heavy in underline, just preferred front movement of 1st. 3. O’Driscoll’s Svk Ch. Pawprint Flaming Soul to Fowington (imp HUN). ENGLISH SETTER O 4(1) 1. Smettem-Minson’s Lucksheray Zenith of Fame at Chywoon (imp RUS). Lovely free mover, pleasing head with good neck, top-line, depth, good bone and good proportions. 2. Robson’s Ennydloc Yorkshire Lad. Puppy and very raw but shows lots of promise when settled, good neck, excellent top-line, croup just a little steep. 3. Taylor’s Kanietter Kocoa. SPANIEL (AMERICAN COCKER) PG 2(0) 1. Morris/Jefferson’s Mycalleys Koko. 6 month black bitch, very pretty, compact with substance for age, excellent top-line which she holds standing and moving, very good mover, BP. 2. Morris’ Mycalleys Sirocco. Very raw but similar, lovely expression and similar comments to 1st but just not so compact in body. O 2(1) 1. Morris’ Mycalleys China Doll. Black and tan bitch with excellent strong ribs, feminine with substance, nice expression, good top-line, in excellent muscled condition and moves well, BOB. SPANIEL (SUSSEX) O 1(0) 1. Mowbray’s Crumbledor Bella Lestrange. 3 year old bitch with excellent proportions, well ribbed, excellent top-line, good coat and colour, strong powerful easy mover, BOB. SPANIEL (ENGLISH SPRINGER) PG 1(0) 1. House’s Gleadsbury Destiny Belle. 10 month puppy bitch, lovey head, feminine with substance, good neck, top-line and tail, balanced front and rear with lovely profile movement, BP. O 2(0) 1. Watson’s Sh Ch. Bordacity Honey Ryder. 9 year old bitch, she is a lovely shape and in excellent condition, good head, balanced front and rear with good angulation, good depth and strength yet still feminine and lovely mover holding her outline at all times, BOB. 2. House’s Gleadsbury Dynamite. Lovely head, eye could be a little darker but good top-line, excellent ribcage and depth, just a shade longer and top-line could be a little firmer. SPANIEL (COCKER) J 5(1) 1. Bacon’s Timbric Doris Day. Very stylish with lovely head, eye, neck, could be a little more compact but has a lovely outline which holds with excellent tail, nice strong rear and well muscled. 2. Bell’s Lochellan Exclusively Made at Tolberg. Very raw but has excellent proportions with lovely eye shape and colour, just 6 months old, excellent top-line. 3. Terry’s Shaggylands Sexy and I No It. BP. PG 5(0) 1. Bacon’s Timbric Doris Day. Repeat. 2. Cox’s Kimapa Kune Kinch. Lovely neck and top-line, preferred expression on 1st but moved very well with very good proportions but could just use tail a little more. 3. Terry’s Shaggylands True Colours. O 5(1) 1. Davies’ Annaside Winter’s Moon. Lovely bitch, 2 years, with substance, lovely head and eye, good neck, top-line, excellent tail which never stopped, well ribbed, very good mover keeping outline at all times with typical shape, BOB. 2. Rainey’s Kalispell Villanelle. Very pretty but preferred head of 1st but is very nice to handle with good substance and moves well. 3. Barber-Ball’s Kalispell Couer De Lion. AV IMPORTED BREED REGISTER GUNDOG O 1(0) 1. Reekie’s Kyhannes Avalanche. Braque d’Auvergne. Lean head, good top-line and tail, good depth, well ribbed, good bone, nice sound, free mover, BImp. AVNSC GUNDOG O 5(3) 1. Tait’s Sh Ch. Talintyre Winter Shadow. Irish Red and White Setter. Masculine, strong dog with excellent proportions and balance, so well constructed, very sound, lovely dog with excellent reach, drive and holds his outline at all times, BAVNSC. 2. Gibson’s Coolfin Aoife. Irish Red and White Setter. Feminine bitch, 2 years old, just needs time to mature in her rear but has lovely type with excellent balance and holds outline at all times. GUNDOG GROUP G1 Tait’s Sh Ch. Talintyre Winter Shadow. Irish Red and White Setter. G2 Whitaker/Kilsby’s Evening Mist Black Brianta (imp CZE). Retriever (FC). G3 Watson’s Sh Ch. Bordacity Honey Ryder. Spaniel (English Springer). G4 Davies’ Annaside Winter’s Moon. Spaniel (Cocker). GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP PG1 Sloane’s Ferasheen Hot Proper Tea. Irish Setter. PG2 Morris/Jefferson’s Mycalleys Koko. Spaniel (American Cocker). PG3 Robson’s Kalimor Washington at Robricci. Weimaraner. PG4 House’s Gleadsbury Destiny Belle. Spaniel (English Springer). AV GUNDOG P 9(0) 1. Morris/Jefferson’s Mycalleys Koko. Repeat. 2. Robson’s Kalimor Washington at Robricci. Repeat. 3. Bell’s Lochellan Exclusivey Made at Tolberg. O 7(0) 1. Mowbray’s Crumbledor Bella Lestrange. Repeat. 2. Martin’s Garline Love So Deep. Golden Retriever, lovely head and very sound mover with good top-line, depth, good proportions, excellent coat and tail carriage. 3. Proudler’s Kimapa Kwarta Korki. V 10(0) 1. Watson’s Sh Ch. Bordacity Honey Ryder. Repeat. 2. Tait’s Sh Ch. Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty. Irish Red and White Setter. Beautiful bitch with real class about her, beautiful head, expression, excellent proportions and moves so well from all angles. 3. Robson’s Sh Ch. Nemrac Connie at Robricci JW ShCM. CAROLINE AND SUSAN GATHERAL MEMORIAL AV PUPPY STAKES AV P 30(0) 1st Morris/Jefferson’s Mycalleys Koko. Repeat. 2nd Kent/Sutton’s Korifey Reckless. Dobermann. Lovelt balance and clean outline and holds outline standing and moving 3rd Pocklington-Hall’s Bayard Bee Good. ANN BURNS MEMORIAL AV CHAMPION STAKES 1st Black’s Ch/Lux Ch. Gunnersnewfs Black Desire For Blackcoast. Newfoundland. Beautiful balance and outline which he holds standing and moving. Very well constructed, substance with no coarseness. Lovely mover. 2nd Jay’s Ch. Farmarens Drums of Spring at Talraz JW (imp SWE). Bearded Collie. Nice proportions and clean outline and moves with nice typical carriage. Good head and expression and coat 3rd Mason’s Ch. Teckeltown Master Piece JW. BEST IN SHOW Tait’s Sh Ch. Talintyre Winter Shadow. Irish Red and White Setter. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Manghan’s Northstaff Thunderstruck at Durhamstaff. Staffordshire Bull Terrier. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Jeavons’ Wylwind Designed for Grandgables. Shetland Sheepdog. RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Sloane’s Ferasheen Hot Proper Tea. Irish Setter. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Watson’s Sh Ch. Bordacity Honey Ryder. Spaniel (English Springer). RESERVE BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Clegram/Berry’s Smiddyshaw I’ll B There For U JW. MARK COCOZZA